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by Jgwman
Passing object ref as constructor param
Hi, I was working on a project today and ran into a strange issue. I was trying to pass a reference ...
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Send simple data to ATA port
Hey guys. I hit a wall over here. I found a couple of projects that send complex commands to ATA por...
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by ahcfan
Best way to parse filenames and add to tree-view control?
Given a list of filenames: Path/to/file1 Path/to/file2 Pathto/file3 etc What is the best wa...
[8 replies] Last: Assign the whole path, all of this: RootFolder1/ RootFolder1/SubFol... (by MrProGamer121)
Windows 7 (Safe)VGA Ports?
I'm looking at the VgaSafe I/O ports in Windows 7, and I find some ports not listed in the IBM docs:...
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HELLO GUYS :'( im having a problem. im a first year college COMSCI student here in philippines :'( o...
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How much can you do with the GDI?
In game programming we have DX and GL, how much can you do with the native GDI however? Could you...
[1 reply] : GDI and GDI+ are classed as 'legacy' at best, I would not spend much i... (by Canis lupus)
C++ and Excel with ole2.h
I am trying to simply open a excel file in the root directory of the program and save certain sheets...
[1 reply] : solution was: #include <ole2.h> // OLE2 Definitions #include <stri... (by wcrosby)
Create a special child window
I want to create a sub window, that when it is created, I wont be able to browse back to the previou...
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SendMessage(WM_PRINTCLIENT) to external app?
Hello and thanks in advance for reading. I'm creating a web application that needs some advanced ...
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error in visual c++
this is the error i got when compiling visual c++ 2010 , with ogre library."Unhandled exception at 0...
[2 replies] Last: Are you including/linking with the ogre library correctly? (by mutexe)
Problem in Colored Object Tracking
IDE: CodeBLocks Opencv Version:2.4.6 Language: C++ Following is the code for yellow color d...
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MFC in VC++
Hi everyone I am a new joinee in my Company and I have to work on MFC using VC++ so plz provi...
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[C++] Find duplicates in a List
I'm trying to receive integers from my keyboard, and as each integer 's' is entered, the function lo...
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Windows 8 Help (Code::Blocks)
In my computer programming class we have started to make games (using SDL2), I would like to start w...
[3 replies] Last: If it does this on new projects, I would uninstall, and make sure I re... (by cire)
Getting the Excel
I'm kind of stuck because I used the code that they posted there and now I don't know hot to get the...
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Making calls with c++
I would like to know how to make calls within a program using a phone service such as magic jack ext...
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Loading custom cursor at runtime
Hi. I am writing a GUI application, which changes the mouse cursor image. Also, I would like to c...
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by Hatice
ShowModal() not to be closed in preview
Hi All, We have a main form. In the main form we create a new form. Depending on the user's inpu...
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by Hatice
check if there is a delay between two keypress in textbox
I have a textbox that depending on the user's input, we run preview for this values. But we don't wa...
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by RE9741
winforms Setting a form as the default launch form.
Hey guys, I have a winforms application, but I created my forms the wrong way round, now I want my F...
[1 reply] : Take a look at this line in the "ProjectName".cpp Application::Run(gc... (by MrProGamer121)
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