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2-3 tree Algorism bug(memory allocation)
i am trying to bulid 2-3 tree insertion function,it seem successfully in the beginning(from 1 to 14)...
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use WM_LBUTTONDOWN case in textbox
I want to use WM_LBUTTONDOWN case in WndProc function. This works when click on window area but dont...
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by volang
Server security
I made up some scenarios so you would better understand my questions. First scenario: Client knoc...
[4 replies] Last: that is the intent of the dos attack! If the queue fills up, what the... (by volang)
write vector in textbox
Hi guys I have a int vector , i want to write him in a textbox, every value another line. Ho...
[1 reply] : Convert your vector into a string and then write the string into the t... (by Thomas1965)
Visual Studio 2017 Clang compiler v17
Hi, My development platform is Windows 10 && Visual Studio 2017. Project properties>C++ compiler...
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i need a correction about main function
heres the cmd main: int main (int argc, char **argv) heres the windows main: int WINAPI WinM...
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by Cyper
Need help based on a written code
Create a coin-flipping game. Ask the user how many times to flip the coin, and use the random funct...
[1 reply] : Create a coin-flipping game. Ask the user how many times to flip the... (by kbw)
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