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win32 - how change window icon?
i'm trying changind the window icon without sucess :( HICON hWindowIcon=NULL; void SetIco...
[7 replies] Last: my objective is create a class for change that :( on rc file we use a ... (by Cambalinho)
CListCtrl disappears after minimising
Let me say at outset that I'm using old technology by today's standards! This happens in MFC on Visu...
[7 replies] Last: Glad to hear that it works now. Another way to fix the headers is to c... (by Thomas1965)
resources files
heres my resource file: #ifndef _resource_rc #define _resource_rc MAINICON ICON "x-7.ico" ...
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Sockets windows c++
Hello guys, i'v spent a lot of time on the msdn page about sockets Now i've got this code that is c...
[4 replies] Last: i've got a simple client / server progs that work if you're interested... (by turnbui)
burning cd/dvd api for c++
someone would recommend me api for burning cd/dvd in c++ that doesnt need any software installation?...
[2 replies] Last: i heard about imapi but looks like all sources are down. https://msd... (by naraku9333)
Finding hardware device
Hi all... I'm not all that seasoned in C++. Used it many years ago, so I don't know all the librar...
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by dilver
error when compiling c++ source code
When trying to compile a software from a source code using Cygwin , in windows xp , I got this erro...
[4 replies] Last: Look at line 39, the printf() function is probably FUBARRED: printf()... (by FurryGuy) help me please
Q / read words from the user and store it in array. It stops when the user enters "End". Concatenate...
[13 replies] Last: in last form I have to show the users purchases and the sub total ... (by Thomas1965)
by fluppe
Interlocked fcns.
Hi, i have a question that was hard for me to figure out so far: is the "orig = InterlockedExchan...
[6 replies] Last: That sounds great. I was trying the interlocked fcns because i thought... (by fluppe)
Accessing .text section code pages of a Windows process
Hi, I am a programmer, new to Windows systems development. I want to access the .text section (i....
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how can i detect 1 error?
i have 1 error on my program, that i can't detect. what i see\do: 1 - the program is executed norm...
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by leeffm
Visual studio program works on my computer but not windows 10
i have written a launcher to launch "armyops.exe" this launcher has been written in c++ and i can op...
[5 replies] Last: im re downloading the 2012 express version but i dont see a windows fo... (by leeffm)
by evaboy
C, Win32 API: l need help with data/ file storage on disk
Hi all, Good day. Please am just learning application programming using the Win32 Api. l wrote a sm...
[2 replies] Last: I don't know what a 'crackme' is, but from my understanding of what yo... (by freddie1)
by leeffm
using console commands froma button and textbox
i am trying to make a launcher for a Americas Army 2.8.5, i need to beable to use CMD console comman...
[6 replies] Last: 1 error is better than 2 :D Try ShellExecute W (...) You should rea... (by coder777)
by sambos
Efficient datatable searching
Hi, I have some dataTables that have names listed with various other pieces of data that's linked...
[1 reply] : Would a vector / map or something similar be useful? The data is st... (by Thomas1965)
Install Notepad + + on CMD
I need to install notepad ++ on some devices. So I have to run a command on CMD to download the p...
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by leeffm
write string from textbox to ini
i am trying to make a windows forms application in visual studio 2010 i want to take the text a user...
[2 replies] Last: :D Thanks! (by leeffm)
by w4ssup
How do I find window form box?
If the program have a form box where you enter a code/name and hit enter, how do I get the handle to...
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by evaboy
C, Win32 API: l need help with ReadFile function
Hello, Happy New Month to you all. However, l am playing with Createfile, WriteFile and ReadFile fu...
[5 replies] Last: @Freddie1: No. But l have gotten the answer being that the szbuf was n... (by evaboy)
win32- Menus: a MF_POPUP menu, can have an image?
i'm testing my menu class. but seems that something isn't right, so i must ask: a MF_POPUP menu can ...
[2 replies] Last: finally i did that ;) if(ispopup==false) SetMenuI... (by Cambalinho)
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