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dimensions of parent window depend on user input
I am designing a small windows app for a class project. While I have completed most of the required ...
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by Gyiove
Playing with winsock2, my first time and having some troubles
Hello everyone! Here's a code: #define sw_port 27016 #define sw_ip "" DWORD WINA...
[1 reply] : Without reading the code: When you try to recv() info the client waits... (by MrProGamer121)
I need some help fixing this game
Hello! I'm making a game out of this, but it doesn't work right. Can someone please help me? In t...
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Rotating sprite
How do I rotate a sprite? I'm not familiar with Winapi programming so I don't know the functions. Wh...
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mapping x,y coordinates
I'm building a game similar to shuffleboard and am having trouble coming up with logic on mapping a ...
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by River
error: expected unqualified-id before '.' token
I am creating a bee hive simulator for my class hw, and I'm running into a few errors. Here is my c...
[1 reply] : The modulo operator (%) only works on integers, which covers your firs... (by expor)
VS2012 - LNK2019 Unresolved Error
1>------ Build started: Project: VisualFatigueDetectionSystem, Configuration: Debug Win32 ------ 1>...
[1 reply] : 999 times out of 1000, "unresolve external symbol" means you are tryin... (by Disch)
How softwares with graphics are developed ??
I am petty good a console programming in c++ but now I wants to develop a software that have some gr...
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NaN MASM Error?
So i receive this NaN error (notanumber) when i try to add 2 values of which are floats. How would i...
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Raw Input: how use it?
i'm trying understand the Raw Input for testing what devices are connected. 1 - i must regist for us...
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win32 - GDI: why the HDC\HBITMAP aren't destroyed?
i'm doing an image class. but seems the HBITMAP and HDC's aren't deleted and i don't understand why ...
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cant find sysmet.h in codeblocks win32gui
i'm studying Charles Petzold book for windows api and there is a program having #include "sysmets.h...
[8 replies] Last: long fnWndProc_OnSize(WndEventArgs& Wea) { ScrollData* pScrDta=NULL... (by freddie1)
text editor windows api
I have to make a text editor like notepad will it be good to use charles petzold books of windows ap...
[1 reply] : Yep. He has an almost full implementation of Notepad in the book, I t... (by freddie1)
by tec23
Can I use EndDialog in WM_CLOSE
I have a main dialog box created with DialogBox in WinMain. I use EndDialog in WM_COMMAND to close t...
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soccer online live how to watch
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Loops in WinApi program?
Hello everybody! Let's say I'd like to make program that does sth with a file when I click a butt...
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ioctl talking to drivers
Hi, I've been trying to research on how to communicate with device drivers. I've gathered that...
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Please help me to include pokerstove library in my Visual studio 2013
Hi, as u see from the title i would love to include this ...
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by oohu
Final step in render
The render result is a file which contains 900*600 lines of 64-bit binary numbers. [63:24] represent...
[1 reply] : use BitBlt: (by tath)
error '222' '210' '342'
#if defined(UNICODE) && !defined(_UNICODE) #define _UNICODE #elif defined(_UNICODE) && !define...
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