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Initialize WNDCLASS to {0}?
Are there any issues with initializing WNDCLASS to 0 in the following code? The program runs and the...
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Common Dialog Boxes
I had created an application based on WIN API. Now I am trying to use some Common Dialog Boxes like ...
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Resource file & tutorial problems for GUI
I tried to use SFML,Win32API,Wxsmith.. But I cant finding any resource file of Win32API & Wxsmith, c...
[1 reply] : It would help folks who weant to answer your questions if you would sp... (by freddie1)
simple program for add delete some files in windows
hello respectful members of c++ this is my first post here, I always wonder how programmers do this ...
[4 replies] Last: I made similar thing but using cmd here (by ranasikandar)
by XnnX
C++ Visual Studio 2015 how to include nuget package in my project?
hi, Im using Visual Studio 2015 C++ Community and Im trying to include 2 libraries(curl, and secp256...
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Speech to Text (STT) via SAPI
I've utilized SAPI to get Text to Speech (TTS) but I am having a hard time finding a way to implemen...
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Project, Where to start, virtual usb device, controller emulation
Hello I'll get right into it I am planning on starting a project. I want to create a driver/soft...
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[Win32 API] PlaySound() delay.
I'm trying to play the default windows ding sound when the user clicks exit or X(close). I've copied...
[2 replies] Last: Indeed that was the issue. Should have read a little more on PlaySound... (by CGunn86)
by Sh0es
Class Definition Unrecognized by Compiler
So I'm working on a project and I'm trying to make a simple class which. for some reason, isn't bein...
[9 replies] Last: DO NOT edit this for the "thank you". You WILL get hate. I hate it mys... (by S G H)
Support Vector Machine Libraries with Visual Studio 2013/2015
Hi, I did some research and found: libsvm -> dlib -> http...
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Console: how resize the windows?
how can i resize windows Console? i have these code: void SetWindowSize(COORD newsize) { ...
[2 replies] Last: i'm using windows 7. 1st - i don't agree with that link... why? becaus... (by Cambalinho)
Removing title bar from app
I'm creating a small notepad program and for learning purposes I wanted to remove the system title b...
[8 replies] Last: Fair enough. Just seems easier on the eyes in this case with a black b... (by CGunn86)
by tnavid
redirect network traffic from/to tapX to/from ethX
hi, i want to redirect ALL network traffics (at least tcp&udp) from any-process(exp: browser,messeng...
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Accessing Windows Libraries from C++ (not MS VC++)
Hi I am considering using C++ as a programming language for writing business applications on mult...
[6 replies] Last: That's basically the advice I gave Steven in my 1st reply LB... In ... (by freddie1)
Hi Guys, I'm having problems with the following code: #define STRICT #define WIN32_LEANANDMEA...
[1 reply] : Make sure that the file is in the project directory , or the director... (by Avilius)
Need help with C++ programming
Need help with this question please. Urgent 2. Write a dynamic integer array class (you can use...
[1 reply] : So do you have any code or are you going to pay someone to do your hom... (by Avilius)
in the last year i had an giant fight in my head. i didn't knew what to learn. so my friend said: ...
[4 replies] Last: If you're just looking into beginner project ideas, here's some stuff ... (by YFGHNG)
i wana connect my app to internet
I wana connect my app and make it to run like my web application
[2 replies] Last: What do you mean by "run like my web application"? As this is the Win... (by andywestken)
Audio over Ethernet
Hello. I just want to transmit a voice-quality audio stream from one PC(PC 1) to another(PC 2). Bu...
[1 reply] : Look you need "C++ Network Programming " book by Douglas C.Shimidt bu... (by Sico)
I am using GetInstDir() to access the current directory of execution of my executable file When I...
[2 replies] Last: Solved. Yes I am accessing the current directory. The problem was w... (by anmol2701)
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