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Populating Array of Buutons
I have a 100 buttons that I have already have created they are button1, button2 and so on.I have cre...
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by TreyG
undefined reference to `WinMain'
I am currently trying to use the SDL2 program. I just have the basic program to set up the window ri...
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Dev C++ or Code::Blocks???
i have a problem.i have followed many tutorials on web to learn c++,but one problem was the compiler...
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Need help with a recursive function
Hello, I have an assignment coming up in which we are supposed to input a value and then convert it...
[3 replies] Last: Looks like you've got an error over and that's why it won't compile. W... (by benhart)
i am at loss with .dbf
Only Visual FoxPro could show next msg: Record out of range. I got this error, and don’t know what...
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What is function in C language?
I just learn computer programming for my it course. I dun understand what is function and return dat...
[6 replies] Last: C does not have bool as a built-in type. C99 has _Bool which is a... (by TheIdeasMan)
Best Tutors on CPP??
which are the best,beginner/novice friendly tutors in CPP? i have been following the Cplusplus pdf ...
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noob question pointers + WINAPI
so i am trying to mix pointers and winapi i have some confusion #include <windows.h> #include <tch...
[1 reply] : An easy way: #include <windows.h> #include <tchar.h> #include <urlmo... (by Thomas1965)
by Kmpck
MFC C++ Add Event Handler to items that user adds to a List Control help
Hi guys! So I am having trouble with finding information about how to add a Event Handler to item...
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C++ GUI BattleShip
[2 replies] Last: Double post. (by Thomas1965)
SQL Server
I am get the following error while connecting to SQL Server 2005. An error has occurred while est...
[1 reply] : Below is a link with information that can help you solve this problem:... (by RichardRoss)
by Hex213
Compare variable
Hi, I have another problem. Does anyone know how to compare variable in the template? template ...
[2 replies] Last: Does this mean you want to determine if st is one of bool, string, i... (by mbozzi)
Write a program that inputs a time from the console. The time should be in the format "HH:MM AM" or...
[1 reply] : Question cross posted here. (by wildblue)
Get computer IPv4
I would like to get the computers IPv4 as I am doing socket testing All I want to do it: std::...
[2 replies] Last: For that computer, all it does is basically host it on that computer w... (by TheScripterGeek)
by Hex213
Variable test
Hi, I need make one function with different returns. Can you help me? .. Best for win32. I tried the...
[3 replies] Last: I also think you should read those tutorials as they can help you a lo... (by benhart)
by xort
WndProc: Not getting any key-input messages even though window has focus
Hello, for some reason which makes no sense to me, I wont' receive any key-events (WM_KEYDOWN/WM_KE...
[1 reply] : Sounds strange. All I can say is that the Window Procedure for whatev... (by freddie1)
Opening Serial Port?
Hello! I am trying to open my serial port in a Windows Form Application (Visual C++) however, I'm ge...
[6 replies] Last: Why don't you try to implement this event handler. AFAIK once the port... (by Thomas1965)
by LeoS83
Microsoft Access 2013
Hi All. I am using Microsoft Access 2013 on Windows 8.1. Everything was running fine until it recent...
[1 reply] : Below links with information that may help you resolve this issue: htt... (by merR00)
Two USB joysticks, force one to be enumarated first
Hello I built my own arcade cabinet with two joysticks and several buttons. Each of them is conne...
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by alr
HEADER FILE//////////////////// #pragma once typedef enum showType { Movie, Play, Musical ...
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