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SDL C++ lag
Well, first, I want to say that this is my first post on this forum. I hope I am not breaking any r...
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Reading content of a .dic file - charset:binary
I have a .dic file that when I type # file words.dic (on Mac OS X) shows that encoding is applicatio...
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by vxk
reducing compile time for multicore
is there a way similar to make : make -j3 //instead of make in visual studio where...
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Pointer error in vector
The error is "delete (*it)". #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <vector> using namesp...
[1 reply] : delete is meant to be used on pointers to delete memory that was all... (by Peter87)
Visual Studio 2013 Community uninstall
So I downloaded visual studio 2013 community and thought I'd try it out and I didn't really like it ...
[1 reply] : Hi, I would normally pass an complain to Microsoft as this is should ... (by OrionMaster)
by Cicero
I/O requests
Does anyone want to discuss and implement code for accessing windows drivers and the information bei...
[1 reply] : Hi, To perform such a feat of passing data from ring-3 mode (also kno... (by OrionMaster)
Get Process who is using a File.
I have a File used at the moment from a other programm. how can I find that Programm/Process that u...
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by anhnha
Connect(void) for RS232
Here is a code of Connect(void) in class Rs232. BOOL Rs232::Connect(void) { if( m_hComm != NUL...
[1 reply] : When Connect(void) is called, this means the function OpenCommPort() w... (by anhnha)
How to access mozzila from c++ code for example it will click button on any webpage ?
How to access mozzila from c++ code for example it will click button on any webpage ? i dont want...
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Grabbing how many players are on a game
im trying to make a program that checks on how many people are on a server , any clue?
[3 replies] Last: Use a memory searched (eg. TSearch) to search for the different number... (by TrippleMin)
by anhnha
Create a window by MFC programming
Hi, This is my first MFC programming application. It creates a windows with title "Windows Applicat...
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GetAsyncKetState in windows service is not working? Help
Hello Everybody, When i use GetAsyncKeyState in a App Console, it's not problem, but when i added it...
[1 reply] : help me ! please! :( (by duongdinhtu)
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