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Parsing Text File Contents
Hello, I have the below script that I am trying to use to take each line of a text file to read t...
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by F40R
I am attempting to create a guessing number game. However, it only shows if the number is too high, ...
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How to send a physical key press?
How do I send a physical(Edit) key press(What I am using it for requires a physical keypress, and ik...
[2 replies] Last: I fear I'm being niave, but if this actually isn't a trick question, w... (by freddie1)
Distorted image in MFC
Hello, I am trying to program a sort of a game that is played on a grid. While drawing the grid, if...
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by MSH
FLTK: Loading to and reading from arrays with Fl_Input widgets
Hello, I need help using arrays with the Fl_Input widget. I would like to be able to store the Fl_In...
[2 replies] Last: As it turns out, (LPCSTR) was just one part of the puzzle. Since the F... (by MSH)
Playsound() overlap
I have a program that makes a ding sound when you press the mouse button. However, it waits for the...
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Reconnect Client side of a CAsyncSocket
I am trying to have my client side of my socket connection retry to connect to the server side of th...
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winsock bind fails (WSAENOTSOCK)
Hey guys, i have a problem with winsock udp sockets. This the part of the code that fails. ...
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List View Drag & Drop
In my application, I have 2 dialog windows - "object view" and "render view". In the object view win...
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COM And Clipboard
So I found myself making a god awful application today, but in the end I am pretty happy with how it...
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Output from multiple variables
Hello everybody on, I'm in the process of writing a win32 program in Dev-C++ distrib...
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MS ADO General Questions
Hello! I've been getting into database interaction recently, and thought I'd try my hand at using...
[4 replies] Last: I had toyed with the idea of writing my own wrapper class for using OD... (by TheFunk)
code won't work on xp
I'm using the iostream, stdlib.h, time.h and string libraries, rand() and a bunch of nested ifs. The...
[2 replies] Last: did you changed or deleted the files?(i mean iostream,stdlib...). if... (by bigsoft)
Please help a newbie on High Frequency Trading Example
Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and have taken a keen interest in writing trading programs...
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by Mimic
Help with Qt QStringList
Hello. This is my class: file .h #ifndef UNDOREDO_H #define UNDOREDO_H #include <QUndoCom...
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FLTK C:\20140707\Projekte\ [Build Error] [Projekt1.exe] Error 1
Hello! At first let me tell you that I am an austrian student so sorry for my englisch ;) I have a...
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Question about IDE's
I don't know if this is the right forum for this but it seems to fit. So I hope I do not offend anyo...
[5 replies] Last: Yes, you're compiling the wrong language. The top one is not C++. ... (by Stewbond)
[win32] - can i get the keyboard keys flag?
i can get the window style flag and then i can see what styles was added. can i do the same fo the k...
[13 replies] Last: if(GetAllKeyPressed()==VK_LEFT & 'A') This would not work as you ex... (by Disch)
DirectX help please
Please help me.. Im struggling with this for 3 days.. Here's the code I've tried.. #include <...
[1 reply] : Are you calling your initDevice() function? (by JRHolmes)
by Plavsa
Server communication
Hi there. I have an interesting question but i've never worked with online servers, nor anything tha...
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