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Using pointers and multiple offsets to obtain an address
My question may sound somewhat confusing and that may be because I'm over complicating this subject,...
[1 reply] : 1. Read 4 bytes using ReadProcessMemory() at address 0x0202D0D8. In th... (by helios)
Need help with running seperate .cpp code under button in windows form(CLR)
Hello, i created a cpp file and now i need to run it when button1 is pressed. The cpp file has every...
[1 reply] : I am not sure what the exact problem is. In the click event handler of... (by Thomas1965)
source code review visual basic 6
Hi, Could indicate visual basic 6 source code review tool? Thanks
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by Sonixx
cout does not put characters on my screen
Hi, I have a little piece of code that should put characters on my screen, but that doesn't happe...
[4 replies] Last: Hi, Thanks for your help, but the problem still persists. Any other i... (by Sonixx)
by MarkP
Menu in headline
I haven't done anything in programming for quite a while, but now I decided it's time to update a fe...
[1 reply] : I think google didn't recognize the term "headline". The proper term i... (by Thomas1965)
by Sonixx
Errors when compiling
Hi, Since yesterday, when I build my program, I get some errors. They even occur with a simple pi...
[3 replies] Last: Those kind of errors better be detected quickly as they can cause seri... (by benhart)
F1 - F6 and F10 not working
I had created a win32 application that uses API to create and manipulate main windows and the corres...
[3 replies] Last: F1 - F9 works. For F10 you need WM_SYSKEYDOWN VK_F1, VK_F2... are virt... (by Thomas1965)
wxWidgets 3.0.2
Hallo, I'm trying to install wxWidgets for Code Blocks. I'm using mingw w64 version 6.3.0. I have a...
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use callback function in class
I try to write code like C callback in class but compile tell me, why?? error: 'dInv' was not de...
[14 replies] Last: understood thank you, the code call self back . (by olive chu)
Is there a way to automatically convert a std::string into an MFC CString?
Hi, On the surface of it, this question may seem utterly trivial but it isn't. It's actually an ins...
[5 replies] Last: Is there a way to automatically convert a std::string into an MFC CSt... (by FurryGuy)
class pointing to class
Hey, I'm using VS 2015, though this 'should' work for any version of C++ console version. basically...
[2 replies] Last: +Thomas1965 Lmao! I really should have been able to spot that >.< Th... (by NickPerry)
c++ php request post and get data
Hy all! Anyone can help to me with an example(php and cpp file? How can i get data from a php file...
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by Dagr
My first App
Hi guys im going to make my firs app and i need help. Its about Rubik's cube, we must convey the po...
[7 replies] Last: -mbozzi: My apologies, in the future I'll leave it out when giving exa... (by NickPerry)
need get motherboard serial or cpu serial
i see this code in old topic : #pragma warning(disable:4996) // disable microsoft rubbish (::fopen...
[4 replies] Last: Implementing a hardware banning system will take a bit more sophistica... (by Hydranix)
Installation VC6 windows server 2012 64bits.
Hi, I installed VC6 on windows server 2012, but an error occurs: Problem Event Name: BEX App...
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I need some cue
I am completely new to c++, I need some cue here. How to structure a layout, for example in HTML: we...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks for advice. (by Chikwado)
Click in specific window
Hey guys, I was wondering is it possible to make a program that only clicks in a specific window ? ...
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Problem with main.cpp|example.h|example.cpp
I have one big problem... - I call in main.cpp from example.h one function - example.h has one INT a...
[4 replies] Last: The main function must return int, otherwise it won't work. Errors lik... (by benhart)
by sed2
how to simulate mouse movement in a game?
I did this code: void MouseMove (int x, int y ) { double fScreenWidth=::GetSystemMetrics( SM_...
[4 replies] Last: No, it works, just need to remove |MOUSEEVENTF_ABSOLUTE (by sed2)
Window form not working
Si I try hard to get windows form for my OpenGL project. Don't ask me why I don't use libraries(it's...
[4 replies] Last: Ahhh, no! all I forgot to do was to add a default that return what you... (by DirtyBlasion)
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