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How to dowload a file in C
//folder C:/vector1 and C:/vector1/vector1 must exist #include <windows.h> #include <stdio.h> typede...
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by jd0205
How do I use ping to set an alarm?
Hi, I'm kind of new to this stuff. So I was looking around google on how to use ping ip addresses...
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window I've created stop working
Hi guys, I'm a new user and not sure if this question should go in the begginers sections :S My pro...
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No such file or directory #include <TMatrixD.h>
Hi guys, I tried to install MinGW on my windows machine and the C++ compiler seems to work. But w...
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Consecutive Positive Divisors
So im trying to solve this problem Find the number of integers 1 < n < 10^7, for which n and n + 1 ...
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by RobCh
Linking freeglut, in Codeblocks using Mingw, Windows 10 64 bit
I need to link my program with the freeglut libraries (that is freeglut.h which in turn links to fre...
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A Simple GUI for an incredibly strong checkers engine
This may sound strange or even funny to some of the readership here, but I already have a really str...
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Creating remote desktop in WINAPI c++
To make a Remote desktop application, one needs to understand the concept of screen capture, now i c...
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Using Batch, how to determine whether or not you are connected to a WiFi network?
Using netsh wlan connect name="your network_name" you can request to connect to a WiFi network, bu...
[1 reply] : What you could do is simply have the program ping a reliable well know... (by popa6200)
by alexp
Counting lines doesn't work
I am new to programming and am following a book about C++ programming. When I type the following cod...
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by ekorad
freezing combo box
Hello, I'm trying to get a drop-down combo box to work. The problem is, when I open the combo box, ...
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MS SQL Server
Hi all. My problem conserns Microsoft SQL Server. When I try to connect SQL Server get the error ...
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How to convert any file to .exe with C++
I tried to convert any files to portable executable file (.exe). for example i have a ".evm" file fo...
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How to stop edit control from beeping?
I have an edit control and a send button. I have used the following code to subclass the edit contro...
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Bit shift operation ?
i am trying to understand bit shift operand which are bit shift right and bit shift left. And bit ma...
[1 reply] : Bit shifting operations will shift bits in the specified direction add... (by Golden Lizard)
Visual Studio 2015 using dll directories
Hi everyone, i'm using Visual Studio 2015 and i'm trying to configure my project so that it can use ...
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Bit shift on a string ?
using bit shift operator and a loop on a Hex value which represent ASCII value on string ; is it p...
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Shell Extension file encrypt decrypt
Hi I want to make a shell extension to encrypt and decrypt files but I have absolutely no experience...
[1 reply] : Did you see this article? (by Thomas1965)
what this code mean?
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Barebones 3D programming
Call me crazy, but I want to waste my life making a 3D game in codeblocks with nothing but c++ 11. A...
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