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How to access net router via c++?
do you use different libraries .. and what people mean by "sockets"..?
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Help with ASCII???
I need to write a program that encrypt "attack at 0600" print out "13nggnpxongx3933&7#10" on the s...
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by IvanC
Dialog Box Busy
Hi, My dialog application uploads a file to a microprocessor system through an RS-232 port. Clic...
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by Vatone
Unresolved external symbol _SDL_Init . No SDL app will run on VS.
My simple code in VS2012: #include "stdafx.h" #include <SDL.h> #undef main int main( int argc, ch...
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Error in release version of cURL example
I apologise for asking another question. I was helped in getting cURL to work in this question: ht...
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