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by tec23
Help with opening file
I have created a text editor. When somebody right clicks a text file and selects open with from the ...
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by xoxos
soundcard input
finding very few sources dealing with apps with audio input and output happening simultaneously.. co...
[2 replies] Last: if anyone would like to help, the source/exe is here - (by xoxos)
CreateWindowA() Not Functioning Properly
Hello Again, I have this code here: int gwtcb1=0; int gwtcb2=0; char* nacctmsg=n...
[3 replies] Last: Thanks! The Static_SetText() sent me on the right path towards SetWin... (by Homberto)
Program taking a lot of cpu usage & other problems
Okay so I've been working on this directx 11 application and have came across two problems. The most...
[3 replies] Last: the problem is still in your message loop. Since peekMessage is non-bl... (by tath)
pls I seriously need Help, MessageBox()Hook fails.
Good day, I tried to do some API hook today for MessageBox(), I attempted something like this it co...
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by zdzero
Understanding inline API hooking
I managed to make an API Hooking DLL that takes advantage of the hop patching feature. Now I want to...
[15 replies] Last: Hi, You can learn about IPC using CodeProject: http://www.codeproject... (by OrionMaster)
send and recv in winsock2
so im just getting into network programming and im trying to make a chat server and client so i can ...
[3 replies] Last: [quote=josepho16]But the message that comes through on the server side... (by coder777)
by Fecht
Problem with gsl_eigen on MinGW32
Hello, I am using GSL 1.16 with the latest MinGW version and it seems to me that the functions in...
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by xoxos
window won't move
i apologise in advance for what some may call a vague and unqualified enquiry. i've been coding with...
[1 reply] : never mind, rebuilt it... five hours.. (by xoxos)
Can you make a window scrollable only via the scroll bar?
So I'm working on this project in which I need to use synchronized lists. I've seen a lot of complic...
[5 replies] Last: Thanks for the responses :).. my problem isn't really with the keyboar... (by sebihp2007)
oldschool c++ programmer back in business, need update
Id like to create a mspaint like program with image restoration features, and need to create a windo...
[4 replies] Last: I use Orwell Dev-C++. (by Homberto)
by furfag
C CodeBlocks resource files
I have program written in C with CodeBlocks that uses some files like bitmaps and html files and I w...
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by Zoo
MFC exporting data to CSV files.
Hi guys, I was just wondering what would the code be like if I was to export the data(which are inc...
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How to use DirectX 2D to draw .pngs?
I recently asked "How to use bitmaps?", and I was advised to use directX 2D to do so. Well, I like t...
[11 replies] Last: SUCCEEDED(hr) is an error checking method. hr, a HRESULT, get assig... (by Grey Wolf)
by sambos
RichTextFiles strings etc
Hi, I have posted a previous question about rtf files and I've been stuck on it for a bit. I have...
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SFML Windows Error!!!
I have created a game in c++ using sfml. It is still in early stages. I have an error I can not figu...
[5 replies] Last: Thank you, ill try it (by lordseanington)
I challenge you all to compile these 2 Projects (place them in the same directory)and then click on ...
[2 replies] Last: Learn how to use loops, DeathAngle: while(true) { // this code ... (by Disch)
Message box
I want to make a message box without an 'X' button pop up. I already have this #include <wind...
[18 replies] Last: That's exactly the same. repeate() is calling repeate() endlessly. E... (by Disch)
by ochi12
Which IDE should i use?
Hi, I'm using orwell dev c++(an updated version of dev c++) for my projects. But i don't like this ...
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