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How can I make my application open a window that gives you access to all the directories on your computer?
I am currently working on a word processor and i want to make the option that lets users open and sa...
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AVStream & Portcls user mode
I'm in the process of writing a user mode driver for audio streaming. So I'm trying to design my pro...
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Why wont my function properly make a menu bar in my application?
I have been trying to create a menu bar in my windows application but the bar will not show, can any...
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DirectX Application and Distribution
I'm developing an application in Visual C++ 2010 that uses DirectX 9 and I'd eventually like to dist...
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by mindoo
winsock error : 'stderr' was not declared in this scope
Hi everyone, I started following beej's guide to network proggraming (here :
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User interface for console app
Hi guys, I have been working on converting my console application to windows application to impleme...
[1 reply] : For the first one, you must missed some steps like settings the runtim... (by liuyang)
What kind of applications do you think a beginner like me should make?
I am writing my first windows based application and so far i only managed to put a soundtrack, some ...
[4 replies] Last: Maybe something like a media player, to better familiarize yourself wi... (by ahcfan)
Everytime i try to use the API function "PlaySound" I get this compiler error..
Compiler error "Undefined reference to PlaySoundA@12", i thought this function was included in the h...
[2 replies] Last: ... i figured it out... Did you (eventually) check the MSDN entry fo... (by andywestken)
Device error state of print devices
Hi! I'm developement driver printer spool and a need inform device error state (Example: out of p...
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DISM API functions.
Hello, everyone! This is my first post on the forums here, so feel free to provide any constructive ...
[4 replies] Last: 1. Turn on the verbose logging for the linking phase (the "Show Progre... (by andywestken)
C1083 error : Hdispi.h no such file or directory in c#
I'm trying to find the path of COM port ,i got error my execution : Hdispi.h no such file or dire...
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How can i add graphics (pictures, sound, links etc) to a child window?
Can anyone give me the name of the API functions that enables the application to show ,lets say, a p...
[4 replies] Last: Btw, i have a question about child windows. Does a child window need ... (by ahcfan)
Need help with adding a toolbar to a windows application
Every time i pass the window style value "TBSTYLE_WRAPABLE" to the CreateWindowEx() API function, i ...
[3 replies] Last: Do you know how #define works? 0x0200 is the actual style flag. TBSTYL... (by ahcfan)
[CLI] KeyDown event causes compounding lag.
Hello, I am making a small game, but as I play the game longer and longer, the keydown event seem...
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What does it mean to "enumerate" a child window?
Does "enumeration" mean to use the CreateWindowEx () and fill out all of the members? (name of windo...
[2 replies] Last: Does "enumeration" mean to use the CreateWindowEx () and fill out all... (by andywestken)
win32 - what is '2 buffers'?
i'm confused with 1 thing that happens to me several times :( when i draw the 1st time isn't drawed...
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How do I write a SMTP server
Hi, I want to write an OutGoing SMTP server in c++. By outgoing smtp server I mean, a server which ...
[1 reply] : You have here an example: (by modoran)
[C++ - win32] - how make a child control always on top?
i tryied several ways and nothing works perfectly(i found 1 way that gives me a 'flicker'). i have ...
[5 replies] Last: finally works fine: case WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED: { ... (by Cambalinho)
Need someone to check my windows-based application code
I think I just finished writing my first windows-based application and i was wondering if anyone can...
[4 replies] Last: Yep, some major conceptual problems, but hey! Keep trying!!! As Homb... (by freddie1)
Question about importing DLL functions in C++
In VB6 you would use a simple line like this at the top of your program's code to import a function ...
[3 replies] Last: No need to sell DLLs to me -- I have worked extensively with them in a... (by andywestken)
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