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Code that shows "Please Wait" Message while doing a lengthy operation (ERROR C2440)
Hi, I have very basic knowledge of C++ and I don't understand completely how this works. I have b...
[1 reply] : morning, Are you aware that code isn't pure C++? http://en.wikipedia.... (by mutexe)
win32: how avoid flickers?
i continue with several problems with flickers :( i know that i must use WS_CLIPCHILDREN parent sty...
[8 replies] Last: i'm using a timer for animation with a button, using the WM_PAINT. so ... (by Cambalinho)
Capture screen with bitblt is too slow
My code used GetDC(0) to get the Desktop DC and GetDIBSection & BitBlt to get RGB pixel array. Ac...
[4 replies] Last: thanks again dude, I think I shall start to learn WIC and direct2D now... (by hankstr100)
C\C++ - win32: can i copy the parent background?
we have a child control on parent. can i copy what is on parent background, where is the child contr...
[3 replies] Last: It's just a matter of passing in the parent's window handle I can't r... (by kbw)
c# value vs. reference
I'm just beginning C#. My book states that a "struct Foo" will perform myFoo1 = myFoo2 as copy by va...
[1 reply] : structs in C# are certainly rarely used to avoid to permanently copy t... (by coder777)
by J031
Directx programming
How much Windows programming do i need to learn before learning directx programming.
[3 replies] Last: thanks TarikNeaj (by J031)
flashing console every time I start up my program
I am working on a program that calls an .exe. When ever I run the application I get a console windo...
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by snippo
the question is  Open the file (CUSTOMERS) that maintains all the CUSTOMERS records.  Ask...
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C program
i have a very hard time doing this. can someone help me? Restaurant POS (Point of Sale) System C...
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MinGW and WinPcap, can't fix warning
I've recently moved from MSVC 2010 compiler to MinGW 4.9.1. I've changed everything I needed in my a...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks, that fixed the warning. (by Clint Westwood)
by ahcfan
How to calculate bitmap stride?
Using IWICBitmap->CopyPixels() I must specify the bitmap stride. It's supposed to be (width * (bitsp...
[1 reply] : Is it safe to assume there is no padding ever, No. The padding mu... (by Disch)
win32 - how create a bitmap Region?
how can i create a bitmap Region? i did these function for create a bitmap Region: class MemoryDC ...
[2 replies] Last: now works fine: BYTE* Get24BitPixels(HBITMAP pBitmap, WORD *pwWidth, ... (by Cambalinho)
by tec23
Can I use EndDialog in WM_CLOSE
I have a main dialog box created with DialogBox in WinMain. I use EndDialog in WM_COMMAND to close t...
[3 replies] Last: But I need to define something else to the value 2 to be used in WM_C... (by andywestken)
Charles Petzold Poppad Program
Can any one tell me how to understand charles petzold poppad program in detail i need to edit it for...
[3 replies] Last: Then post the first couple lines you are stuck on and ask for an expla... (by freddie1)
GetWindowThreadProcessId Exhibits Weird Behavior
I wrote a program that calls GetWindowThreadProcessId. This function will either return a DWORD with...
[3 replies] Last: OK, thanks. I really should skim less. (by Jack41EL)
by bognik
C++/CLI assembly loading FileNotFoundException
Hi everybody! This is my last chance to find a solution... I am trying to make a photoshop plu...
[1 reply] : I've got it!!!!!! I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON ON EARTH RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! ... (by bognik)
launch program in new "desktop"
Is it possible to create a new "desktop" programatically and launch a new program in that desktop? I...
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by malek
disk defrag
I am developing a project on hard drives, I want to know if there is an index on windows, or API tha...
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I am trying to access the data lpCmdline
I am new to Visual studio C++. I am working on a project where I need to use the parameter passed in...
[1 reply] : #include <windows.h> int WINAPI WinMain(HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTA... (by Texan40)
Issues porting from linux to windows (winapi?)
So I typically program on linux, however I wish to release this application on multiple platforms an...
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