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Connecting to device via USB
Is there an innate way for C++ console applications to connect with USB devices? I found a library c...
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SendInput: how use to a window?
the SendInput() works fine for a focus window. but when the window loses the focus, the SendInput() ...
[6 replies] Last: in these case, if i change the focus, i can't do anotherthing :( (by Cambalinho)
win32 - DIB's: how can i calculate the next position on pixels?
i have some functions for get pixel data on array: typedef std::vector<BYTE> pixeldata; pixeldata...
[1 reply] : i did a several mistakes with code: 1 - i didn't tested the x+PosX and... (by Cambalinho)
how do combination keys with SendMessage()?
using SendMessage() with WM_KEYDOWN, how i can combine keys?
[9 replies] Last: drowsysaturn: i belive you have right. but i continue with same proble... (by Cambalinho)
Can't convert QString to LPCWSTR
Hello guys, i have this code: #include "mainwindow.h" #include "ui_mainwindow.h" #include "url...
[5 replies] Last: char *qtToCString(QString &str) { int length = str.length(); char... (by drowsysaturn)
by noaboa
Get Working Directory Windows
Hi, I am currently following a book about SFML, but I am having a problem with getting the current w...
[5 replies] Last: While I'm here 1. Passing NULL to GetModuleFileName() does the same t... (by andywestken)
Convert string to LPCSTR?maybe?
Hello guys i'm an other time here! i have this code #include "iostream" #include "windows.h" #in...
[3 replies] Last: and for the download status? (i mean percentage) No problem, the Web... (by Thomas1965)
replace space with a zero IP control
I have the following code which gives me an IP address in Hexadecimal to push to a .ini file. The p...
[2 replies] Last: Thanks, I stared at this way too long and missed that. (by redchem)
Question about GDI ?
1# Where to learn GDI On Internet Online ? 2# How to design a win32 software like this ? ...
[2 replies] Last: Anyone for question number 2 ? (by musfiqur)
by Hex213
Only my application
Hello, I need help with my win32 application. I need to find code which start only my application. ...
[4 replies] Last: Let's change gears a bit here OP. If you want the users attention excl... (by Computergeek01)
How do I unzip password protected zip file?
hello guys I have tried to Goolge key words which is "C++ unzip password protected",However ,the...
[2 replies] Last: I have used ziputils before and it is by far the easiest solution I co... (by kind9)
Can I make a functional button that activates a command in c++? I use Code::Blocks and run a windows...
[4 replies] Last: OK thank you very much! (by JT Maston)
need help with windows IP Control box
I am trying to bring user entered data in to my program using a windows IP control box. I am using ...
[7 replies] Last: I am starting to figure out that I have a class problem. If I try to u... (by redchem)
having issues with serial search
if i only enter 1 set of records i get a correct return but if i enter more than one set of record i...
[2 replies] Last: Your code doesn't make much sense to me. You load the file into a vec... (by Thomas1965)
How to get focus of the debugged window?
Hello, I am debugging an Win API application (game) in visual studio C ++ 2013. I need to pass com...
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how convert from LPCTSTR to string?
how can i convert from LPCTSTR to string? i'm trying enum window properties, but i need print the p...
[9 replies] Last: finally i can convert them to a string: BOOL CALLBACK PropEnumProc( ... (by Cambalinho)
progress on program running
hi there, please... how display a notice while the program logical-flux is running? for conceptu...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you :-), i go to study it (by sgnifus)
DLL creation in visual studio 12 using command prompt
Hello friends, I am new to windows programming . I am trying to create DLL using visual studio 12 ...
[1 reply] : Add /MT or /MD switches to link against runtime library. See exact co... (by modoran)
void WINAPI entrypoint (void)
so let assume one does not need all the parameters provided by WinMain, how can one have the entry...
[3 replies] Last: You can have a custom entry point, but then you need to not use any C ... (by modoran)
Error starting an executable in a new process CreateProcess()
An other time, i'm here with a problem ahahaha after a lot of time spent in MSDN (https://msdn.micr...
[5 replies] Last: It is possible that this program requires specific things set up. Use ... (by modoran)
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