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dBase IV program
Hello everyone, I cannot open dbf file in dBase IV program. I recieve the error message: The fil...
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How to convert any file to .exe with C++
I tried to convert any files to portable executable file (.exe). for example i have a ".evm" file fo...
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MySQL protection agains disassemble
Hello, exists any way, how can i use fully functional mysql commands etc with connection, where conn...
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by ekorad
Pointer disappears when typing into edit box
Hello, I've created a simple window with a button and an edit box. If the pointer is inside the wi...
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'function cannot be overloaded"
void WinMain() { Application::EnableVisualStyles(); Application::SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefau...
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can i make a c++ program for this?
It's somthing like password generators. But I don't wanna create a new password, I mean I know my pa...
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by chipp
Visual C++ 2015 GUI Programming
i wanna ask, is anybody knows any good tutorials for GUI programming in C++ 2015?
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by djmjm
Problem to run program on windows
Good morning everybody. I am using c++ with SFML API on codelite IDE. My problem is it happens some ...
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Win32 - How to capture a screenshot without my window in it?
I was trying to create a program that captures a screenshot and displays it in the window when you c...
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Windows-based Server-side Programming Problem
I wonder if this is the right place for this? If it isn't, please let me know of the right place an...
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regedit rule c++
Hi i am trying to create a regedit rule with the follow code. But i always get one error message of ...
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How to structure a long program (1,2)
I am fluent in c++ and are trying now to change some of my programs in window programs. I am working...
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Issue with my program, not sure what mistake I'm making
So, I'm doing a homework assignment, and have it all but completed. However, every time I've tried r...
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Visual Studio not showing main thread ID
Hi. I made a program where I run a thread t1 and then I print both the ID for the main_thread ...
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why JTAG Voltage of zero error message
I have a ATSAM4SD32B( dev board, which is co...
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Open file dialog not opening (using GetOpenFileNameA)
Hi, I'm trying to get an "Open file" dialog box to open using the following code. When I run the pr...
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Can you explain this error for me , in using Visual Basic 2010 Please: after run on li...
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by jetkey
CreateProcess() does execute notepad and stuff, but not my program
bool System::StartProcess(LPCTSTR lpProcessName) { STARTUPINFO si = { sizeof(si) }; PROCESS_I...
[1 reply] : Call GetLastError() and see what the error is. (by Thomas1965)
client log out to server!
I am programming on windows. If the program crash, I need it to log out to the server automatica...
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can you make a c++ program for this
(Airplane Reservation)a small airline has jus purchased a computer for its new automated reservation...
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