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when i was trying to run this program from microsoft
[1 reply] : on the page you've linked... look at step 2. Create the ITaskService ... (by Jaybob66)
Maybe not
Yeah so I thought I wanted to learn Visual Studio 2017 I've often heard people complain about man...
[7 replies] Last: mbozzi: Yes, on Linux wchar_t is quite wide, but all system APIs use U... (by helios)
API Windows WriteFile: works but returns 0
Hello I wrote a method that does nearly well it's job (except it returns an error) : The function wr...
[4 replies] Last: WriteFile returns FALSE, and I don't know why That's what GetLastErro... (by kbw)
Menu Item bitmap
Hi, How can I make a menu item's bitmap background transparent so that the background colour of t...
[1 reply] : Maybe use Photoshop or Gimp to create a transparent bitmap. (by Thomas1965)
by homi
Add item to MFC list box from thread? (1,2)
My thread listens and accepts new client connections on sockets, I would like every client added to ...
[26 replies] Last: This worked ::SendMessage(m_list.m_hWnd, LB_ADDSTRING, 0, (LPARAM)(LP... (by homi)
how looking for a folder?
i have these function for show a folder name. int FindF(char* pDirectory) { char* startpDire...
[12 replies] Last: finally it's working like i need: string FindDirectory(std::string Fi... (by Cambalinho)
Unsecured Wi-Fi connection detection
Is it possible in C++ to construct a console application that detects (i.e. throws a notification) w...
[2 replies] Last: OK. Thanks! Does anyone have any sample code as an example? (by Maverick123)
Develop for PocketPC
Hello! So i have a collection of old PocketPC's with Windows on them. I thought it would be fun ...
[6 replies] Last: When you have sorted out the IDE have a look here for articles about P... (by Thomas1965)
How to BSTR* to std::string??
I have a BSTR*. how to get the value from the BSTR* to std::string so that I can print it to console...
[2 replies] Last: BSTR has information before the text that describes the length of the ... (by Computergeek01)
Cannot call method from return value's pointer to interface
I am getting error from a method call when I try to access the functions of an interface. My_D...
[no replies]
After importing a CLI Dll created by C#, I try to new an Object in C++. com::myApp::MyObject ^myO...
[1 reply] : Try to use as value class com::myApp::MyObject myObject; (by Thomas1965)
how to Fix these Errors in Graphics?
When I compile my code it Generates following errors: 1. undefined reference to 'initgraph' 2. und...
[4 replies] Last: DevC++ is g++, albeit probably an outdated version. You should be able... (by Ganado)
How do i login into my comcast xfinity router using c or c++ ?
Is there a way by which I can login into router admin settings using c/c++? I am thinking to make a ...
[3 replies] Last: Here is the comcast xfinity router Guide (by ipadministration)
Using Libcurl Dev C++ Undefined Reference Errors
******MY CODE:********* -compiler: devc++ 5.11 libcurl version: 7.60 #include <stdio.h> #include ...
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Combo box font
Hi, I have a dialog with some labels, some buttons and a few combo boxes. When the dialog is di...
[1 reply] : The SendMessage() Win32 Api function is used to change fonts. There's... (by freddie1)
Traffic Signal Lights Programme
Hello! Here is The Source Code For A Simple Programme of Traffic Signal Lights. In This Programme ...
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how to fix this problem?
when i use graphics in C++ it shows following warning: deprecated conversion from string constan...
[7 replies] Last: Thank you Thomas, I Think now I am near to the success, I Did not had ... (by Abdullah Samo)
Multiple Windows
I have to close one of the windows before I have access to the other window. How could I gain access...
[5 replies] Last: Looks like a spammer to me. They've made several meaningless posts th... (by MikeyBoy)
How do I make use of HRESULT and cast it into my own Object?
In the class StubRequest, I have a method doSomething(). 1. How do I convert HRESULT into StubReque...
[2 replies] Last: (by Thomas1965)
Missing functions when doing CLI->COM dll. C# and C++ project can't see all functions.
My goal is to make Java classes accessible to both C# and C++. After doing what I did, the C# pro...
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