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please fix it for me guys!
hello , I am compeletly new in c++ I wrote program but I can`t run it I got several problems , pleas...
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Why won't this play sound? Very annoyed..
PlaySound("C:\\Users\\MyName\\Desktop\\bird.wav", NULL, SND_ASYNC); is the line which plays the sou...
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by JekasG
C++ Win32 FPS and DeltaTime Implementation
I'm trying to implement FPS and DeltaTime for my program (C++ Win32). Below is the current code that...
[1 reply] : Look I don't know what the problem is as I am only starting off but wh... (by Generalbiiff)
Get Images From a Web, VB13 (Best of how to include LibcURL, POCO, Google Image Search API)
Hi, I apologize if this might sound noob. I am finishing a windows form application using c++. Th...
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Question Regarding Quadratic Program
My computer science teacher has instructed us to create a quadratic formula program. I am fine with ...
[1 reply] : Is the file in the same directory as your program? (by KelvinS687)
FindFirstFile() malfunctions when first operand ends with "\My Documents\"
I am building Win32 apps using MS VS 2010 C++ Express on a HP laptop running 64-bit Win 7 Profession...
[1 reply] : Win7's Document structure is stupid. The actual directory name is "Do... (by Disch)
Synchronous or asynchronous execution of a DLL
Hi. I encounter a problem with the following DLL : #include <windows.h> #include <string> ...
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Why won't this tween the textlabel smoothly?
case WM_COMMAND: if(LOWORD(wParam) == 1){ DestroyWindow(button); ...
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Handler for Switch User on Windows 7
Hello, I am working on a 32 Bit Windows 7 application that uses open GL. We have ran into a pro...
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MSVS 2013 Update the GUI Every 5 seconds
Hello, I would like to update my GUI form every 5 seconds, but the only way I know how to do ...
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by AcarX
Hooking directx and changing resolution
I'm trying to set resolution of an application and set windowed mode to true. I found a visual studi...
[7 replies] Last: Well I was abled to achieve a playable windowed mode. But since I'm ad... (by AcarX)
win32 API- Image Toggling problem
Hello. I am beginner in win32 API programming. I am sending some data from server to client by usin...
[2 replies] Last: Yeah I am using WM_PAINT and I tried the InvalidateRect command also. ... (by mandar678)
Migrating from ODBC to ADO in legacy code.
Hi all. That's my first issue in this forum. I have to migrate the system's data access to SQL Ser...
[1 reply] : Well, you would need to be familiar with both ODBC database access and... (by freddie1)
by ltc
Need the help about COM Server
I'm writing a COM server exe using CLSCTX_LOCAL_SERVER as below. 1. COM server: . Use IDL lan...
[11 replies] Last: The proxy-stub is a DLL (actually, it can be two - a proxy and stub - ... (by andywestken)
ShellExecute Unknown issue
I'm having trouble with ShellExecute(). when i directly type the program name, it works fine ...
[1 reply] : nvm i fixed the issue. it was a conversion error. here is the new co... (by NinetailsKurama)
c++ HWND Win32 array problem
ok so heres something that keeps happening to me and I can't figure out why it does this but I have ...
[5 replies] Last: ok I dont know what happened but I turned my computer back one, recomp... (by Michael Lathberry)
Need assistance with creating a program to calculate monthly mortgage payment
I need some help on creating this program. Here is my code so far. I would like to have the form...
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Run Program Within Program?
Ok, the title sucked, but whatever. In HTML we have the <iframe> which allows us to show a web pa...
[7 replies] Last: Hi dwarak17, My question actually refers to running a program within t... (by Homberto)
Changing data into an audio mode
Well I want to change a set of integers and encode them into an audio file or audio in general and b...
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Why can't i use the function in the cmath
Hello everyone! I use VS 2008 and write a simple program: #include <iostream> #include <cmath> u...
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