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Database Error: Unable to connect to the database
I am getting this MySQL error while trying to access the site and and even while trying to log into...
[1 reply] : What "site" are you talking about? - First, make sure that your MySQ... (by Computergeek01)
icon background
I have created a static control with a gradient fill using BS_OWNERDRAW and this is what i want. Ho...
[1 reply] : You can convert your icon to a bitmap and use TransparentBlt function ... (by Thomas1965)
MFC beginner - generated functions in header file?
I need a simple Windows app with just a few buttons. I decided to go with MFC and started with this ...
[4 replies] Last: If you want to learn the foundations of windows programming, I would s... (by Grey Wolf)
I am looking for C++ code for FOWSR. (Fine Offset Weather Station Reader) I have found some code, b...
[1 reply] : maybe you ask mrs. google the wrong questions...^^ I get answers: htt... (by Necip)
Toolbar buttons
Hi, How can I remove the border from around the buttons in a toolbar control ? Thanks FC.
[1 reply] : Some WinControls has an event (OwnerDraw) which gives you the full con... (by Necip)
foreach loop help C++ CLR
Hello, how this loop not stop immediatelly but after return i see next 5 results? void SearchT...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks guys, it works both, now im using cire's code. I try with retur... (by BAILANDO)
winsock recv not working...
Hi! I have a windows client/server pair that are supposed to chat with each other using buffers. The...
[3 replies] Last: That d way it work. (by oshoke)
Backgroundworker in CLR C++ Console App
Hello, how can i reportprogress in background worker in console app? Thanks a lot :) #include "s...
[1 reply] : I have never used it in a console app but it should work the same way ... (by Thomas1965)
i need some advices abou found errors\bugs and leaks
i'm testing my program, on GDIViewer i don't find anything. on Task Manager i see the GDI column cou...
[5 replies] Last: i was creating on another place without notice. i can't create a solid... (by Cambalinho)
Rename Reference assembly name in VS 2015
Hello, it's possible to rename assembly dll in my project C++/CLI .NET? For exampel i don't want thi...
[2 replies] Last: i try this but when i start program, then i see error <originalname>.d... (by BAILANDO)
Compiling with .NET 3.5 error
Hello, i have VS 2015 and i want compile app with .net 3.5 and when i run app, i get this error (aft...
[no replies]
I am trying to build a system developed by someone else. It gets to a point and fails saying it can...
[1 reply] : 1. What is ServiceBase.lib? It seems to be part of the system develo... (by Thomas1965)
Programm chrashing
Hi! I am a bit new to c++ so please bare with me if there are some obvious mistakes. I am trying to ...
[5 replies] Last: What kind of example? (by Equator)
Hardware Input
Recently i've been getting into c++, one thing that's puzzled me recently is a virtual keyboard that...
[1 reply] : i dont know exactly what you are asking for but there's an android app... (by programmer007)
Asynchronous ReadFile() ?
I'm trying to read from the stdout stream of another process. Luckily, MS had an example already wri...
[2 replies] Last: Oh I was dreading the named pipes answer.. guess I'll spend a few more... (by DrZoidberg)
animated cursors: how can get the RIFF delay\rate?
animated cursors: how can get the RIFF delay\rate? i found 1 structure on:
[8 replies] Last: i must read the data byte a byte or is there another way? (by Cambalinho)
Unresolved external symbol in windows
I am using windows8 32 bit ,visual studio 2012 and intel pintool (76991 version). I am using develop...
[no replies]
How to include WinForm form1.h in form2 and inverse
Hello, i ask one time here but still dont know how can i include for example form1.h in form2.h and ...
[1 reply] : "forward declaration" read the answer from scott: http://stackoverf... (by Necip)
How to know who execute an exe file?
Hi, Everyone! Is there a way to know who execute an exe file? or How can I determine which ...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you for your prompt reply! I'm going to try these. (by john026)
Any sleep function for win32 app? not console app please!
I have created a basic tetris game that I want to draw using windows.h graphics. It works great but ...
[3 replies] Last: this may also help (by programmer007)
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