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by noaboa
Hi, this is not a c++ question but I dindt know where to ask it. I am currenly reading a SFML book, ...
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by Hex213
using string in SetCons...
I have this code: void text_color(string color1, string color2, string color3) { string colort...
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What is the Windows Input Device for my keyboard?
I want to read from my Keyboard-Input-Device (Win32 Device Namespaces, \\.\). How can I decide which...
[4 replies] Last: You are right. And I am a little embarrassed :) It is working now. I j... (by andre666)
win32: menu and WM_SYSCOMMAND... what i'm doing wrong with mouse click?
i added a menu item on System Menu: HINSTANCE hinstance=GetModuleHandle(NULL); LRESULT CALLBACK...
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Error GetModuleFileName Visual Studio
Hello guys, i'm here with this code: string exePath() { string path; char buffer ; cout <<...
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by w4ssup
So for some reason, my program cant find a application even though I have the correct name entered i...
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by evaboy
C, Win32 API: l need help here
Hi, Good day everyone. l have some difficulties in the following which l need some help. Am a learne...
[1 reply] : [quote=OP]l had done the following, and it worked but it only run the ... (by Computergeek01)
win32 - GDI Plus: How can i get the frame delay from image animation?
i use GDIPLus for open image files. but using the Image class, i can get the frames delay, but mayb...
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by sambos
Hi, Im working on a database program that reads CSV and or tab delimited text files. Ive always use...
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by Arukas
C++ And Program Files
I have a old C++ program that was for XP, and I want to move it from the root drive and place it in ...
[3 replies] Last: Not anymore. It use to wrote log files, but that was moved to the pub... (by Arukas)
Emulating Xbox 360 Controller on PC?
So here's my situation. I recently got Street Fighter V for the PC. I have horrible xbox 360 cont...
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basic code for dev c++ windows.
i want to use a program that outputs data to a text file name output.txt --- 1) the file name outp...
[2 replies] Last: (nameOfFile.c_str() ); This c_str() may be required if using an o... (by Chervil)
Windows Nightmare with glew, glfw and code blocks
/** * Incredibly Frustrated rant starts here */ I am try to do on windows what I did on Ubuntu ...
[5 replies] Last: Yeah, I managed to clear all the errors, I found a tutorial for instal... (by Lost Cause)
DIB's: how can i calculate saturation, bright, black and white and others?
i'm using DIB's. i can get RGB colors easly. my problem is: how can i calculate staturation, bright ...
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Problem with exchange sort int float pairs
File name:CSC2144N.txt Contents of .txt file -------------------- 10 7.35 -21 45.9 3 -4.56 85 34.1 -...
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How to manually compile a C++ program.
Hi, I'd like to know how to manually compile a C++ program, without the use of an IDE or auto-compi...
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by bosko
Strings in if() statements
Hi all So I'm having a bit of an issue; Here's my code back_to_prompt: cout << prompt; ...
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by V07
How to improve this code??
I have written a code to iterate over the drive to find the file of specific extension and if the fi...
[1 reply] : try this: line 26 while ((var = FindNextFile(hFind, &documents)) == TR... (by Konstantin2)
Connecting to device via USB
Is there an innate way for C++ console applications to connect with USB devices? I found a library c...
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SendInput: how use to a window?
the SendInput() works fine for a focus window. but when the window loses the focus, the SendInput() ...
[6 replies] Last: in these case, if i change the focus, i can't do anotherthing :( (by Cambalinho)
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