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by tec23
GetWindowLong question
What does GetWindowLong(hwnd, 0) mean? I saw this in neatpad tutorial
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by gkraft
Dart Board Program
Hello. I am thinking about making a dart board scoring program. The biggest obstacle I can think o...
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display an image jpg in a window
someone could help me ... I need to show a picture in a window ... use codeblocks 13 with the window...
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TextBox GUI
Is there any possible way where i can put the textbox box in an array? Not just the content but the ...
[1 reply] : Of course you can. HWND TextBoxes ; (by ahcfan)
Writing chars from file into char 2D array
I need to write individual characters into a char 2D array. I initialized the array to all be 0s, an...
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by Nanyo
protect .txt file eith pass
Hi can someone tell me how to protect a .txt file with a password. For example the user tries to op...
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I need help???
Needing to write a program that will ask the user to put a number in 1-10 and when they do this it w...
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Link1112 error
I am trying to follow the implementation shown here:
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Tick_Tack_Toe against computer need little help
The problem I am having is the computer does not switch turns after it inputs a move, infact the com...
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Opening an .exe file using C++
This might be a little advanced but I want to run an .exe file using Visual C++. I have tried to loo...
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Access violation , help needed!!
Hi all, I am writing a program to handle a haptic device using opengl and a library chai3d. It's i...
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gapil: Similar Programming Documentation for WIN
Hi all. I recently discovered this well made guide on Linux C programming, that is named 'gapil' and...
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Creating controls from another sourcefile
Hello guys.. Ive stumbled on a problem that im apparently missing something big in haha. Im co...
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Receipt problems, how does it work?
Hey guys, I recently got an assignment to create a vending machine type system and then finish it wi...
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Converting std::string to System::String
I am trying to write a Windows Form front end for thousands of lines of unmanaged C++ code. The exis...
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by pz1234
error ISO C++ forbids declaration of `Main' with no type
hello, I wrote this program but I can't find the mistske. Can you help me please? the instruction ...
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help programming a hardware interface
hii i'm working on creating an interface to acquire data from the data acquisition card to the p...
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Reading Large Binary File
I'm trying to read a large (~1.3 Gig) binary file, but I get stuck allocating memory to the buffer. ...
[2 replies] Last: if you have huge file, copying it to memory is rather silly solution. ... (by tath)
Adding a menu dynamically
Hi All, This is my pice of code for a window. Menu.h #include<afxwin.h> class CmainWn : public...
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Creating cmd scripts to open certain directories within c:\
everytime I try to create a shortcut to my desktop for my c:\adb directory. It end's up creating fol...
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