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by Okdiat
Small error Help
Guys im trying to compile one .c code but this error pop out anyone help me D: http://i1187.photobu...
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How to Create a Multithread for “public ref class” in VS c++ with “_beginthread”
How to Create a Multithread for “public ref class” in Windows c++ (VS) with “_beginthread” i...
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Add resource folder to Code::Blocks?
Hello! Lets say I have two main folders: -Sources (contains all source code) -Resources (contai...
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[C\C++32] - how do double buffering?
my image class have the hdcimage with imageweight, imageheight. knowing these, i need return the HB...
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C++ Memory Counting
Hello, I have been working on an OpenCV project that uses the grand central dispatch pattern, lib...
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by xijj
For Tetris tutorial For pure C++ format to write the "Tetris" code, or Tetris tutorial
Where there have very good very detailed "Tetris" tutorial, For pure C++ format to write the "Tetri...
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Python help list and dictionaries
I wish to use a list to access each dictionary. How do I do this? The problem is at the function get...
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by Adubey
Job Opportunity - C++ Developer - Somerset, NJ
Job title: C++ developer Location: Somerset, NJ Duration: 6 Months Required Skills: • C++ Wi...
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Visual Style working but font is not changing
I enabled the visual styles for my MFC application by using #pragma comment. But still the button...
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Static text box background color?
Starting to dive into the WIN32 API (windows.h) and I've noticed that static text boxes have a grey ...
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C++ Homework
Write a program to handle the flow of widgets into and out of a warehouse. The warehouse will have ...
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win32/c++ simple calculator
hi there, I need a help. I am trying to build a simple calculator by myself(self learning). I have ...
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by Hofek
Listbox Item Add problem
Hi, i have a problem with my program. I want it to search the folder for new files and when it find...
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by anhnha
Many apps of same type opened at a time
Hi, I am using an MFC application where only one app can be opened at a time. For example, I bui...
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by ajh32
IFileDialog customisation
I'm using the IFileDialog with the CLSID_FileOpenDialog for an open file dialog. I've created an in...
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help with a header file and getchar
i read the entire 'the console closing down' thread an...
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Help me!
#include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<iostream.h> main() { int ewan,lag,ehe,wew,diff,oppa,e...
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Detect if a webpage changed
Hi! I'd like to make a program that tells me if a webpage changed from its last "visit". Since I'm q...
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Calling methods error no variable printed
So ive got 2 methods which I call in LRESULT CALLBACK... The problem is that when it prints the var...
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Capture System Audio
I am making a screen recorder in Java and according to people on stack overflow Java is not good wit...
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