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by Gyiove
Downloading html while triggering special configuration ( sending cookies perhaps? )
Hello everyone! Downloading html is not quite a challange. We can just use URLDownloadToFile fun...
[4 replies] Last: You could use libcurl, wininet (this is what internet explorer uses) o... (by modoran)
by Mino
Change shortcut's target
Hello, is there any way to change shortcuts' target? Thanks in advance!
[5 replies] Last: It is quite easy to manipulate shortcuts using IShellLink COM interfac... (by modoran)
by stav
settings up opengl with windows
I have this HDC that I got from my window and want to hook up to opengl, but its not working and I'm...
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by stav
drawing to a window using GDI not working?
i'm trying to draw a rectangle on top of a window using the GDI. i have the following code: #in...
[2 replies] Last: You can try to paint outside the client area with the GetWindowDC func... (by Thomas1965)
I can't include instance of global form variable in user control. Makes errors.
In Program.h is ProgramItems ref class which has static Window ^window (form). I want to include it ...
[12 replies] Last: It works, thank you :)! Very much! (by Putarda)
Client Sending Multiple Message to Server
I am having TCP server and client program, working properly with accept(). I want client to send mu...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for your reply... Multiple Message from same client. (by Arjun145)
Virtual Waiter
Hello, I am a beginner in C++ and I have a project to design a virtual waiter using one CPU and mult...
[3 replies] Last: Mmm, I don't think I understand what you want to do at all. Sorry. (by kbw)
creating regedit rule fails c code
Hi i did one little program that create a regedit rule and run my program with eventvwr.exe. But the...
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antivirus software program
I want to develop a antivirus software by using a open source engine. please guide .
[2 replies] Last: ClamavNet (by Tate89)
hello there how can i make global Variables in i want the Variables as public for each pag...
[1 reply] : I am afraid this is the wrong forum here. Try this instead: http://ww... (by Thomas1965)
Taking variables from other forms? VIS C++
When i try to #include "MyForm" when MyForm has #include "MyForm1" it comes up with a list of erros,...
[3 replies] Last: When ever MyForm1 has include MyForm while MyForm has include MyForm1... (by coder777)
Windows C++ GUI (1,2,3)
Hi Guys, I'm new to this Forum and I am only just getting back into C++ programming. I used to prog...
[46 replies] Last: I made a mistake above, Its GetDlgItem() not GetDlgCtrlId(). The lat... (by freddie1)
by junfan
How to find instance of a program?
In the program I want to write, I need a reliable method in which to check to see if a particular pr...
[5 replies] Last: What about the following statement from the following MSDN article: h... (by junfan)
Making A .WAV From A Directory Play
I have been researching and researching and I really don't understand... C:\\Users\adryl\\Documents...
[8 replies] Last: Try this code: #include <Windows.h> #include <iostream> #include <st... (by Thomas1965)
Configure service priority
HI! How I configure service priority in registry? Thanks
[2 replies] Last: Hi! Do you have example about sintaxe in registry to configurate serv... (by Albuquerster)
Beginners book ??
I would like to get into learning C++ for Windows, but all the books I have teach only console progr...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you Golden Lizard and Thomas1965. Though it's cheaper to view th... (by whitenite1)
Rate my typewriter affect
#include <iostream> #include <windows.h> void typewrite(std::string wow, double wait = 100){ for(in...
[1 reply] : To be able to test your code on Linux I had to do the following change... (by Peter87)
PssCaptureSnapshot newbie
Currently trying to use windows API diagnostic process snapshoting, and just trying to understand th...
[1 reply] : Might be worth to check the return value from PssCaptureSnapshot and i... (by Thomas1965)
How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files?
Hi, I have accidently deleted some of my files from Windows systems. I looked into recycle bin but d...
[4 replies] Last: Windows Data Recovery Software for the recovery of your data and file... (by kayerjenkins)
Unexpected output from EnumWindows
I am trying to get a list of all windows with the following code. #include <iostream> #include <wi...
[4 replies] Last: Have a look here. Maybe that's more what you want. http://simplesampl... (by Thomas1965)
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