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win32 - timeSetEvent: my class Timer have 1 error?
seen my Timer class and the timeSetEvent(), do i have an error on Start() class function? class Ti...
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what can i use instead SetTimer()?
i'm trying using the SetTimer() it's good, but for deferent delay between frames it's a big problem....
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by helios
I'm doing some experimentation with Clang and LLVM. I can JIT pretty much any C++ code, except code ...
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[C++ CLI] Include form1 in form2 and form2 in form1 at same time
Hello, again i have small problem, when i want open another form with button,works excelent, but whe...
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by modkip
How to get output of system() command
Hi, im trying to execute a CMD command trough system() What i now want is to get that output as a ...
[4 replies] Last: im sorry, i entered the wrong codes and thought it failed XD (by modkip)
[C++ CLI] MySQL optimalization query tasks
Hello, i want ask one question, what is faster and for duration shorter. When i need do 4 queries in...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for answers :) is this correct? i think it works and its faste... (by BAILANDO)
Hello i have learn the base of C++ in thenewboston tutorial and i want now to start with Win32 C++ (...
[2 replies] Last: What Development Environment are you using, that is, Visual Studio 201... (by freddie1)
[C++ timestamp] How to get correct timestamp
Hello, i need to make function where i get timestamp from date, i have function to get actual timest...
[2 replies] Last: Why don't you use the DateTime struct - it's muc easier and more power... (by Thomas1965)
unresolved external symbol main referenced in function
i have visual studio c++ project and add opencv library to my project . my project build successf...
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[C++/CLI] How to put job in background
Hello, i have application which working with mysql etc, when you press button and on button_press pr...
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by eulmer
[SOLVED] - MFC Issue - No mouse response
I'm in the midst of removing a 3rd party piece of software from our code and have been working itera...
[1 reply] : Someone had left a nice line of code in a file I hadn't touched that w... (by eulmer)
by helios
Session-based encryption keys
I have some data I'd like to encrypt, but I'd like to not require entering a password. Is there any ...
[2 replies] Last: The user SID is persistent, though. (by helios)
[C++ CLI] How to output unicode with string (? marks)
Hello, i need one small help with charset selection in when i make app in C++/CLI. I have...
[6 replies] Last: Yea, now i finally know it how to make syntaxes correctly. Thanks :) (by BAILANDO)
Problem to solve: The political party in power wants to ensure his victory in the next elections....
[1 reply] : I think you should read this first. (by Thomas1965)
Visual Studio and QMake
I've tried to make it work but I can't. I am unable to get Microsoft's Visual Studio 2015 to simply...
[2 replies] Last: Qt now has a package for VS2015 (by naraku9333)
[SOLVED] [C++/CLI Forms] Parse string from form1.h to form2.h
Hello, i need to parse one string or textbox to another form, but don't know how. Goal is i need thi...
[7 replies] Last: It's working now, sorry for disturb :) Here is a fix, must put in main... (by BAILANDO)
by bonho
Real time plotting for Win32
I have been writing C++ code in Win32 and I'm fine with buttons, textboxes and listviews, etc... Ho...
[3 replies] Last: Then there are two things you have to master... 1) The basics of mult... (by freddie1)
Need Help with DeviceIoControl function
This is my code: HANDLE HandelUsb= CreateFile(L"\\\\.\\G:", GENERIC_READ | GENERIC_WRITE, FILE_SHA...
[15 replies] Last: In that case I'd have to test this out myself. I'm not someplace that ... (by Computergeek01)
Pictures won't appear on screen
I have 3 pictures in my image list so why won't they appear in the form at all? using System...
[2 replies] Last: the pictures are 10x10 doesn't really matter tho i got what i wanted ... (by majinvegeta010688)
Using a timer in visual studio
So I have been trying to get a timer to work in visual studio and for some reason when the timer run...
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