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by stfu01
Please help me how to do this output using "while" statement !
Develop a C++ program that will determine whether a department-store customer has exceeded the credi...
[3 replies] Last: I mean you hardly will find someone to develop to you even a very sim... (by Computergeek01)
Local Network Data
Using Visual C++ Windows Forms application I have written a program that is meant to store data anyw...
[2 replies] Last: You setup a local network share with the netshare API. As for recogniz... (by Computergeek01)
WM_CTLCOLOREDIT and GetWindowText()
I use the WM_CTLCOLOREDIT message to set the colour of the text in my edit controls to a custom valu...
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Wrinting a function to a running process
I know the basics of capturing process info/handle so you can skip that, what I need to know is how ...
[12 replies] Last: Never mind, I found a way to pass the pid to the process directly: /... (by awsdert)
The new 'Split Button' control style.
'Split Button' seems to have been around for quite a while, but there is very little concrete refere...
[3 replies] Last: Ah I see! well in that case, yes you could handle the BCNDROPDOWN noti... (by duky)
by yaaz32
Adding 3 values to a listview
Hi How do i add 3 values to a listview? I have 3 different tools i'm using to get the date of bi...
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Having issues figuring out my loop any suggestions?
#include <string> #include <sstream> #include <fstream> #include <iostream> using std::cout; ...
[1 reply] : It's not clear what the question is. (by kbw)
Same Error what am I doing wrong? (first time with pointers)
I keep getting the error Access violation reading location 0xCCCCCCCC I think its pointer related ...
[2 replies] Last: Yes the problem is in the line char* p3 = &varRay ; you are trying t... (by Rabindra Hota)
by yaaz32
I'm using a numericupdown. I want to put it in a variable called app which i declared as a string...
[1 reply] : Nevermind. solved it. System::Convert::ToString(numericupdown->value)... (by yaaz32)
by tec23
Which is faster?
WNDCLASSEX wc; wc.cbClsExtra = 0; wc.cbSize = sizeof(WNDCLASSEX); wc.cbWndExtra = 0; wc.hbrBa...
[2 replies] Last: x2 what disch said. (by freddie1)
sfml tic tac toe
[3 replies] Last: If you found an answer, please don't edit out your topic, that's not r... (by Avilius)
Unicode print problem
I am writing a Win32 application which should print some unicode characters on an edit control us...
[5 replies] Last: I changed the fonts, and put one that works on Word with mathematical ... (by MeStesso)
by zdzero
Driver can't find Nt/ZwCreateProcess
I'm fooling around trying to learn more about Windows Kernel. My target computer is running Windows ...
[5 replies] Last: This is the greatest answer I received on a problem I had. I'm not w... (by zdzero)
BMI Index
I'm trying to write a C++ program that calculates BMI Index. The user has to put both their height i...
[7 replies] Last: As mentioned by mutexe you also have an integer division going on. ... (by giblit)
hi i have just started to learn win32 programing.i wrote my 1st program.which is very simple.i creat...
[3 replies] Last: This might be a better way to go... #include <windows.h> #inclu... (by freddie1)
Copying a Bitmap to another Bitmap
Hey there, I know this is a very fundamental thing (that I should already know). I've forgotten the...
[3 replies] Last: Thank you both, very much. =] (by SixTsevN)
SW_MAXIMIZE does not work without WS_MAXIMIZEBOX style?
I made an overlapped window that has its maximize button greyed out. I want the window to be always ...
[2 replies] Last: The former method doesn't work; removing the maximize button automatic... (by Khatuni)
Help Me Convert CSV/MS Access to MySQL Smoothly!
I urgently need a software program to convert MS Access or CSV to MySQL easily. So, suggestions rega...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks for all the responses, I forgot all about this (by convertcsv)
Return value of runas(run as administrator)
How do I get the return value of Run As Administrator. I am using ShellExecute to run cmd as adminis...
[2 replies] Last: And how do i do that? It takes only one parameter and returns true/fa... (by simptri69)
Problem while executing c++ program, two identical terminals are triggered!
Hello, i use visual studio for my c++ projects. This is probably not a visual studio problem rather...
[2 replies] Last: Hello, thank you very much for your reply, this problem started when ... (by pabasara)
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