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MFC Application help
Hi, I am new to C++ and have been given a task that involves creating an MFC dialog-based applicat...
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internet explorer newWindow3 event cancel navigation
Hello! The newWindow3 event of the internet explorer has a parameter that determines whether the ...
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undefined reference to `boost::system::system_category(), but I already have -lboost_system
Hi All, Getting this error from a cpp library I'm trying to port from Linux to Windows, using code:...
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by peteB
'createfile ' method..file handling conflict / files overwriting each other
Hi, I'm hoping this question is a recognisable issue to experienced windows programmers.It's the ki...
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by mrSami
Using CryptApi in C++
I want a simple(Explained) example for using CryptApi to Encrypt/Decrypt Send/Receive Data over netw...
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by ajh32
Problem with extended CHeaderCtrl
I've created a class that extends the CHeaderCtrl class, for use with my class that extends the CL...
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by zontop
Save dialog problem
Hi I call a save dialog to save a xml file (ex: a.xml), then save a clone of it(ex: a_clone.xml) to...
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Rand in visual studio
Alright so I've recently began writing a card game program that stores cards in an array. I shuffle ...
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win32- how can i get the string rectangle for resize the control?
how can i get the string rectangle? i did with DrawText() with DT_CALRECT, but when the string is c...
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How exactly can you make bold text in a richedit control?
I have been trying for the past few hours trying to figure out why the text in my Richedit Window wo...
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by mindoo
Winsock errors
Hey guys, I'm following a tutorial on msdn on how to make a client and server with winsock and I ca...
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by reald
Save data in .dat file
Hello I have this in my program SKIP; for(k = 0, pc_new = pc; k < 6; k++) { for(n = ...
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How Message in Windows 7 shutdown interface output ?
Similar: Windows Update After the update is complete Output: "Please do not power off or unp...
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by stav
how to draw graphics / make a GUI ?
hi, so I just started learning c++ and I'm getting a bit tired of my console applications I want t...
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Converting A File Into Bytes And Re Creating It
Hi there, I would like to take some files I have, a dll and a inf file, and convert them into a char...
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calling WCF services from native C++
I'm having some trouble connecting to a WCF service from my MFC(VS2010) application and hoping that ...
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Use C++ Programming Implemented system hang ?
Is there any way to get windows 7 operation system to hang when shutting down or reboot the system ...
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sending and receiving files using winsock
How to implement it properly? This is what i have so far Receiver else if(command == 'f'){ ...
[1 reply] : You never check the return codes of send/recv. How do you synchronise... (by kbw)
by t30
i need help .. exe file safe mode
Hello, I do not understand English well .. i need unpack safe mode exe file .. help plz .. i need r...
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by Gyiove
checking how much ram my program is currently using.
Hello everyone! I searched all over the internet and i found few functions but non of them worked l...
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