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by sly858
debug in windows 7 or higher
Not sure if this is the right place to post this and appologize in advance if this is. Next semeste...
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SDL - Game slow downs
Hi at all! I'm making a game using the SDL 2.0 library. I store all the pointers of game instances i...
[1 reply] : It's all that sorting. You've got yourself an exponentially complex a... (by kbw)
by exoson
breakpoints changing thread operation
I am running code in VC++ 2010 express. I have 3-12 threads running and being controlled/sequenced ...
[2 replies] Last: It also sounds like "fibers" might be a better choice for this use cas... (by Computergeek01)
We are asked by our teacher to make a program that calculates a matrices which uses two dimensional ...
[1 reply] : This is a help forum. Show some effort and ask questions about parts ... (by kevinkjt2000)
by tec23
GetWindowLong question
What does GetWindowLong(hwnd, 0) mean? I saw this in neatpad tutorial
[3 replies] Last: When OOP is done using procedural languages such as C or PowerBASIC, ... (by Little Bobby Tables)
by gkraft
Dart Board Program
Hello. I am thinking about making a dart board scoring program. The biggest obstacle I can think o...
[4 replies] Last: Thanks I'll look into it, and see if I can get something working. (by gkraft)
display an image jpg in a window
someone could help me ... I need to show a picture in a window ... use codeblocks 13 with the window...
[10 replies] Last: int main(){ Cadastro c; char rp ; int rep,per,rpe,ds,ms,a... (by newuserbrazilian)
TextBox GUI
Is there any possible way where i can put the textbox box in an array? Not just the content but the ...
[1 reply] : Of course you can. HWND TextBoxes ; (by ahcfan)
Writing chars from file into char 2D array
I need to write individual characters into a char 2D array. I initialized the array to all be 0s, an...
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