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mathematical refrencess in visual form application
Hey guys, so today i came across this little problem. How do i use square roots, sin, cos, tg and so...
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Dialog bitmap
Hi Guys, How do I get a bitmap to show in a dialog box ? Thx FC
[1 reply] : BitBlt()? (by RaduV)
by wahhaj
How to add ink to my program
How does microsoft ink work and how can I add it to my c++ program? I've been looking around on the ...
[1 reply] : You use pen and brush objects to render graphics, text, and images wit... (by mathew17)
Help is needed in WindowsForm VC++
I have been trying to get the number of ")" occurred in a system^ string, but keep getting errors. ...
[1 reply] : length1 is never modified in your while loop, hence you have an infi... (by coder777)
mingw g++ boost library linking
I'm pretty sure that I've built all the libraries correctly, outputting a bunch of "libboost_name-mg...
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Error 'new' cannot appear in a constant-expression
Hi, I tried to create a double vector of object, similar to matrix but i need to put in the row a...
[1 reply] : or the definition of other part of my code. That. (by cire)
Get Mouse klick, fire keyboard
Hi, i have a mouse with forward and back mouse buttons and i want to use them within a game. The ...
[1 reply] : Use windows hooks(I.e., SetWindowsHookEx()) to monitor mouse events an... (by RaduV)
Screen coordinates function
Hi, Is there a function to calculate coordinates for sendinput so you don't have to do it manually ...
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[Win32 API] Set text and background color of static label?
Did some reading but am so far unsuccessful. I am trying to set the background color and text color ...
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how can i change the text and backcolor on a window?
i never understanded these :( how can i change the text and backcolor on a window? i use the WM_CTLC...
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Help with changing the program
Hello. I am a beginner in programming and wanted to know if someone can help. I have no idea what I ...
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Bits bytes & Binary
Hey there, thanks for reading this. I have programmed c++ for almost 4 months now, and it came to m...
[2 replies] Last: Each digit in binary represents a power of two. In base 10, the rightm... (by Zhuge)
Some beginner questions
1) I'm trying to make the most simple menu possible just to get started with functionality. I've wri...
[3 replies] Last: But if the menu thing is still eluding you - not to worry. Menus can ... (by freddie1)
Seeking help abou GUI as a beginner
I'm a new programmer and I have only solved the problems in command promp box at windows. But I want...
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by yuske
IntelliDebugger for Visual Studio
Hi guys, We have released new features in IntelliDebugger, see It's MSVS ...
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Two window surface devices
Using a Simple Directmedia Library we can have a SDL_Surface struct I have used to have two SDL_S...
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by rourou
retrieve images from video with opencv2.0
hello, I want to know the number of frames in my video but "CV_CAP_PROP_FRAME_COUNT" return incorre...
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Compile Errors
hello I was just seeing if my visual studio would compile correctly on my new pc and it keeps on say...
[2 replies] Last: thanks LB i got it working (by Pizza God)
Initialize WNDCLASS to {0}?
Are there any issues with initializing WNDCLASS to 0 in the following code? The program runs and the...
[5 replies] Last: I would personally add in one more WNDCLASS struct member initializati... (by FurryGuy)
Common Dialog Boxes
I had created an application based on WIN API. Now I am trying to use some Common Dialog Boxes like ...
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