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How to access the UI controls from another thread?
I want to access the UI controls from another thread, I have read in this article (intended for .NET...
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Windows Form Application question
I am currently working on a project for school that needs to start a Windows Forms Application under...
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win32 api text editor errors
i need to make a text editor this is my code but there are some errors like when i re-size my window...
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win32 - how create a bitmap Region?
how can i create a bitmap Region? i did these function for create a bitmap Region: class MemoryDC ...
[1 reply] : Currently you're doing nothing with the region. I guess you want clipp... (by coder777)
by kim366
Best C++ Compiler?
Hi! I am looking for a light-weight C++ Compiler for Windows like GCC under Linux. I don't want IDEs...
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can indexed array get memory allocation??
hi all; for example write ; write =12; . . ...
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NtQuerySystemInformation ...
one of the most powerfull Native-Function (in Ntdll.dll) is NtQuerySystemInformation,, So I want to ...
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vc++ for resources
which visual c++ version supports resources i need to include menus and dialogue boxes
[1 reply] : They all support resources. VC Express doesn't come with a visual res... (by Texan40)
Hi, I want typecast COblist variable to WPARAM and LPARAM. Is it possible if possible then how a...
[2 replies] Last: CObList is a linked list of CObjects I think. You can't typecast an a... (by Texan40)
Get tray icon position?
Hi everybody! I'd like to make an app, that uses tray icon. When you click on that icon, window a...
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MFC Proj Treat WChar_t AS Built in Type issue
I am working with VC++ proj having "Character Set" as "Use Unicode Character Set" and "Treat WChar_t...
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possible to make a console byte-graphics editor that outputs to C++ syntax?
sorry if this is spam but... so I'm nowhere near ready to try it yet, but I'm working on a fun litt...
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new to MFC, trying to change a label based on an if statement using a button
hey all, Im new to using visual studio and MFC, i've been trying to use simple functions I know to g...
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by Ganado
Following stackoverflow post, INPUT buffer passing
Here's a link to the stackoverflow post I copied from: Except fo...
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find monitor instance name , device name , resolution and frequency of multiple monitors (VGA and HDMI)
hi, In my system multiple monitors are connected (VGA and HDMI). In need to know the monitor i...
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error invalid conversion from 'void*' to 'TCHAR*'
#include <windows.h> #define ID_LIST 1 #define ID_TEXT 2 LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc (HW...
[1 reply] : calloc returns a void*. Before this return can be assigned to a TCHAR... (by freddie1)
"Clear" terminal without losing data
I am creating a simulator that outputs the board each time a unit is moved. Cin.ignore(256, '\n');...
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by Axeem
Upload data using c++.
I am using this code for uploading a data in web but here is some error in this code. here is a cod...
[5 replies] Last: Here's an example and you can echo your form data and this will pick i... (by bobdabilder)
Call a function with a buttonclick in Windows Form
Hello everyone, I am creating a GUI with windows form in VisualStudio 2010. I wish my button (Button...
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win32: how avoid flicker and do transparent?
for avoid flicker i read that i must do: 1 - add the WS_CLIPCHILDREN style on the parent window; 2 -...
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