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Help with this program
I need help with creating this program. This is my first and last programing class. 1) Create a ...
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Winows pre built code issue.
So I am attempting to build a rather prehistoric snake game. These are my types..Cell,Grid, Snake, a...
[1 reply] : I notice when I run this through the debugger, It breaks here Dispatch... (by dumbAnswer)
running an application within a vc++ progam
I am trying to create a Visual C++ 2010 program that will call another application and close right a...
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Using Functions In a DLL
I have a function that is loaded via the LoadLibrary function and I am woundering if there is a way ...
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MFC Shell Tree Control
I want to load image from my computer. I think I should use shell tree control, but I don't know how...
[1 reply] : You probably want to look at GetOpenFileName() : https://msdn.microsof... (by Texan40)
by roteg
move selected files in active explorer to anywhere?
Hello, I need the simplest way to check if a file explorer window is active and move the selected f...
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by Sh0es
VC++ Compiler Error Sorting Strings
I'm testing three different methods for sorting strings. Unfortunately, the MSVC compiler is having ...
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need help pls
As the new teacher for your shs, design a software that will accept students grades for 6 subjects. ...
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by gkropp
Serial port differences between WinXP & Win7
I've got an application that has been running successfully on a Windows XP. We are upgrading the co...
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Need to select a cell or range in excel, from C++ code
Hello, I need something in C++, like: selectCell( excel sheet, cell no. ) selectRange( excel ...
[15 replies] Last: INTERFACE IDBIND XLApplication MEMBER GET Application <148> () A... (by freddie1)
Is this acceptable code?
Hello, I've been learning c++ for quite some time now, and I thought it was about time that I actual...
[4 replies] Last: The Windows operating system will clear up all resources that a progra... (by andywestken)
Need to open a sheet from one workbook in another
Hi all, I am running my code as an excel addin. I need to open a particular sheet from one workbo...
[1 reply] : Is that possible ? Yes! See the MSDN documentation for details. The... (by andywestken)
by dc2000
Internet Explorer displays a blank page when opening a local file while screen is off
Hi everyone: I'm making a small MFC module that should generate a report (formatted using HTML) a...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for the reply. I think I got to the bottom of it (sort of.) It ... (by dc2000)
How to learn Win32
Hello! I'm getting into windows programming and I'm wondering what is the best way to learn Win32 AP...
[8 replies] Last: The WinAPI files that ships with a lot of compilers are incomplete and... (by Computergeek01)
win32 - memory leaks with my Region functions
i have these 2 functions: BYTE* Get24BitPixels(HBITMAP pBitmap, WORD *pwWidth, WORD *pwHeight) { ...
[4 replies] Last: Tath you give me an idea: class region { private: BYTE* Get24Bi... (by Cambalinho)
by dmngu9
adding functionality for function member
I have a base class with int area () return a int value I also have a subclass can adding functi...
[1 reply] : Well that depends on what you want to do, by adding functionality do y... (by ultifinitus)
Exception catching question
I am having trouble setting up the following to successfully catch an exception (and more importantl...
[1 reply] : Allegro is written in C so it doesn't throw exceptions. If you read t... (by Peter87)
by tapir2
What's that Windows Library that's 'in' at the moment? WTL, ATL,.net , or MFC?
I'm a Computer Science student with some C++ experience and would eventually like to learn a windows...
[5 replies] Last: C# is definately more popular and has much faster development times. ... (by tapir2)
win32: the tooltip isn't showed :(
i have read these thread: i have subclassed the contro...
[7 replies] Last: the code works fine. my problem is with 1 or 2 functions that have som... (by Cambalinho)
by wahhaj
Where to go next?
Hello everyone, I've recently completed the introductory courses for computer science. Starting next...
[1 reply] : Well for now you should stick with the language. Learn OOP use online ... (by MRQ1)
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