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Minigame Snake
Can somebody help me with this programm ? I don't get it. :/
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Issues with C++ and VS 2015
I am unable to use cin::getline(). My Visual Studios 2015 community version didn't even have C++. So...
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by Sh0es
Compiling and Including External Files in Visual Studio
I'm using Visual Studio 2015 and I'm working on a project that uses several headers I've made myself...
[2 replies] Last: I am not sure about Visual Studio 2015 but under Visual Studio 2013 yo... (by Thomas1965)
by hext
CLI Windows Forms 2013
Hi, I'm doing keyboard trainer, so have many questions. 1)confirmed 2) how to make trigger/listbox, ...
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How to include a JSON library in a C++ program?
(Using windows 8, it's not UNIX-based.) I'm pretty much a beginner in C++, I do have some knowl...
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PIN DBI framework - C++
Hello! I will try to explain clear. I have task: count isntructions while process is running, usin...
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by BrianP
Floats faster than uint32 in RGB->HSV Calc?
ADHD Summary: Score: Float 489 ms vs Uint32 495 ms TASK: Convert 3X uint16_t raw RGB data to u...
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help creating a COM/ATL wrapper for a USB Scanner for VB6
My first program in VC6 (ever) is a wrapper so the the DLLs provided by our Scanner vendor can be us...
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Confused about compiler and IDE for sfml
Do I have to download a compiler also for sfml? Which IDE is better for sfml? 1. Code::Blocks ...
[1 reply] : I suppose in some sense, since you will need a compiler to write (C++)... (by Zhuge)
Getting started with DirectX and C++
How and where do I go to learn how to make a 3D game with DirectX and c++?
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by xzsedr
Problem with memory
Hi, I have a problem with memory. I use Code Blocks. I created a few arrays(char array1 , int ar...
[7 replies] Last: An int on x64 is still only 4 bytes, isn't it kbw? So 490,000 bytes n... (by freddie1)
Can't get this to work any help would be appreciated
Trying to get this to display the correct output but still having some problems. Here is what I ha...
[1 reply] : Please format your code using code tags. Please provide a description... (by kbw)
by Gyiove
is it safe to use TerminateThread() that way?
Hello guys! I read from
[1 reply] : Would that be safe? No! You shouldn't need to use TerminateThread t... (by andywestken)
Unable to Disable Button when text field empty VS2015
Ok, learning how to use VS2015, creating Flash Card Math game using Windows Forms for my kid, everyt...
[1 reply] : Use Int32::TryParse() -- rather than Convert::ToInt32() -- as it doesn... (by andywestken)
Why can't I get a Winform style GUI in VS 2013 C++?
This is my first post, and so I'd like to say HI to everyone. First thing, I have to get off my che...
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[WIN32 API] Multiple Window Creation.
Messing with the WINAPI and trying to get 2 separate windows to load in the event I ever create a GU...
[1 reply] : I've covered that topic quite exhaustively at these links... http://w... (by freddie1)
Get Images From a Web, VB13 (Best of how to include LibcURL, POCO, Google Image Search API) (1,2)
Hi, I apologize if this might sound noob. I am finishing a windows form application using c++. Th...
[21 replies] Last: Wyboth, Impressive as always. My focus went a little bet far from li... (by kkhalaf)
About relation of math with game programming
Which kinds skills of math should I master to do game programming? Could anyone give a list please....
[2 replies] Last: Have a look here, there are several math formulas and functions you ne... (by Golden Lizard)
Confusion in required knowledge for GUI
Do I have to highly master C\C++ both for making GUI? But once saw some examples of Gui, I couldnt ...
[3 replies] Last: +1 for WinAPI. I've found that you'll end up writing more code to acc... (by CGunn86)
by Sh0es
Compile Issue with Visual Studio 2015
I'm trying to compile a project in Visual Studio 2015 and I'm getting compile errors that, frankly, ...
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