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error C2040: 'memset'
error C2040: 'memset' : 'void *(void *,int ,unsigned int )' differs in levels of indirection from 'v...
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CreateProcess Escape Sequence
Hello, I have created a CreateProcess to install a software package when the install button is c...
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by dharan
count characters in text box
hi all.. im working on a project in visual studio C++... i want the code to count the number of ch...
[2 replies] Last: I am recently doing some researches on the textbox control: http://ww... (by Arthurabc)
by rgt13
Bet guessing game help
Im trying to make my program look like a guessing game, here's the code: // // main.cpp // ...
[1 reply] : yaNein is a string. The char type is not allocating enough bits to hol... (by c0urt)
by c0urt
Is there a _builtin_ctz equivalant for VS2012
I have written some assembly code using GCC intrinsic _builtin_ctz (count trailing zeros) and am won...
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Printing to Paper in Windows using C++
I am trying to write a function that will print out text to paper. I am using C++. I have searched g...
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Access to an excel file via C++ (1,2,3,4)
Hello, In the past few days I've been trying to open an excel (.xls, not .xlsx) and read some cel...
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how to escape spaces in windows
in linux its this\ name but apparently the same is not true in windows. I am trying to set the ...
[1 reply] : nevermind, i typo'd. The quoted method used. (by metulburr)
C++ win
ClickMeIn is looking for a talented C++/Win Developer for her office in Tel Aviv Requirements B....
[1 reply] : You should consider moving this topic to the job section (by editing p... (by giblit)
Missing Eclipse File?
Alright so I'm very new at programming and am taking a beginner class this summer and would like to ...
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by Xaron
How to write console output into a file?
Hi, I want to write the console output into a file. Do someone know a way to do this?
[2 replies] Last: Within the program, there are a couple of ways of doing this. The 'C' ... (by NT3)
Help with Text Fields?
So, I am wondering, how do you save the input in a text field. For instance, say I want to have the ...
[6 replies] Last: Yes. Very handy and easy to use little function. No need to ever mak... (by freddie1)
Help with a job? -in windows
I have been trying to figure out jobs and processes the past couple of days, and I got processes dow...
[2 replies] Last: I can say with some certainty though, that there is no good reason to... (by AceDawg45)
by jbush
problems with makefile in windows7 64b
I'm having a really hard time executing a makefile for the Cambridge University baking pi lesson 1. ...
[2 replies] Last: I am using the gcc-arm-none-eabi-4_8-2013q4-20131204-win32 toolchain (by jbush)
by zsteve
How to access serial ports (COM Ports) in win32?
Any help would be appreciated as to which functions to use
[1 reply] : http://www.codep... (by tath)
Windows Application to automate software installs
Hello Everyone! I am interested in making a windows application for work that would allow me to a...
[8 replies] Last: So I have started working on the code for this application and I seem ... (by limburger)
VIsual Studio not allowing HTMLHelp
Hi, I am running into an issue with Visual Studio 12. When I execute the MFC Application Wizard, ...
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Bi linear interpolation using Maps in C++
Hello, I am trying to bi-interpolate a 10x10 elements using maps definition, i need to compute the ...
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by TX9200
(^)Handle and ref new/gcnew[C++/CLI]
I should say first that I am new to win programming so please excuse me. Why must a handle declared...
[1 reply] : first, C++ != C++/CLI . A handle (^) is from C++/CLI as is gcnew. ... (by Canis lupus)
by sumlal
accessing safearray structure in simple dll
hello friends, i am debugging a dll file for an application and i am getting some problem in access...
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