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by nnxen
Microsecond Timer Interrupt
Hello, I'm trying to simulate some code that I will be using on a PIC microcontroller in Visual C...
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Windows patch Uninstallation using WUA API
I tried uninstallation of patch using WUA API IUpdateInstaller::Uninstall Method( Following lin...
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by alican
cmd.exe + normal functions work together
Hi all, I would like to make a program, it will work with cmd.exe. if i write, "func X" it will...
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Need help
Hey guyz i am new to coding scene never did programming or coding i have to change windows class nam...
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[Linker error] undefined reference to 'CreateSolidBrush@4'
Hi, DevC++ gave the following error: [Linker error] undefined reference to 'CreateSolidBrush@4' ...
[1 reply] : If you are working within the constraints of a project set up as a con... (by freddie1)
by rfresh
Winform inter-communications between apps
I have a game app that has a window in it and was designed to be interacted with using only the keyb...
[6 replies] Last: So you are trying to get events from a window outside your app? I ever... (by zoran404)
SDL + OpenGL + Boost : IDE ?
Hello everybody, I would like to dev a game in 3D, developing on windows 8.1. I have 2 ideas in ...
[4 replies] Last: [quote=Spikerocks101]but OpenGL, imo, has more potential for phone dev... (by Avilius)
by Erhy
user switch actions
Hello! I have an application with audio, which don't like user switching. How I can recognize...
[1 reply] : the solution to get messages according user switch is, to call after C... (by Erhy)
setup my development environment?
I am new member in cplusplus forum . I have a question to ask and I hope for complete answer. Plea...
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by rfresh
Using SetWindowLong for FixedSingle Border
I've got this C# code below working fine. It removes an external apps border title and control boxes...
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Hello programmer! Is there a way that when I type ipconfig it only give the IPv4 address out? Thanks...
[1 reply] : No, there isn't. You would normally just pipe the output from ipconfig... (by Computergeek01)
User input of 1 character
I'm making a C++ program that displays a user input of only 1 character, so basicly it's the same as...
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Invalid use of template-name 'BigNumber' without and argument list
Hi I keep having this error message for the part "BigNumber B1,B2,RES;" where at the button, can any...
[1 reply] : BigNumber is a template class; you need to specify what you want the t... (by Zhuge)
by rfresh
axAcroPDF.setView("Fit") not working
I'm writing a VS 2013 C# winform app and using the axAcroPDF Actice-X/COM PDF reader component. M...
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Resizing lock at particular width in MFC DHtmlDialog
I am new to MFC and i want to resize my MFC DHtmlDialog to a particular width and then lock the resi...
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Checking for socket availablity
Hello I was writing a program that made use of Winsock, and when I did this everything worked fine a...
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by Yom
connecting USB to wireless port
Hello, I'm looking for some guidance on the most efficient way to receive signals from a game con...
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Global Variables Erasing
I've got to use three global variables: int maxX = 0; int maxY = 0; vector<vector<char>> mapVector(...
[1 reply] : You have to show your exact declaration and implementation. There ar... (by kbw)
Moving and painting
Hi, How can I ensure that after I have sized or moved a window that the whole client rectangle is...
[1 reply] : If you put all drawing code in a WM_PAINT handler, you don't need to w... (by freddie1)
by Erhy
use comctl32 control in a Visual Studio Win32 project
Hello! I created a new project in VS C++ Win32. All was OK till I included a slider in a di...
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