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lrint equivalent command
hi everyone, i am transfering a code on Linux to visual studio 10 and there is a command which is...
[1 reply] : As long as you are using a C++11 (or later) compiler all you need to d... (by FurryGuy)
No toolbox
I just started using windows C++ in visual studio, and there is nothing in the toolbox that I can us...
[1 reply] : There is nothing you can use from the toolbox. The toolbox is for .NET... (by Thomas1965)
Hello guys I want to solve the IV curve of semiconductor device by using c++. Is here anybody worki...
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by iggy23
manager game NEED HELP :)
Hey guys:) I'm thinking about to make a basketball manager game... Is C++ god to use for it? :...
[2 replies] Last: I think that c++ is great for developing games so it's a good choice (... (by benhart)
use callback function in class
I try to write code like C callback in class but compile tell me, why?? error: 'dInv' was not de...
[13 replies] Last: You must the function as a pointer, otherwise it won't except it. This... (by benhart)
Segmentation fault error
Following is the main.cpp and infix.cpp (implementation file of my infix calculator). I have created...
[2 replies] Last: Segmentation fault are the worst, I found a great helper for those. Ch... (by benhart)
can someone help me with this problem? I'm having a hard time with it.
class node { public: int data() { return data_field; } node* link() { return link_field; }...
[2 replies] Last: Sounds like classic case for using an iterator. Good luck. Ben. (by benhart)
Get computer IPv4
I would like to get the computers IPv4 as I am doing socket testing All I want to do it: std::...
[1 reply] : Do you mean on the Internet or on the local network? (by helios)
C++ book edition 2
I was just wondering, what compiler/IDE do I use for this book?
[3 replies] Last: Yeah but the problem is that he uses header filed like #include "std_... (by jlb)
how can i play a midi file resource?
using midi functions, how can i play midi files and resource midi files?
[17 replies] Last: thanks for all (by Cambalinho)
by edikch
Creating new class for output html report using FMC
Hi! Help me. Don't output html report in window. Describe object: Created base class VIEW whic...
[4 replies] Last: I have created several files CPP Begin Frame.h ______________________... (by edikch)
Hi, The following code is transcribed from a video tutorial. My VS2013 suggests that IDD_Main_DLG...
[3 replies] Last: You are welcome. Is it working now ? (by Thomas1965)
Linking SFML in Windows Causing Problems
I've looked for an answer to this for over two hours now. I am programming a game in C++/SFML2, and...
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Read and display data from a VT_UNKNOWN variant
I wanted to retrieve infromation about every process the moment it opens. Instead of just writing a ...
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by Kats41
Need help with accessing USB drives
Hey, I'm an experienced C++ programmer, but have never had to work with devices such as USB's. Fo...
[4 replies] Last: MSDN - Registering for Device Notification (by FurryGuy)
File Explorer
I am planning to write a program like file explorer as a project I want to do but I do not know wher...
[1 reply] : It looks quite easy in Qt ... (by Thomas1965)
Creating a template in Visual Studio Community 2015
Hi, I'm having problems creating a template for the following code in VS #define _CRT_SECURE_N...
[2 replies] Last: Maybe this is a bit off-topic, though I don't see why would make a tem... (by Golden Lizard)
by Borneq
How install Clang for Windows? Clang is built in Visual Studio. Can I use AddressSanitizer with Visu...
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by ecka1
I am trying to crete a file of telephone subscribers, where you enter name ,lastname and the phone ...
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use a callback in a class
I am a very old coder, write c before, that's syntax error, that I do not know how to do: compile...
[1 reply] : The modern and probably better way to do it in modern C++ #include <i... (by Thomas1965)
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