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Issue of Converting MSSQL to MySQL
Hi! I want to convert MSSQL Server to MySQL using a tool, but don’t know how to choose the right o...
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What Is The Best Data Migration Tool For MySQL Import CSV?
Hello everyone! I’m looking for an excellent data migration tool to export and import data between...
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Creating a Combo box in a Tab (not in a Dialog box)
Hi all, I am getting myself confused. I have a program that has multiple tabs, and on one particu...
[3 replies] Last: This would also work ... char* List ={"Fred","Samuel","Albert","Deb... (by freddie1)
by kuxi
Opencv trackin ball with 2 cameras
I need to make a projekt , 1 camera is for X axis of coordinate system and second camera is for Y ax...
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simple message box error
I just want to make a message box pop up with a custom message. My compiler says -- error: cannot ...
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Calling Conventions
Calling convention I am pretty sure the following is not the right way to call a C++ method. So,...
[1 reply] : Yes, that's exactly how it should be called. But objects with an unde... (by Fredbill 30)
Problem with File Opening
So i'm trying to build this program while learning Win32API from theForge's tutorial at,...
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by ntran
Adding a key to the windows registry [solved: admin rights needed]
Hi everyone, I know that there are other topics about my issue in the forum, but I can't figure o...
[4 replies] Last: value = 5 Meaning that I have no access or permission to modify the... (by ntran)
Hooking Send
Ok I also have been working on my skills for sometime also. Now I tried hooking send() I done it wi...
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First Time Trying to use Hooks
The code from my dll. Named newfile.dll. Compiled as: gcc -c newfile.c gcc -share...
[4 replies] Last: Hi, In your given program there are multiple problems such as you for... (by OrionMaster)
by bonho
I bet this topic has been brought up multiple times but when I search I cannot find a fitting soluti...
[6 replies] Last: Actually my friend recommended Dev Express but that wasn't free. Do a... (by bonho)
by fab12
Find a pixel color in a window
Hi I am trying to make a short program that seach for a specific color on a window en click on it...
[2 replies] Last: Thx Disch. I'll try that ASAP but I'm pretty cofident :-) FYI I made ... (by fab12)
Invoke function of parent Panel
Hello, I have just started programming in C++ so please forgive me in advane... So here is the thin...
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by EzraJN
Basics of 2D games
I am looking into making a 2D game like Pokemon or Don't starve in c++, but I don't really know all ...
[3 replies] Last: For a Pokemon clone pathfinding isn't a big deal and the only AI is ac... (by Cronnoc)
by sambos
Displaying text randomly
Hi, I have not go any experience with random number generators etc so this may or may not be poss...
[3 replies] Last: Hi there, Once again, kbw, thanks for your suggestions. If anyone i... (by sambos)
Object reference not set to an instance of an object[error]
Hello. I'm trying to make a simple 3D scene with OBJ objects loaded I'm making a collision box to t...
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Windows 32 GUI Right click calling functions
I plan on making a Spanish Study/quizzes windows 32 app and I would like to use the menu items but d...
[1 reply] : I normally use this function to show context menus: http://msdn.micro... (by knn9)
by xoxos
determine buffer of MM_WIM_DATA with lParam?
i read that the lParam of a MM_WIM_DATA message is the address of the header for the buffer reported...
[1 reply] : lParam is a pointer to a WAVEHDR structure. The buffer itself is conta... (by modoran)
Constructor and destructor problem
This is how it is put in my book "Now add an assiocated destructor prototype ~Dog(); After that ...
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inline assembly problem.
Hello. I am having a VS 2010 debug problem. It seams to think it is wrong to pop things off the sta...
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