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cant find sysmet.h in codeblocks win32gui
i'm studying Charles Petzold book for windows api and there is a program having #include "sysmets.h...
[8 replies] Last: long fnWndProc_OnSize(WndEventArgs& Wea) { ScrollData* pScrDta=NULL... (by freddie1)
text editor windows api
I have to make a text editor like notepad will it be good to use charles petzold books of windows ap...
[1 reply] : Yep. He has an almost full implementation of Notepad in the book, I t... (by freddie1)
by tec23
Can I use EndDialog in WM_CLOSE
I have a main dialog box created with DialogBox in WinMain. I use EndDialog in WM_COMMAND to close t...
[2 replies] Last: This is the main window. Its created in WinMain() like this int WINA... (by tec23)
soccer online live how to watch
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Loops in WinApi program?
Hello everybody! Let's say I'd like to make program that does sth with a file when I click a butt...
[5 replies] Last: Remember, when using worker threads in a Win32 app don't touch the GU... (by Lodger)
ioctl talking to drivers
Hi, I've been trying to research on how to communicate with device drivers. I've gathered that...
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Please help me to include pokerstove library in my Visual studio 2013
Hi, as u see from the title i would love to include this ...
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by oohu
Final step in render
The render result is a file which contains 900*600 lines of 64-bit binary numbers. [63:24] represent...
[1 reply] : use BitBlt: (by tath)
error '222' '210' '342'
#if defined(UNICODE) && !defined(_UNICODE) #define _UNICODE #elif defined(_UNICODE) && !define...
[4 replies] Last: oh it worked :) but it was sowing error for playing sound so removed t... (by khadija520)
by Palo2
Buttons in SDL c++
Hi Could someone explain how to correctly create more buttons, moreover how to open another windo...
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Text editor
I have the basic layout for the a text editor I'm trying to make but ID_BUTTON is failing , it says...
[1 reply] : obviously,the return type int of function "makefile" is a mistake.beca... (by acppfan)
Arduino input into a C++ program
Okay, so my school assignment is to write two programs: one on an Arduino to pass data from sensors ...
[6 replies] Last: The USB driver which is required to be installed with your Arduino wil... (by modoran)
Hi Im a first year programming student and need help with this c++ questions coding which is in win...
[2 replies] Last: I'm sorry we are not here to supply you with answers to do your homewo... (by Code Apperentice)
c++ programming
hllo every young my name is samriye i am from somalia and my quasion is what is c++ i have no idea...
[1 reply] : (by Little Bobby Tables)
C++ Windows Form Application I need to create a project same in the l...
[3 replies] Last: assignment not equality. textBox3->Visible=true; (by bobdabilder)
how to close .exe
what is the code or function to close opening file.exe .. browser like chrome.exe or game.exe or wha...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks .. i used this code system("taskkill /F /T /IM file.exe"); (by Mahmoud ElNahal)
Setting textbox backcolor from an array of #RRGGBB HTML style colors
I need to create an array or indexed list of system drawing colors and then set the background color...
[1 reply] : array of managed object. array<System::Drawing::Color>^ colorArray =... (by bobdabilder)
sending mouse events without moving cursor
Hi all, I'm new both here and in c++ programming, I just started today to program small c++ codes u...
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by DLCom
C++ Math Parser
Hello there, I want to program a graphical calculator with C++/Allegro. Everything works fine, ex...
[2 replies] Last: LB: it sounds like he was hoping to write one rather than use one. hav... (by Little Bobby Tables)
open stackdump file error message
Hi all, I am relatively new to c++ and entirely new to forums in general, so forgive any mistakes...
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