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EAccessViolation in bcb6
Hi, I am writing a piece of code in bcb 6 using xercesc c++ 1.7.0 , Whenever i try to delete DOMP...
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Changing The Boot Order... Possible?
I've got a laptop with a broken screen, but it is still useable when I plug it to a TV screen. My pr...
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Need Algorithm for Instant chat application
I need algorithm for instant chat application, or a simple idea how can i design this application, a...
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Easy networking trouble in Win XP
Hi! I am trying to send tiny pieces of data over a TCP socket several times per second, while havin...
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How do I open these files?
its been months since i did any comp-sci, so i am very rusty (wasnt too good in the first place, so ...
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Passing an Object and getting the return value from a thread call.
Hi, please check my code.. I want to pass a class object into a method of other class through a ...
[2 replies] Last: You can't do that. Remember a thread is a separate/parallel unit of ... (by kbw)
by Asdero
Problem with socket
Hi men! I have a problem with socket in visual studio When i run this code and sent with a client (...
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How do I start a child process and have it open a file?
I want to write a program that acts as an alarm clock. I intend to have it open Windows Media Player...
[16 replies] Last: The problem was WAY simpler than we thought folks. C++ forces you to u... (by SeaMoose)
by ScottA
Close a child window
Hello, I'm having trouble closing child windows. I'm sure I'm missing something really simple. B...
[17 replies] Last: I found the code I needed. And was successful in closing the windows t... (by ScottA)
by Zamuel
Viewing HTML file problem
Hi, I'm converting an old program made originally on VS 6.0 to VS2010 and there is only one thing...
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Webcam Driver coding
So i have an old webcam which has drivers that only support win xp. It isn't just any webcam, it has...
[5 replies] Last: Logitech QuickCam Messenger is the full name i think. Thre is no solut... (by Affected1)
How to read a text file that contains hex code and compare it with hex code in another text file???
Hi all, I need to search a text file for hexadecimal code from another text file... This is the si...
[6 replies] Last: Okay, I want to read the text file as : file >> hex >> value; ... (by closed account 3hMz8vqX)
by print
reverse triangle problem
hi, have this reverse triangle that i cannot completely solve, hope to get some help. here's my code...
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by Limne
Playing PCM Samples
Hi, I'm trying to get started on some audio programming. I've written a program that synthesizes a P...
[3 replies] Last: OpenAL is deprecated AFAIK. If you want to write .wav PCM data to dis... (by xismn)
by aggsyb
Detecting an image from a a database of images?
I Have not done any image work in c++, and I have only been programming for a few months now learnin...
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Add a feature to a program?
Ok so been trying Google but been unable to find anything helpful. My question is this if you have ...
[10 replies] Last: In theory, if you can find an uncovered leak that would cause the appl... (by Ramses12)
Windows.h header file details
it would be a great help if somebody could breifly explain the uses of windows.h . Also tell about t...
[7 replies] Last: Umm if you're just after a fast and easy way to retrieve if the mouse ... (by Ramses12)
How to list current process and their path and kill a process by name???
Hi all, How can I list the current process along with their paths and also kill a process by its na...
[3 replies] Last: The code is basically the same, just need to add a timer or something ... (by modoran)
[Win32api] List Box with "Sections"
How do I create listbox that has "sections" (just like when you use explorer to browse folders in wi...
[5 replies] Last: exactly, thanks! (by mekkatorqu)
error C2668: 'pow' : ambiguous call to overloaded function
hello im gettin this time of error when i convert my project from vs2003 to vs2010 i have change...
[3 replies] Last: VS 2010 has overloaded pow(s): (by keskiverto)
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