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ShellExecute with x86asm
Hi.I tried to use ShellExecute with inline x86asm in VC++. My code is here: // x86asm dosya calis...
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Using Named Pipes to send variables from one process to another
Hi everybody I'm new to C++ and am trying to do a few things with this code. First and foremost I...
[2 replies] Last: Hey CodeGoggles thanks I didn't know where Exactly to post this so I'l... (by adilicious)
GUI Design with C++
Hi, I want to design GUI in c++ for a retail software. What i want is a main window with no minim...
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Resedit Issue.
Good evening, I started to use Resedit, like 2 days ago. So i decided to try my hands out on a fe...
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MFC problem with popen and update cedit
Hi! I already post my problem at the german cpp forum, but nobody could help. I think this is one m...
[2 replies] Last: Yes, popen it is emulated inside CRT using pipes ... However, the pro... (by modoran)
Checkbox Issue
Hello All, I have the following code that I created which will allow for the install of two softw...
[1 reply] : I'd discovered some materials about WinForms Checkboxes, check to see ... (by Arthurabc)
loading dll issue
so i was using a plugin system from this article: in my program usin...
[5 replies] Last: Well it's something that really can't be helped due to the lack of a b... (by Avilius)
by jutch
Arrival Help
Hello everyone. I am struggling a lot with this assignment I am doing. I have been trying to do it...
[1 reply] : I can't figure out what the equation is for distance It would help i... (by kbw)
Sending data using UDP
I've been trying to send data through UDP from the server to the client, but for some reason, it ret...
[8 replies] Last: Thank you so much! I've just took a look at the sendto and recvfrom fu... (by AmitM9S6)
Std::String Encryption
I just need a simple way to encrypt and decrypt an std::string, I don't want to download anything, t...
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by ahcfan
How can I reliably end a thread?
My program uses two threads. One of them is created whenever I click an item in a listbox and does s...
[4 replies] Last: why can't you use booleans to synchronize? Because the management of ... (by kbw)
by Luk3
Winsock: sending data between two PCs
Hi, I try to send Data between two PCs by using Winsock. I already got it to send a text the client...
[9 replies] Last: @carpalTunnel: You're right, I corrected it. But it doesn't work eithe... (by Luk3)
Putting code in time frames
If I knew how to express myself clearly I'd google this stuff, but I don't. So here it goes: I can c...
[1 reply] : assuming its windows: 1. create timer using (by tath)
Help with a program?
So, I am just making something to work with textfields, and am having some trouble. The program is w...
[2 replies] Last: Okay, well, I am using Qt because my CodeBlocks compiler doesn't have ... (by AceDawg45)
by anan5
Reading and counting from a text box in visual studio c++ text box
im using visual studio new to this.i have a button and a text box. i want to enter a string ...
[1 reply] : if i click the button it should count the number of characters in the... (by kbw)
visual c++ express confusion
I have read Visual C++ 2010 express and Visual C++ 2008 express are okay for use commercially. This ...
[2 replies] Last: It's trying to say that you have to register the product. After 30 day... (by Fredbill)
by Dioma
_tmainCRTStartup crash. Need advise.
Hi everyone, My question relates to gamedev, but I'am really novice in this area. I'am providing su...
[3 replies] Last: Yep! Thanks, suggestion helped! (by Dioma)
Need vc++ suggestions with the code,anything
Can anyone suggest how to make password with Text instead of numbers! This code works but i'm stuck ...
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Validate ComboBox Items
Hello. I have a little problem in my win32 api program. I have a combobox with 4 items, item1, item2...
[2 replies] Last: You're not checking the actual notification code in your WM_COMMAND ha... (by knn9)
Need Ideas!
Ok, guys. I just got done with a major project that took up most of my free time. I'm DONE AND SO BO...
[7 replies] Last: I did make a full POS system, complete with online licensing, etc., an... (by cppultimate)
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