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by prako2
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Failed to launch help
Hello, I'm working with a Visual Studio 2015 C++ program converted from a VS 6.0 C++ program. When...
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by sam80
SDL quite event handler with two windows
Hello everyone, I am new in SDL. I have one question that when I use two windows ( e.g. s2 in the b...
[1 reply] : A SDL_QUIT event should be generated when the last window is clo... (by Peter87)
trouble in installing apps
hi guys! I am in trouble with installing apps for my pc. I don't have google play like samrtphone ...
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C++ help needed
Pseudocode Ask how many laps to run race between the...
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Error Debug Assertion Failed!
Hello, I'm working with a Visual Studio 2015 C++ program converted from a VS 6.0 C++ program. When...
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by mattey
Automating applications
Hello All, I'm trying to write small console app that will: 1. find the window of my application (...
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How to copy an image file into clipboard?
I need a C++/C code example that demonstrates how to copy a 24-bit bmp picture file on the computer/...
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by prako2
zwQueryProcessInformation creating
How to create zwQueryProcessInformation file?
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by prako2
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by Mathes
Generating XML Documentation (VS2015)
Hello, I have a Visual Studio 2015 (Community) project, that consists of a single header. (As soo...
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by prako2
Dll creating
Maybe someone could give me some advises or substances about creating Dynamic Link Libraries and fit...
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multidimensional arrays/2d arrays
HEY my name is Vanessa and i need help big time on an assignment to add to my gpa. The question is a...
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Regular Expression Dll
Hi, I made a VC6 application which uses VC6 Regular Expressions libraries, and I am now trying to c...
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How to build a "Paint" like screen?
We all know the "Paint" program that comes with Windows OP. I am trying to build an application simi...
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SQL Server
I get the following error messages when an application submits a query: Msg 605, Level 21, State 3,...
[1 reply] : If DBCC CHECKDB or CHECKTABLE reports an error (which should be Msg 25... (by IgnaciaBaena)
How do I connect to my server
Hi! This is more of an internet-protocol question rather than a C++ one, but I will try it anyway...
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Read data recived from a socket, how to?
Hello guys i've created my server using sockets in vc++ This is a part of code: iResult = recv(Ac...
[2 replies] Last: 1: You are not checking for errors in recv. You do this by checking i... (by demoylan)
how create and read, correctly IStream from file?
i'm overloading input and output file operators: friend std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream& l...
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by saygi
process inject monitor
Hello, everyone. how are you. I'm new here. I'm want to monitor process for ReadFile activity ...
[1 reply] : hi saygi, you need no dll injections look at processmonitor of sysinte... (by Necip)
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