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I am looking for C++ code for FOWSR. (Fine Offset Weather Station Reader) I have found some code, b...
[1 reply] : maybe you ask mrs. google the wrong questions...^^ I get answers: htt... (by Necip)
Toolbar buttons
Hi, How can I remove the border from around the buttons in a toolbar control ? Thanks FC.
[1 reply] : Some WinControls has an event (OwnerDraw) which gives you the full con... (by Necip)
foreach loop help C++ CLR
Hello, how this loop not stop immediatelly but after return i see next 5 results? void SearchT...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks guys, it works both, now im using cire's code. I try with retur... (by BAILANDO)
winsock recv not working...
Hi! I have a windows client/server pair that are supposed to chat with each other using buffers. The...
[3 replies] Last: That d way it work. (by oshoke)
Backgroundworker in CLR C++ Console App
Hello, how can i reportprogress in background worker in console app? Thanks a lot :) #include "s...
[1 reply] : I have never used it in a console app but it should work the same way ... (by Thomas1965)
i need some advices abou found errors\bugs and leaks
i'm testing my program, on GDIViewer i don't find anything. on Task Manager i see the GDI column cou...
[5 replies] Last: i was creating on another place without notice. i can't create a solid... (by Cambalinho)
Rename Reference assembly name in VS 2015
Hello, it's possible to rename assembly dll in my project C++/CLI .NET? For exampel i don't want thi...
[2 replies] Last: i try this but when i start program, then i see error <originalname>.d... (by BAILANDO)
Compiling with .NET 3.5 error
Hello, i have VS 2015 and i want compile app with .net 3.5 and when i run app, i get this error (aft...
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I am trying to build a system developed by someone else. It gets to a point and fails saying it can...
[1 reply] : 1. What is ServiceBase.lib? It seems to be part of the system develo... (by Thomas1965)
Programm chrashing
Hi! I am a bit new to c++ so please bare with me if there are some obvious mistakes. I am trying to ...
[5 replies] Last: What kind of example? (by Equator)
Hardware Input
Recently i've been getting into c++, one thing that's puzzled me recently is a virtual keyboard that...
[1 reply] : i dont know exactly what you are asking for but there's an android app... (by shadder)
Asynchronous ReadFile() ?
I'm trying to read from the stdout stream of another process. Luckily, MS had an example already wri...
[2 replies] Last: Oh I was dreading the named pipes answer.. guess I'll spend a few more... (by DrZoidberg)
animated cursors: how can get the RIFF delay\rate?
animated cursors: how can get the RIFF delay\rate? i found 1 structure on:
[8 replies] Last: i must read the data byte a byte or is there another way? (by Cambalinho)
Unresolved external symbol in windows
I am using windows8 32 bit ,visual studio 2012 and intel pintool (76991 version). I am using develop...
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How to include WinForm form1.h in form2 and inverse
Hello, i ask one time here but still dont know how can i include for example form1.h in form2.h and ...
[1 reply] : "forward declaration" read the answer from scott: http://stackoverf... (by Necip)
How to know who execute an exe file?
Hi, Everyone! Is there a way to know who execute an exe file? or How can I determine which ...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you for your prompt reply! I'm going to try these. (by john026)
Any sleep function for win32 app? not console app please!
I have created a basic tetris game that I want to draw using windows.h graphics. It works great but ...
[3 replies] Last: this may also help (by shadder)
how to make next page function
I have WndProc which is the main window class and there is another class which is Page2 how can i p...
[8 replies] Last: thanks,that trully helped me (by IDIR YACINE)
How to make CreateProccess and pipe act exactly as normal cmd pipe
I'm trying to create software to accurately imitate the pipe of the CMD. In cmd when i typed for ex...
[1 reply] : Be careful that you're not mixing and matching wide characters and ASC... (by Computergeek01)
Braces on String::Format
Hello, it's possible to use String::Format not like this String::Format("text{0}, text{1}", arg1, ar...
[2 replies] Last: aaah, thanks a lot :) this helped me when i want format long strings :... (by BAILANDO)
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