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interesting cpp projects
Hello everybody,can someone suggest a really strong project for university? Ty
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Error Debug Assertion Failed! (1,2,3)
Hello, I'm working with a Visual Studio 2015 C++ program converted from a VS 6.0 C++ program. When...
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User name from AD
I've been away from C++ and MS for awhile and need help with active directory. I have a Qt program a...
[1 reply] : this code lists all users in the active directory: https://msdn.micro... (by closed account 48bpfSEw)
Color Picker for 64k colors in this format
I need a program or the code to pick 64k and 256 colors using the following formats: RRRR RGGG GGGB...
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I did publish to a local file on my computer. When I tried to upload the files Compiled to my hostin...
[1 reply] : App_Web_tuwlsmxq is not a standard ASP.NET library so you need to uplo... (by Thomas1965)
Custom MAPI dll is not working in some 32 bit windows OS
Hello all, I have created a simple MAPI dll with the help of following post: http://www.cplusplus.c...
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Station Licence development in Borland C++ Builder 6
Hello! I am desining an Station Licence Mechanism, for an aplication in Windows, using "Borland ...
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How to use multiple checkboxes
I'm a beginner and maybe my question is stupid... I would like to create more CheckBoxes in a dialo...
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manipulate input device
Hello, What do i want to do? I wanna manipulate the input device in general. That means i don't ...
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Getting color information from other program's window
Hi, I got a tetris program and I would like to extract from it a 2d bool array representing if the c...
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[SFML]How do you modify cpp files?
I am programming on windows 10 and ran into a performance issue in SFML related to the use of joysti...
[1 reply] : SFML is a pre compiled library, meaning the hpp files don't have any a... (by lordseanington)
C++ and Win32 Multithread FileRead
I am trying to write a multithread file reader.. but i cant get what i want yield. Do you know why ?...
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Unhandled exception : Access violation reading location error help needed
I am doing testing and below is a piece of code that is giving me an error : Unhandled exception at ...
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by V07
Finding duplicate files using windows and Native C++
This is a console program but I've borrowed so much of code like recursive algorithm from windows so...
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"Greek Text" in Page Setup Dialog
In comdlg's page setup dialog, there is a little ss_whiterect static that shows a mockup page previe...
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by DS92
PDF creator
Good Morning, I would ask gently if exists a way to write on a pdf file with c++. Until now I reach ...
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by jimjdm
Problem with satellite DLLs and resource caching
Hi All, I am trying to use satellite DLLs to allow an MFC application to support multiple localiz...
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c++ snake game on sfml
Hello, I am trying to get snake game working on sfml and am struggling at the moment.. :( I have s...
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How to compile curlpp with Windows?
Here's what I have done: I have successfully compiled curl with MinGW from MSYS after a whole day m...
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Why does VS Express still exist?
Hi guys, I was wondering why VS Express still exists when we have VS Community. I only use VS Expre...
[5 replies] Last: VS Express is still there because of the LICENSE. A company could use... (by liuyang)
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