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Download an Exe from the web?
So, I am trying to just download a simple executable from the web, in specific MediaFire. The proble...
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Compare user input to computer password?
Hello again, I was planning on making a program, which requires login, catch is, instead of the user...
[1 reply] : Windows pre-xp store the password in plain text but after that it is h... (by giblit)
by sambos
reading *.rtf files
Hi, I'm not sure if this has been discussed already so if you're aware of a previous post, please...
[4 replies] Last: Hi, Thanks for the suggested links MrProGramer121 and modoran... I ... (by sambos)
[win32] - how can i activate the BS_NOTIFY child messages?
the child control is created with BS_NOTIFY for i get it's own messages. but i belive that i have s...
[7 replies] Last: ok.. seems ok now realy thanks for all (by Cambalinho)
ShellExecute problem with .lnk to 'Wireless Network Connection' on Windows XP
*NOTE* This issue is specific to Windows XP, which is where I am requesting assistance. Windows 7 ...
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Please help newbie!
Hi, First let me say thank you in advance to anybody who is willing to take the time to help me ...
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Listening/recording of a user's action
Hello guys, I am doing an internship and my company asks me to implement a software to record peo...
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code problems
OOook, lets try this... I'm trying to figure out how to acces class object from a class wihtout tryi...
[3 replies] Last: Initialize functions without calling the class for them, ( like examp... (by mutexe)
Get Parsing Char Array from PWSTR
Hey there, I'm using Common Item Dialog to get a Folder Parsing. I've extracted the Parsing Name...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks, Modoran. (by SixTsevN)
by imoo
Problem with Group Boxes Win32 GUI
I have multiple group boxes in my GUI. In order to access the controls there, I use WM_PARENTNOTIFY....
[1 reply] : why accessing buttons through group box? if gui elements are static us... (by tath)
by teslaa
User32.BlockInput status?
I am calling blockinput from the user32 library however I want to poll the status of this as ctrl+al...
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by teslaa
WinXp Login from Service
I have created a service which I am running in windows XP and I want it to log me in with the hard c...
[2 replies] Last: this is exactly what I was looking for, thanks! (by teslaa)
Need help with Wininet - Overwrites my file [FTP]
Hi. I'm using the wininet api. Im trying to write stuff to a file wich is located on my server v...
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Having trouble understanding Code::Blocks errors
When I try to build a .cpp file, just a simple hello world program, an error shows up in red in the ...
[4 replies] Last: That is the version I have. It did install, but I think there is somet... (by GingerDolphin)
I want to put a live chat room on my site, any ideas how to do this?
Hi, I have a website and quite a few members have suggested that adding a chat room would be a gr...
[2 replies] Last: if you use php: https://github.... (by Little Bobby Tables)
Having a little trouble
So I've been trying to check if a Window is available but I have had no success yet. This is all I g...
[1 reply] : That isn't quite right. You'll need to use one of these methods. Enum... (by kbw)
Get Key Pressed if Program is minimized
Heyho Guys! I am a very new C++ programmer, so I'll problably going to ask a lot of questions the...
[12 replies] Last: Ideally this application is not a console one (console works just for ... (by modoran)
How to create multiple images in a single window using win32api and c++ (1,2)
I have splitted my Application window into two using createWindowEx().Now i have two windows...In my...
[25 replies] Last: Please someone help me to proceed Thanks (by gopikanna)
Help with locating fonts
Im using SFML 2.1 on Codeblocks and i want to use arial text on my window but i cant find a way of a...
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by Garion
Which Book to Buy?
I'm thinking about buying a book on windows programing but I'd like some advice on if there are any ...
[1 reply] : Follow Petzold with Windows via C/C++ Jeffrey Richter, Christophe Nas... (by Grey Wolf)
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