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C++ help! Don't know how to fix program
I recently wrote a program for C++ to calculate a circular bolt pattern and i ran into a problem of ...
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RD Connection Broker 2012 - needed documentation to implement a plugin
Hello I am trying to implement a plugin for RD Connection Broker (by using of realization of the I...
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hide port
when client and server application are connected each other , it will show some sort of processes l...
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WinINet - HttpSendRequest() Error
Hello again, It appears as if the windows API's are once again giving me trouble. I have this code: ...
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Win 32 Console Client SOAP c++
Initially, have anyone ever tried the gsoap library for c++? Right now, i want to use that librar...
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Win32 edit control fonts
Hi,I am writing a program with an edit control.When i try to change font modifing device context opt...
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program needed
hello, hope everyone is doing great, i need a program to freeze the mouse at a certain place on the ...
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Help me out
Help me write a program that allows the user to key in marks and grades using a switch statement in ...
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Help me with this.
Am trying to write a program with ranges using a switch statement. #include<iostream> usingnamespa...
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hooks with multiple callback functions
Hi guys Recently, I could successfully set up a file with a hook procedure, and a file that gets wi...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for your answer LB. Could you extend this explanation a bit? Y... (by naehrwert)
ai style program
I was wanting to make a program that will say hello in an actual voice when I turn my computer on an...
[2 replies] Last: First, that would take a lot of coding! Second, look into "Microsoft ... (by Cobryn)
avoiding flickers
how can i avoid flickers? i'm reading these tutorial:
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Record sound
Hi I need to make a program to record sound from my soundboard. Any help, please? Thank you mari...
[1 reply] : What have you done by now? What exactly is your problem? Share a piece... (by natko)
Can anybody help me? Eclipse errors
I've written this code three times over. #include <iostream> // include stream for input/ou...
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how to throw erros in COM DLL for use in VB6
i made a ActiveX Library with C++ Builder XE3 for use in VB6 i want to throw a error like the dao...
[2 replies] Last: i found it after many searchs on the internet and many try of differen... (by sergelac)
Basic Painter design flaws and questions
Hey everybody, I recently began learning Windows programming with VB and I'm having some issues wi...
[2 replies] Last: Don't know how VB works but can you debug your program step for step a... (by strike089)
Newbie help with chars and ASCII!
I am using Visual Studio using c++ in a Windows Form application. I have a char which holds a val...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks for the response. The problem with that though was I would sti... (by cybernetuk)
How to share my code with my friends.
I’ve written a console application that “screen scrapes” data from various websites and produc...
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Another newbie windows form question
I’m totally new to creating a window form application. My first attempt will be a form with two d...
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WDK MSPLOT install error
Ive compiled the WDK files and am trying to install the MSPLOT example; I keep getting the 00000...
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