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by Zarman
What to learn, Win32 or .NET
I have no idea. Please help.
[3 replies] Last: It depends what you want. If you want to do GUI programming .NET is de... (by Thomas1965)
A wired Question
This could be wired question but still I'm asking.. Glfw is a hardware dependent API. So I have t...
[1 reply] : I'm not that sure what the question is. Maybe this: A library such as... (by coder777)
Strangest Random Bug Ever Encountered..ever
Built/Tested on Win 7 64bit using VS2015 Pro. Project Solutions:
[12 replies] Last: Thanks again freddie and grats on your 1337(th) post ;). Guess the on... (by ChemicalBliss)
random 2d array
I'm implement function of 2D array filled with random content 1 to M. The issue is that when I run ...
[3 replies] Last: My problem is these two vectors. these two given vectors that my prog... (by kbw)
Timetible in C++ code
Please help me with this project... I have to structure a school timetable in C++ code. The user ha...
[19 replies] Last: These types of bugs can be solved only by creating AI My initial com... (by Chervil)
GetAsyncKeyState - How to check when key is released?
Hello guys. I have this code: while(1) { if(GetAsyncKeyState(VK_F8) != 0) // PR...
[2 replies] Last: bool f8_pressed = false; while(1) { if(GetAsyncK... (by cire)
by awolfe
Unable to Import C++ Function in C# using Digital Mars compiler but not using VS 2012
The following simple C++ program is compiled using Digital Mars (v 8.57) and also using Visual Studi...
[2 replies] Last: Does it crash for any function or just certain ones? Are you importing... (by Computergeek01)
C++ Printer Mapping
Sorry for the basic question, but I don't usually program for Windows. I can't seem to find an answe...
[1 reply] : Geesh, that's a command I haven't seen in a LONG time. The modern way ... (by Computergeek01)
Whats the meaning of hardware dependence for GLFW?
I've seen in the tutorial of glfw that it is a hardware dependent API. Would my graphics card suppor...
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by V07
How to disable some features?
Hi, First of all Thank you for all who has helped me previously, I have a main menu which cons...
[9 replies] Last: Thank you freddie1 (by V07)
Freeglut or GLFW?
I have seen two things in opengl. 1. Freeglut 2. GLFW Which one should I start learning for g...
[13 replies] Last: Are you guyz meaning GLFW? When I search about modern opengl in google... (by abtahi tajwar)
by evaboy
C, Win32 API: l need help getting user input
Hi friends, Please am creating application and l want to get user input and checking if the user inp...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks freddie1, thomas1965 and everyone here. (by evaboy)
How to change button appearance in win32 program?
am using codeblock 13:12 and Windows 7 . I tried to change the look of the buttons appearance and f...
[4 replies] Last: that didn't help. (by Muzibur Rahman)
by s8050
GetKeyboardState() & SetKeyboardState()
Hi, I know how to use the GetAsyncKeyState() and GetKeyState() functions; But I'm having some pro...
[1 reply] : Somehow it just worked after inserting a meaningless call to GetKeySta... (by s8050)
by V07
Hi, I have created a dialog box using this code INT_PTR CALLBACK About(HWND hDlg, UINT message, W...
[2 replies] Last: Very Thank you Finally made this to work with your help, It works now ... (by V07)
Freeglut header declearetion problem
As I'm learning freeglut, I have decleared these header files #ifdef_APPLE_ #include<GLUT/glut.h> ...
[1 reply] : what error? describe more details. Show the full source code as well a... (by Muzibur Rahman)
When is control given back to calling program?
Hi. I encounter a problem with the following DLL : #include <windows.h> #include <string> ...
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help - limit download/upload speed
hello , i am making a program that limit internet speed for a specific program i searched in every...
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by evaboy
Win32: l need help on filling a combo box
Am creating application and l need to fill a combo box list. However, l was able to do all and is wo...
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by V07
Why this code not creating button on my main window?
Why this code is not creating button in my main window: Here is the small snippet of my code.It doe...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you everyone for helping me (by V07)
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