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by fsshl
Console::WriteLine( S" --in vc++ need help
dear windows, visual c++ 2015 programers: I tried to copy/test a simple code(first example code...
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by pfjf2
Visualisation in C++
Hello again, I have written some simulations and now would like to start integrating some pretty ...
[1 reply] : If you're talking about graphics libraries, you could try Magnum, SFML... (by LB)
Win8.1 - Popping up a wi-fi connection list
I'm designing a system that runs on a Windows tablet and, for convenience and security, starts at bo...
[1 reply] : Make use of DRR and its class system. Just let it go. (by developer11)
Making a program using COM in windows (1,2,3)
I am trying to make a program using COM. #include <windows.h> #include <Objbase.h> #include <Unknw...
[41 replies] Last: Here would be the Output.txt debug log file created by a run of the ab... (by freddie1)
DirectX Initialization Null Pointer Error
Hi. I've been following's DirectX 11 tutorials and he puts all of his code into one...
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Changing Listbox Color
I had created a ComboBoxEx using the WINAPI CreateWindowEx. The class is WC_COMBOBOXEX. The ComboBox...
[1 reply] : Oh till now no update on this topic? No ideas? Andy, Freddie1 and othe... (by ahbazzi)
how use address operator on a class constructor?
my class menu have a constructor: Menu(string caption, Menu *submenu=NULL, HWND MainHWND=WindowMai...
[10 replies] Last: Menu(string caption, HMENU systemmenu, HWND window=ActivatedForm) M... (by Cambalinho)
C++ AMP parallel_for how to define pointer complex to real
I have a section of C++ AMP code which I have been expanding to handle multiple fft windows into GPU...
[1 reply] : all_out_array = transformed_array .real; std::complex::real is a f... (by htirwin)
draw in an other window than the ones handled by our program
Alright. I have a feeling i am asking a bit too much for this second topic, but if anyone has any le...
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make a blue windows button.. stay down
Hello, at first it looked easy, and that only line seemed enought ""BS_AUTOCHECKBOX | BS_PUSHLIKE...
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SFML Timer and vector elements in stack elements
Hello I want use timer in my SFML application , i need use random method after several seconds how ...
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New window api and database via C++
I am creating a windows application(not console application). I have made a window and added menu op...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for suggesting @freddie1. Actually I am a newbie. I use Postg... (by SdHuma45)
ComboBoxEx move Focus
I am creating an application using WINAPI. I need to use ComboBoxEx. So I used the CreateWindowEx AP...
[4 replies] Last: I found the mistake. It is in line 20 in the above code. I am setting ... (by ahbazzi)
can i add 1 window to another?
i have 2 windows with WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW style. can i put 1 inside another one like MDI?
[2 replies] Last: i can change the extended style for WS_EX_MDICHILD. but i can see some... (by Cambalinho)
how use vectors with constructor?
i have these class constructor: form( const form &forminstance) { setParent(...
[3 replies] Last: resolved with these code: ~form() { if(hwnd!=NULL... (by Cambalinho)
how do a calculation for scroolbars?
we have the window size. we can add a child control to a position more big than size. i can calculat...
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by PacR
How keyword this work inside event?
I have a button click event and i want keyword this point to button1 while inside button1_MouseClic...
[1 reply] : user sender (by tath)
FMOD in Code::Blocks
hey i'm using Code::Blocks and i download FMOD library so i can play music and sound in my program. ...
[1 reply] : Do you use Visual Studio compiler inside Code::Blocks ? Because that'... (by modoran)
how close a window using the SendMessage()?
i have a class destroctur: ~form() { if(IsWindowVisible(hwnd)==TRUE) ...
[1 reply] : Use EndTask if you want, this is what Task Manager uses for example: h... (by modoran)
by Atton
Loading Dlls
I wrote this little bit of code to read functions from a dll without header files. However it is dir...
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