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by gkropp
Serial port differences between WinXP & Win7
I've got an application that has been running successfully on a Windows XP. We are upgrading the co...
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Need to select a cell or range in excel, from C++ code
Hello, I need something in C++, like: selectCell( excel sheet, cell no. ) selectRange( excel ...
[15 replies] Last: INTERFACE IDBIND XLApplication MEMBER GET Application <148> () A... (by freddie1)
Is this acceptable code?
Hello, I've been learning c++ for quite some time now, and I thought it was about time that I actual...
[4 replies] Last: The Windows operating system will clear up all resources that a progra... (by andywestken)
Need to open a sheet from one workbook in another
Hi all, I am running my code as an excel addin. I need to open a particular sheet from one workbo...
[1 reply] : Is that possible ? Yes! See the MSDN documentation for details. The... (by andywestken)
by dc2000
Internet Explorer displays a blank page when opening a local file while screen is off
Hi everyone: I'm making a small MFC module that should generate a report (formatted using HTML) a...
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How to learn Win32
Hello! I'm getting into windows programming and I'm wondering what is the best way to learn Win32 AP...
[8 replies] Last: The WinAPI files that ships with a lot of compilers are incomplete and... (by Computergeek01)
win32 - memory leaks with my Region functions
i have these 2 functions: BYTE* Get24BitPixels(HBITMAP pBitmap, WORD *pwWidth, WORD *pwHeight) { ...
[4 replies] Last: Tath you give me an idea: class region { private: BYTE* Get24Bi... (by Cambalinho)
by dmngu9
adding functionality for function member
I have a base class with int area () return a int value I also have a subclass can adding functi...
[1 reply] : Well that depends on what you want to do, by adding functionality do y... (by ultifinitus)
Exception catching question
I am having trouble setting up the following to successfully catch an exception (and more importantl...
[1 reply] : Allegro is written in C so it doesn't throw exceptions. If you read t... (by Peter87)
by tapir2
What's that Windows Library that's 'in' at the moment? WTL, ATL,.net , or MFC?
I'm a Computer Science student with some C++ experience and would eventually like to learn a windows...
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win32: the tooltip isn't showed :(
i have read these thread: i have subclassed the contro...
[7 replies] Last: the code works fine. my problem is with 1 or 2 functions that have som... (by Cambalinho)
by wahhaj
Where to go next?
Hello everyone, I've recently completed the introductory courses for computer science. Starting next...
[1 reply] : Well for now you should stick with the language. Learn OOP use online ... (by MRQ1)
Using SQLPrimaryKeys ODBC
I had created a small program based on WinAPIs that reads from SQL Server 2008 R2. I am using ODBC 3...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for your update. It was really helpful. However, I was not able... (by ahbazzi)
by MIZ
Should I learn win32
Is it good to learn the win32 Api ? Also is it true most libraries are written on top of win32 Api ...
[6 replies] Last: Any good sources/tutorials on learning Windows API? You could start... (by Grey Wolf)
Window Structure Using Classes
I created a window using a class which can be modified and is set up to be a basis for future projec...
[1 reply] : This might interest you Alice ... (by freddie1)
program does not run in Windows 7
I recently wrote a program on my windows xp machine and now want to run in on a windows 7 machine of...
[1 reply] : Not sure if this is your problem but do you have the C/C++ Runtime lib... (by ahcfan)
design tower of hanoi game with C++ using stack
My problem I want design tower of Hanoi game with C++ using stack But i do not know how can i star...
[1 reply] : up (by ebdaa3sea)
Code that shows "Please Wait" Message while doing a lengthy operation (ERROR C2440)
Hi, I have very basic knowledge of C++ and I don't understand completely how this works. I have b...
[1 reply] : morning, Are you aware that code isn't pure C++? http://en.wikipedia.... (by mutexe)
win32: how avoid flickers?
i continue with several problems with flickers :( i know that i must use WS_CLIPCHILDREN parent sty...
[8 replies] Last: i'm using a timer for animation with a button, using the WM_PAINT. so ... (by Cambalinho)
Capture screen with bitblt is too slow
My code used GetDC(0) to get the Desktop DC and GetDIBSection & BitBlt to get RGB pixel array. Ac...
[4 replies] Last: thanks again dude, I think I shall start to learn WIC and direct2D now... (by hankstr100)
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