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how to make next page function
I have WndProc which is the main window class and there is another class which is Page2 how can i p...
[8 replies] Last: thanks,that trully helped me (by IDIR YACINE)
How to make CreateProccess and pipe act exactly as normal cmd pipe
I'm trying to create software to accurately imitate the pipe of the CMD. In cmd when i typed for ex...
[1 reply] : Be careful that you're not mixing and matching wide characters and ASC... (by Computergeek01)
Braces on String::Format
Hello, it's possible to use String::Format not like this String::Format("text{0}, text{1}", arg1, ar...
[2 replies] Last: aaah, thanks a lot :) this helped me when i want format long strings :... (by BAILANDO)
Performance anomoly
Hi, In the sample code below there are two for loops iterating over <vararray>s and a simple user...
[3 replies] Last: SysInternals:ProcessExplorer->Performance Tab. (And a guess!) If furt... (by BrowserUk)
How can i add Data source in C++ CLI VS 2015
Hello, how can i add data source in VS 2015 for C++ CLI project for example for use in Datagridview ...
[6 replies] Last: Yea thanks i add few components like MySQLConnection etc in toolbox an... (by BAILANDO)
How to add advert banner in C++ app
Hello, its possible to add some advertisement banner in my app? I want to release my app as freeware...
[2 replies] Last: yes, but when you want to display html from adsense, then you need pro... (by BAILANDO)
Save textboxes values for next use after program restart C++ CLI
Hello, it's possible to save user defined values in textboxes, checkboxes etc for next use, like sav...
[1 reply] : When the Windows loader runs an executable, it opens the executable's ... (by skaa)
How can this be done?
So I want to create a program in which one of the functions is that I send data to a website and it ...
[2 replies] Last: Kinda of...for example when you get Norton Antivirus and it asks you f... (by facun20)
XOR encrypt decrypt help
Hello, i have function to encrypt & decrypt string with XOR, but i have problem, when i encrypt some...
[2 replies] Last: i think i mus use writer->Write and then make while(text = reader->Rea... (by BAILANDO)
Copy and delete
I was wondering how you could copy files to a directory and then how to delete just them in a direct...
[1 reply] : (by Thomas1965)
how draw correctly a transparent Cursor(*.cur)?
how can i draw correctly a transparent Cursor(*.cur)?
[1 reply] : heres my actual code: void DrawHCURSORtoHDC(HDC hdc, HCURSOR hIcon, i... (by Cambalinho)
Need help with SHA with SALT
Hello, how can i make this in C++ CLI Form, i need to generate Salt from password field. SALT is for...
[11 replies] Last: no encoding works like i expect. i make solution with php, i make php ... (by BAILANDO)
can i convert HICON to char*?
can i convert HICON(for exemple) to char*?
[4 replies] Last: thanks for correct me (by Cambalinho)
LoadImage: how read a bitmap resource?
heres the code that i use for read a bmp resource: //resource.h #define subzero 102 //resource.rc ...
[1 reply] : i can't answer how... but it's fixed. why!?! because now works. maybe ... (by Cambalinho)
Get external IP C++ CLI
Hello, how can i get external IP of machine? Thanks :)
[1 reply] : i make my own function HttpWebRequest^ request = dynamic_cast<HttpW... (by BAILANDO)
appearance in grid
hi! how do you set painting in cells, grouping rows and headers. I use Dapfor .Net Grid
[1 reply] : hi!!!!!! A nice question. Grid appearance is convenient in Dapfor .... (by sobort84)
[C++ CLI] Making groupbox
Hello, its possible to make two groupboxes with same size (groupbox2 is on groupbox1) but make group...
[1 reply] : solved create new groupbox called groupbox_main and this is parent co... (by BAILANDO)
by sambos
Export dataGridView to xls
Hello, I'm writing a windows form program (C++/CLI) and need a bit of guidance... I have a dat...
[5 replies] Last: Yes you can send me a message if you want. Would be good if you could ... (by Thomas1965)
[C++ CLI] ZIP library
Hello, can i ask which library is best for creating zip files? ANd next question, how can i conve...
[2 replies] Last: SOLVED System::IO::Path::GetDirectoryName(System::Reflection::Assembl... (by BAILANDO)
data hightlighting .Net grid
how can I highlight cell using Dapfor .Net Grid
[1 reply] : it’s a convienient Grid feature with .Net Grid. Follow the code bel... (by sobort84)
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