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Calling methods error no variable printed
So ive got 2 methods which I call in LRESULT CALLBACK... The problem is that when it prints the var...
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Capture System Audio
I am making a screen recorder in Java and according to people on stack overflow Java is not good wit...
[4 replies] Last: You can use WASAPI on windows:, you have a sample here: http://blogs.m... (by modoran)
Using existing list from files to add values to
I have a problem I want to solve. I save a list I create to a file. I want to use the existing list ...
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Broken timer
Hello, I'm working on a game for a schoolproject and have encountered an error. this is my code: ...
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Keylogger in V.B
Hello, I created a keylogger in vb and I have a bug that does not show any letters, cyft, Shift'ów,...
[5 replies] Last: ok but if anyone knows what's wrong then please say :) (by Matevsz)
win32 - using the WM_MENUSELECT message
i'm trying use the WM_MENUSELECT message for get mouse leave and mouse enter. for mouse enter i use...
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by erogol
How can I compile a c++ library into a single file that is calleble from any external project?
I have a c++ library ( including different bunch...
[1 reply] : Create a library project instead of an application project. (by kbw)
Vector iterator not dereferencable!
I got the error in the direction of this code: for(auto vo = vList.begin(); vo != vList.end(); vo...
[1 reply] : vo is the value, not an iterator (by kbw)
loading images to window
another problem with loading images to window is there a way to load other images(*.jpg *.png) I ...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for your reply,But how can I initial those variables pvJpgImage... (by Techno01)
Error: a function type is not allowed here
I am getting the error when defining a variable in a typedef struct. typedef struct _RPDO_DEVICE_D...
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Create a private namespace in C++
Hi. I want to create a namespace that supports my whole library files and classes. But i don't k...
[5 replies] Last: library.h: namespace namespace1 { //this is the first line of library... (by kevinkjt2000)
load bitmap problem
hiiii everyone I am showing a bmp to my window with this manner case WM_CREATE: h...
[1 reply] : ... is like the bmp resource is saved in the program. It usually is.... (by Computergeek01)
how to change this html code to c++ code
hi how to change this code: <a href=""><img src="" bord...
[3 replies] Last: It would be helpful if you provided a bit more detail here OP. Such as... (by Computergeek01)
by suis
_itoa_s equivalent in c#
Hi all, what is the _itoa_s() equivalent in c# ? thanks.
[3 replies] Last: _itoa_s(fif_ret, buffer, 2); will take the integer value of fif_re... (by Grey Wolf)
How to use virtual function in Window procedure?
I have become really good at drawing stuff on the screen in D3D lately, but I tried events - and bam...
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Calling a progrm in an archive
To call another program (with some arguments eg input and output file) I'd usually do something like...
[1 reply] : You'd need to extract it before running it. (by kbw)
using winsock
Hi! Just started winsock using the tutorial on MSDN... here's where I am so far: #ifndef WIN32_L...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks for the input guys, you're both right! I tried to link ws2_32.l... (by AeonFlux1212)
Pointer error --> vector
#include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> using namespace std; int main(){ ve...
[1 reply] : That's what happens when you abuse auto , save it for the really comp... (by kbw)
Weird result of strstr().
Hello, I am studying C with the book "Head First C". There was a code snippet on the book: ...
[2 replies] Last: Many thanks for the reply. That's works. Thanks. (by maxiaoguang)
SDL C++ lag
Well, first, I want to say that this is my first post on this forum. I hope I am not breaking any r...
[3 replies] Last: After the port, if you're still having issues, post them here. I didn'... (by Avilius)
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