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WinMain Function cannot be overloaded
Hi there, I'm learning DirectX 11 at university, and we've been told to find a sample piece of code...
[5 replies] Last: int WINAPI WinMain( HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, L... (by fewdiefie)
DirectX11 Visual Studio 2017 Link Errors!
Hello all. I am very new to DirectX programming and am trying to learn the basics following the tuto...
[8 replies] Last: Did you use #pragma comment( lib, "d3d11.lib" ) #pragma comment( li... (by fewdiefie)
Best software to learn C++ on windows?
Please tell me the free and paid versions both..
[4 replies] Last: The best way to learn C++ is through reading books and I would recomme... (by fewdiefie)
Simplest Way to Draw Rectangle on JPG Image C++
Hi, new here. If i do something wrong when using forum and asking, please warn me about that. I'm...
[1 reply] : I'd suggest ImageMagick. (by mbozzi)
About programming softwares.
What programming software do you recommend to use in windows?
[5 replies] Last: If you're asking about making programs with GUI then Microsoft's Visua... (by ammar629)
help please
I am using Microsoft Visual Studios, Your program will be creating 10 library books. Each library ...
[9 replies] Last: Also as lastchance said... struct Book { char bookTitle; char ... (by ammar629)
error 5: Access Denied Dev C++
I am able to compile and run cpp code in command line by using g++ but when using Dev C++, Code comp...
[no replies]
by Fadey
play sound through speakers when headphones are on?
I want to create a simple program what is able to play sound through speakers even when headphones ...
[1 reply] : It depends entirely on your hardware. For example, my desktop motherb... (by helios)
Is it possible to intercept controller inputs?
I'm not very familiar with C++ or it's libraries, so I was hoping someone here could give me an idea...
[11 replies] Last: poteto thanks for the liks. that was usefull.......... (by fsn4764)
Overwriting an address in memory
Disclosure: this is for reverse engineering experience, I'm not planning to doing anything malicious...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks guys! I'll do some research into this. (by enhanceddevelopment)
Autocomplete does not work correctly - CodeBlocks
First: Excuse my English, it is not my native language. Hello everyone, I'm learning C ++ and enj...
[5 replies] Last: I reinstalled the CB autocomplete. Now it seems to be working correctl... (by DiegoBR)
by K79A23
Problems on making a class with this code.
Hi, I found this code online that basically couts a string's characters one by one. I'm having some ...
[3 replies] Last: Very strange. It prints the whole message you my machine. What compile... (by Thomas1965)
Error 500, ASP.NET, page not working
Hello, I need some help!! I am not very familiar with ASP code and was hoping someone could help gui...
[1 reply] : You can try some of the fixes from this site: (by Thomas1965)
by volang
Make my http server public
Hello. Im trying to get my server online. The server works on localhost, but I can't make it work on...
[6 replies] Last: Allright. Thanks all. It's appreciated as usual (by volang)
C++ Problem regarding if statement.
I've been having trouble with this because the snippet of code in the else portion is being displaye...
[3 replies] Last: print what you think you are comparing in hex to the screen (or debug/... (by jonnin)
by memguy
How to make text disapper in std::cin
Hi, I am creating a program where you can chat with a bot(not AI) but I have a problem, the output l...
[4 replies] Last: there are nonstandard tools that can hide input that is typed -- eg t... (by jonnin)
by stav
Loading & calling a function from dll at runtime
Hi How would i go about making a program that dynamically loads a dll and that then allows me to ty...
[5 replies] Last: I don't know much about Python, but it appears from the documentation ... (by mbozzi)
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