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by sdfteh
A* pathfinding
I use SFML library only for widow I trying to create pathfinding algorithm from one point to the ot...
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Compiled Program (File Size)
Hi All! I am using DevCpp on Windows 7 and I once could compile a program and it compiled at 121k...
[1 reply] : That's a pretty radical change. Possibly you are creating debug build... (by freddie1)
by AndreB
Good day, I'm good on the electrical side but very bad in programming so i'd like to know if somebod...
[1 reply] : Is the robot able to determine his current position? (by coder777)
CoCreateInstanceAsAdmin how initialize com on thread?
Hello I wish to use:
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Open Database Connnectivity - ODBC Revisited
Occasionally I get a PM or email about various posts I've made here over the years regarding ODBC (O...
[11 replies] Last: finally, main()... int main() { std::string s1; CSql Sql; Sql.s... (by freddie1)
Xinput global hotkey
How do I hook a Xbox one controller to register to a global key in Windows 10? The xinput code ca...
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by junfan
Building a .Net Remoting Framework...?
Hey everyone, I am not the most proficient in developing in C++. I typically write in Visual Basic. ...
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by nkk
Calling SHChangeNotify to update a specific icon?
I have re-assigned a custom .ico to my filetype (.myp) in the registry, and am attempting to update ...
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How to dowload a file in C
//folder C:/vector1 and C:/vector1/vector1 must exist #include <windows.h> #include <stdio.h> typede...
[1 reply] : Your code looks awfully complicated. Try this: #include <windows.h> ... (by Thomas1965)
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