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Data from flight sim using a dll
Good Day, I am developing a small home cockpit (as a hobbyist and not as professional) with Mic...
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to experts
hi two days ago when i put k-parameter which is soLagaDaSeStoriAga for ,link pl...
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by I14R10
Best way to combine few c++ sources
So, I have written source that extracts binary data from wav file. And I have written another source...
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Undefined reference, linker error
I am an absolute beginner. This is my first C++ code. Taking from the default project in Dev C++, yo...
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.substr having trouble with spaces
Hello, I'm working on a text-based game, but I'm having some trouble with importing some data from a...
[7 replies] Last: I will illustrate an important difference between >> and getline: #in... (by kevinkjt2000)
by anhnha
Windows Programming Books
Hi, I have just ordered the book MFC Internals : Inside the Microsoft Foundation Architecture by Geo...
[5 replies] Last: you can learn c++ language by practice more and more.create your own s... (by petermark)
by Okdiat
Small error Help
Guys im trying to compile one .c code but this error pop out anyone help me D: http://i1187.photobu...
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How to Create a Multithread for “public ref class” in VS c++ with “_beginthread”
How to Create a Multithread for “public ref class” in Windows c++ (VS) with “_beginthread” i...
[2 replies] Last: I found a interesting reference in this website: people who are havin... (by ksnaveen)
Add resource folder to Code::Blocks?
Hello! Lets say I have two main folders: -Sources (contains all source code) -Resources (contai...
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[C\C++32] - how do double buffering?
my image class have the hdcimage with imageweight, imageheight. knowing these, i need return the HB...
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C++ Memory Counting
Hello, I have been working on an OpenCV project that uses the grand central dispatch pattern, lib...
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by xijj
For Tetris tutorial For pure C++ format to write the "Tetris" code, or Tetris tutorial
Where there have very good very detailed "Tetris" tutorial, For pure C++ format to write the "Tetri...
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Python help list and dictionaries
I wish to use a list to access each dictionary. How do I do this? The problem is at the function get...
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by Adubey
Job Opportunity - C++ Developer - Somerset, NJ
Job title: C++ developer Location: Somerset, NJ Duration: 6 Months Required Skills: • C++ Wi...
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Static text box background color?
Starting to dive into the WIN32 API (windows.h) and I've noticed that static text boxes have a grey ...
[8 replies] Last: Sorry CGunn86. Windows Api coding, as well as using any class framewo... (by freddie1)
C++ Homework
Write a program to handle the flow of widgets into and out of a warehouse. The warehouse will have ...
[5 replies] Last: What errors are you getting? Please be more specific. (by kevinkjt2000)
win32/c++ simple calculator
hi there, I need a help. I am trying to build a simple calculator by myself(self learning). I have ...
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by Hofek
Listbox Item Add problem
Hi, i have a problem with my program. I want it to search the folder for new files and when it find...
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by anhnha
Many apps of same type opened at a time
Hi, I am using an MFC application where only one app can be opened at a time. For example, I bui...
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by ajh32
IFileDialog customisation
I'm using the IFileDialog with the CLSID_FileOpenDialog for an open file dialog. I've created an in...
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