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How to make a cool antivirus in C++! ???
Hi All, It has been so long since I asked any questions . . . Can anyone tell me . . . I got ...
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Can anyone explain why my program crashed when working with char* ???
Hi all, I have a small problem... when working with char* my program crashes!!! here is the code:...
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What is a hexdump and how do you create a hex dump of EXE using c++ ???
Hi all, What is a hexdump and how do you create a hex dump of EXE using c++ ??? Please help me:)...
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Windows DLL tutorial???
Hi all, can anyone suggest a good windows DLL tutorial??? Thankyou everyone in advance!!! :) R...
[1 reply] : I found this: (by knn9)
Runs but exe file crashes
The following code runs (doesn't display the .bmp though) then the window it opens crashes. Any idea...
[1 reply] : Nevermind....found it. There was a ; somewhere it didn't belong (by Paul Christopher)
I need help....with this program (i use C++ and Allego)
Hello people who are reading this! I have a little problem with creating a background (i use C++ ...
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How to read hexadecimal code from text file???
Hi all, How to read hexadecimal code from text file??? for example: my text file contains hexadec...
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HWND of desktop
I'm running Windows 7 and I want my program to detect when the desktop is in focus, including when I...
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HWND, HDC parameters
I have been trying to learn win32. All of the examples I look at are not complete. Is it ok to pass ...
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Can i search a .exe for ASCII chars c++ ?
Hi all, I want to search an EXE for ascii chars I mean if I open it in notepad++ then i will find...
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