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Is Win API bad/outdated?
I've been personally using it since I started with GUI programming and so far I haven't found anythi...
[1 reply] : it wasn't updated since 16 bit windows that's definitely stupid sta... (by tath)
Adobe PDF functionality
Hey, I'm trying to write a program to handle pdf files. The program should be able to open pdf fi...
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C++ Win32 keyboard hits counter project
Hello cplusplus community, I finished a project I was working on, Hitmon. Hitmon is a keyboard hi...
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Why doesnt the main method work inside a class?
I'm new to c++,so i quite don't understand why the main method doesn't work inside the class.Will ...
[1 reply] : main is the entry point into your program, it should not go in a cla... (by mutexe)
by Duoas
Profile Tile bitmap is damaged?
I'm trying to use the user's profile image -- which for testing is my own (custom) profile image. I ...
[8 replies] Last: That's the problem I'm having with mine -- it is offset wrong. What it... (by Duoas)
C++ : win32 - how select a HFONT?
how can i select a HFONT to a HDC? void Font(CHOOSEFONT chft) { chFont=chft; } ...
[14 replies] Last: see the image:!1286&cid... (by Cambalinho)
MSDN Sample Program not Working
I am going through the MSDN's learn to program Windows tutorial. I have made it to the first sample...
[11 replies] Last: Sorry for the slow reply. Despite only being about half-way through t... (by firecannons198)
by RaduV
How to generate XML documentation in VC++?
I wrote a class library that I would like to add XML documentation. I added the <summary> and <param...
[1 reply] : Here's a rough example of what i'm trying to do, mydll.h class MYDLL... (by RaduV)
by RaduV
Can you set the combobox height after creation?
I mean the height of the dropdown list. I know you must set the height in the call to CreateWindowEx...
[7 replies] Last: Yep, I found it out too. I get exasperated when somebodty tells me so... (by freddie1)
by LASims
Visual C++ Reading Binary Files
First of all, I am a C programmer but am trying to write an application in Visual C++ in order to ha...
[12 replies] Last: You can still use Visual Studio 2003 just fine. I sometimes use Visua... (by freddie1)
MFC Error Help
Hi, I have written an MFC dialog based application that is using completely separate header files an...
[3 replies] Last: You need to add Registry.cpp to your project. I take it it originally... (by kbw)
by AcarX
[Winsock2] Extra characters at the end of string
Hi guys. Straight to the point, here's a piece of my code: Client: char buffer ; for(unsigned...
[3 replies] Last: I was just wondering if i could do that without having to extend/redu... (by coder777)
How does this serialport program work in C++
The program under question is here:
[5 replies] Last: If you're from a C background and would rather avoid .NET you could us... (by andywestken)
MFC Dialog Based Application
Completely new to C++ and have been given a task that includes creating an application that uses CSt...
[11 replies] Last: //Main.cpp #ifndef UNICODE #define UNICODE #endif #ifndef _UNICODE ... (by freddie1)
Changing Textbox from the cpp file
What I'm trying to do is change a textbox from the form1 from within the main '.cpp' file. Basica...
[1 reply] : BTW. I know I could update it from the form1 file but thats not what I... (by JenniferLostTheWar)
Is SDL a good option for developing a paint program?
Some years ago - many- I created a paint program on the Atari ST platform. The only reason I did so ...
[3 replies] Last: Think I've found it here : (by shawnlau)
New to this
Hi guys, i've been using C++ for a bit now and i want to start making more useful programs. I saw so...
[3 replies] Last: (by Homberto)
Help for ANE
Hi all I'm a flash developer. in flash (air technology) we can use c++ native code for extends our ...
[1 reply] : One question are you looking to query for all hardware information lik... (by vickoza)
Saving a Bitmap to the same filename it was loaded from
Hi, I am loading a Bitmap file and then changing the EXIF data in it and trying to save it back to ...
[3 replies] Last: are you including the following code: GetEncoderClsid(L"image/jpg", &... (by vickoza)
how do I inherit from a native C++ objects in different assemblies
I have a native class stored in a C++\cli project. I want to be able to inherit from the C++\cli pro...
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