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by yariv
MFC - flloating toolbar always active
I' m new with MFC. I needed to create a floating toolbar (CToolBar) with no option of docking and sa...
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winsock , can't receive the file data .
hi there , i'm new c++ winsock programmer , i'm writing c++ code using Winsock so i can send a...
[5 replies] Last: aphelix , please can you tell me more about it ? what this tool have t... (by thejackal)
how a GetMessage function is getting arguments?
say for example WM_QUIT message, in what form(value) get message receives the msg parameter ?how it ...
[1 reply] : It's in the wParam of the msg struct. (by Silvestar)
Help with FXC error?
I googled this quite a bit and cannot find a solution for the life of me. I am working with Direct3D...
[1 reply] : If you're compiling shader at runtime, exclude your shader file from b... (by Silvestar)
WaveIn crashes when cable is unplugged
Hey guys, I am working on a recording program using win32 API and waveIn. Everything works fine s...
[3 replies] Last: The first message I get from WM_DEVICECHANGE is DBT_DEVNODES_CHANGED a... (by Caevynn)
reading from memory without access violation how?
hello there, Is there a safe way to read from random access memory of other programs using c++ in...
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Help about error! C++
Hello everyone, I'm new here and I need some help. I'm having error like: Debug Assertion Failed!...
[5 replies] Last: Something like this: #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> #include... (by Grey Wolf)
Some basic newbie GUI questions
I’m an old fashion batch data programmer who just retired and I’m writing my first GUI applicati...
[1 reply] : WM_SIZE or WM_SIZING. This isn't a comprehensive list of all of the po... (by Computergeek01)
Need a compiler
I need help - New to C++ and was told I need to to download a compiler and not sure which one ('free...
[3 replies] Last: which operating system are you using? scratch that! some fool forgo... (by Jaybob66)
Visual Style working but font is not changing
I enabled the visual styles for my MFC application by using #pragma comment. But still the button...
[1 reply] : Isn't there anybody who has faced this problem or could provide soluti... (by letscode)
by nnxen
Reading WaveIn samples
Hello, I've written some C code for a PIC microcontroller to do some ADC sampling and perform som...
[1 reply] : the waveIn interface directly supports an interrupt mechanism via its ... (by Disch)
window form html page
I’ve written a program as a C++ console application. It does stock market analysis and runs in tw...
[1 reply] : You could use Qt framework to write a GUI program: http://qt-project.o... (by keskiverto)
by markr
help - file open dialog
hello all, I am new to c++ but have some experience with other programming languages. In 2006...
[2 replies] Last: ok I have it working. The buttom_click code is in the form.h file bu... (by markr)
by qmnty
Get IP
I'm confusing how to get the IP from another application and insert it to my application. I want ...
[4 replies] Last: That application gives it to you in a pretty straight forward manner: ... (by Computergeek01)
by tmason
Linker errors when building ActiveX DLL in Visual C++
Hello, I am trying to create an ActiveX DLL with QT in Visual C++ and I get the following errors ...
[2 replies] Last: When I build using Qt Creator I don't get this problem; I do get other... (by tmason)
by Zenga
QT creator
When i try to build my app it says that i need to configure the compiler Please help.
[6 replies] Last: The QT Installer in many cases doesn't detect VS 2013 or at least does... (by tmason)
Link Error using C++ with WinForms
Hello I'm following a tut using VS 2015 and this guy is using VS 2010 so the whole setup is differ...
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