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by homi
Interactive command shell using createprocess
Hello, I want to have a command prompt session using my program string ExecCmd( const char* cmd ...
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Operator overloading for multiplication of two different classes
Could you, please, help me with operator overloading for multiplication of two different class point...
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by homi
Tokenize string to char *array[]
Say I have this string string str="name1,name2,name3"; I want to separate the names using ',' as...
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by GregJ7
How to put Win32-dependent code outside the main project?
I am writing a program that I want to be portable and want to separate the Win32-specific code out o...
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Trying to link from a .dll file in Windows.
I am using Windows 10 64 bit Home Edition. I amd using the 64 bit TDM compiler. I am using Dev-C++. ...
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CMD Prompt with WIN32 APP
Hi, I need help with running CMD Prompt with WIN32 App program that I'm working on. I just want to u...
[8 replies] Last: std::cout works with AllocConsole, it just needs a handle to it, not t... (by modoran)
Compile without main() method?
I am using the 64 bit TDM C++ compiler on 64 bit Windows 10 Home edition with great success. I am u...
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