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Alright so i am working on a code for a game and i don't get what i am doing wrong , i am trying to ...
[1 reply] : The error tells me you gave your World class a constructor, but never ... (by Disch)
SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS, BatteryFlag returns 9 when charging. if(msg->message == ...
[5 replies] Last: SYSTEM_POWER_STATUS pwr; GetSystemPowerStatus(&pwr); if (pwr.Battery... (by modoran)
Win32 - get the real name of a file
Hi, I'm looking for a way to get the real name of a file. I have the following file "C:\MY_fil...
[5 replies] Last: Was in a hurry I apologize for my short answer. Thanks kbw for the sol... (by bernard0833)
C++ And Universal Apps
Since this is a Windows forum I thought I might not be TOO off topic. Looking toward the future,...
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BitBlt() Bug with Backbuffer
Hey there, I have a window with a backbuffer and it's doing something strange and I don't understan...
[3 replies] Last: It's probably just for convenience. But this is not normal behavior, ... (by knn9)
by sambos
replace \ with \\ in string
Hi, I have a file's location stored in a System::String. E.g. String^ str = "C:\Test Folder\Test....
[9 replies] Last: Hi Zhuge and kwb, I believe I have solved my problem. I am using ifs... (by sambos)
by jdmic
Hi, I'm trying to do something like this... LPVOID pClassObj; if (condition 1) { ...
[3 replies] Last: Ok, you can do it, but the code won't look like that. Clearly, you're... (by kbw)
CryptUnprotectData append LMEM to plain string
hi, i'm using CryptUnprotectData to decrypt a value in a sqlite3's column crypted with CryptProtect...
[6 replies] Last: like so: tmp.assign(reinterpret_cast<char*>(out.pbData), out.cbData)... (by coder777)
by ruimac
Access a username/password protected url through C++
I'm an individual developer (not a professional developer. I'm a graphic designer who likes to code ...
[3 replies] Last: I have nothing against Curl, it is probably the better solution. but a... (by Computergeek01)
How To Tell When A NIC Has Received An Address
Hi Everyone, What I need is a function\method\process\hook to tell when a specific network inter...
[2 replies] Last: That looks like it might do it. Baring and unforeseen race conditions ... (by Computergeek01)
by tec23
Filling structs question
Hi all. This is how I initialize the WNDCLASSEX struct and every other struct WNDCLASSEX wc; wc.cb...
[3 replies] Last: I wouldn't worry too much. In the case of WNDCLASSEX you got WNDCLASSE... (by plexus)
by tec23
Can't open file with CreateFile function
Hi. I'm using windows xp, and I tried to open the pfirewall.log file in C:\WINDOWS directory, but it...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks Disch now I was able to open the file (by tec23)
new to GTK
Anyone know if it is possible to get GTK running on VS2013? I am new and wanted to learn it H...
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GetAsyncKeyState uses all CPU
Hello! I'm a beginner in C++ programming and I want to program a simulator for a little car on a ...
[4 replies] Last: The code I posted is inside of a while-loop that runs all the time. ... (by Disch)
GUI Panels
Hey so for a GUI I'm designing I came up with an idea of having the main window then sort of a conta...
[4 replies] Last: you might want to give ''qt'' a try. especially the things you plan t... (by Darkmaster)
by ntran
Renaming a process
Hi everyone, So I have my application --> myapp.exe As it is running, in the Windows Task Mana...
[1 reply] : IIRC its going to be whatever the name of the process already is. that... (by Little Bobby Tables)
why the static control is 'hided'?
by several reasons i drawed the static control using WM_PAINT at least i can change the textcolor, t...
[2 replies] Last: by some reason, i can't use that message... that msdn doc make me more... (by Cambalinho)
error in message WM_PAINT
i'm trying doing a double buffer in WM_PAINT message for avoid the flickers: case WM_PAINT: ...
[2 replies] Last: you have right.. thanks for correct me (by Cambalinho)
by ntran
GUI Library for windows
Hi, I'm looking for a free GUI library to create proprietary applications. So I cannot use Qt...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, it's a good option. (by ntran)
EnumDisplayMonitors from HDC
HDC monitorDC = (CreateDC(displayDevices .DeviceName, displayDevices .DeviceName, NULL, NULL)); ...
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