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Can you return multiple named values from a function?
So I'm a weird mix of new to C++ but been programming different(easier) languages for a while, so ba...
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by prako2
How to make my program to understand that it's incorrect?
I want to loop my program to create a folder in Dropbox. Once it successed, to get out of loop. For ...
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send email using c++
How to send email using C++ ? need an example i'm using codeblock
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Scroll bars are not displayed after minimizing the parent window
I create a list view using win32 api and enable scrolling when needed but when i minimize the window...
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by prako2
How to turn backslash to forward slash in Windows environmental variable?
I necessarily need to change backslash to forward slash in windows environmental variable. Do you ha...
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by prako2
How to make TOR configured application?
I found a code which should work, but it doesn't for me on Visual Studio 2017. It returns me "Error"...
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by prako2
How to use exception handling?
I have a code which gets public IP address and one segment of code causes crash if not connected to ...
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