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i wana connect my app to internet
I wana connect my app and make it to run like my web application
[2 replies] Last: What do you mean by "run like my web application"? As this is the Win... (by andywestken)
Audio over Ethernet
Hello. I just want to transmit a voice-quality audio stream from one PC(PC 1) to another(PC 2). Bu...
[1 reply] : Look you need "C++ Network Programming " book by Douglas C.Shimidt bu... (by Sico)
I am using GetInstDir() to access the current directory of execution of my executable file When I...
[2 replies] Last: Solved. Yes I am accessing the current directory. The problem was w... (by anmol2701)
Easiest way to plot from C++: Gnuplot?
Hi guys - I'm looking for the easiest way to plot in c++, best case even update the same graph in re...
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MSVC std::atexit not working as expected
Hi, I had a rather nasty surprise yesterday, when I learned that Microsoft's implementation of the ...
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how create a IStream(from Image class) for save and read on a file?
i'm overloading the std::ostream& operator << and std::istream& operator >> for save the Image IStre...
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c++ using winRT without c++/cx
Hello everyone, at the moment I try to get access to winRT's geolocation class. This is essencial...
[4 replies] Last: I'm not sure I understand your problem/what you are trying to achieve. (by Grey Wolf)
how to load transparent image and dialog in win32
I know only about bitmap mask but how to load it transparent and I also know the wx_transparent coma...
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Create or extend MFC???
Hello guys, I am using the framework MFC in a project and i receive a new challenge: make a new...
[7 replies] Last: Well, you certainly don't need to rewrite or recompile MFC for that. ... (by freddie1)
by sambos
DataGridView / sorting data
Hi guys, I have a dataGridView with a few columns and a large number of rows. Each row corresponds ...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks Cody0023, With your help, I managed to solve my problem. Howev... (by sambos)
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