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Rolling Sky Codes
I want to convert a Rolling Sky project (158510115 and 159166043) on Scratch into a C++ project. ...
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Can anyone help me with this C++ exercise?
I am very confused as to how to go about this c++ assignment. I know I need to use fstream but am co...
[2 replies] Last: if (choice == 1) { coffee++; } else if (choice == 2) { tea++; } else... (by chipp)
Circular doubly linked list from a text file
Hello everyone, I am having a hard time figuring out how to form a circular doubly linked list from ...
[1 reply] : I know I have to store the data from the text file to a vector and th... (by keskiverto)
CD2DBitmap does not Draw
Hello all, First off I am sorry if I placed this post in a wrong thread or the formatting is bad...
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If include atlbase.h in my code does my app requires mfc.dll or vcredist?
I usually add flag /MT to vc compiler to avoid vc runtime dependency. I want it .NET zero dependen...
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by ArushA
Read And Execute Opcode bytes using ReadProcessMemory
Can I read some hex bytes(opcode)in a module in memory, and then execute them? Basically, I am tryin...
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member function
Error 1 error C2511: 'float basic_type::problem_specfic_input(int,int,float,float,float,float,float,...
[1 reply] : That's a lot of floats. BTW, if would help if you showed: 1. the sour... (by kbw)
Error: run time error-stack around the variable 'food' was corrupted. I can't figure out.
#include<iostream> #include<iomanip> #include<string> using namespace std; int main() { ...
[1 reply] : cin >> food ; total3 += food ; Your index 3 is out of bounds. Vali... (by Thomas1965)
My coding level is 0
hello i found a code that i have to put on c++ I think i need to ...
[1 reply] : Looks like JavaScript Object Notation (aka JSON). It's not a programm... (by mbozzi)
When using g++ on Windows, how may I disable floating point? (1,2)
-What are the compiler switches on g++ to disable floating point overflow and underflow on float an...
[23 replies] Last: If you do that compilation may fail even if you don't actually use flo... (by helios)
sendinput() simulate a ctr+v
Hey guys, I'm trying to simulate a ctrl+v execution. But it doesn't work and I am not quite sure whe...
[2 replies] Last: Edited my post. I have looked at it, and this works apart from that it... (by Willo123)
by Fadey
How does bitlocker work? ( low level fread/fwrite )
I've noticed that bitlocker is doing real time de/encryption. By that I mean instead of decrypting t...
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cURL - Can't send large data in post field ?
Hey guys, i m working on some PHP API in my C++ application. Can you guys tell me how to send a larg...
[1 reply] : You didn't specify CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE. (by helios)
by wsme
Pointer Problems
Hey all, Trying to convert some structs from being accessed by value to accessed by pointer, and ...
[1 reply] : I believe that you try to achieve something like: typedef struct { ... (by keskiverto)
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