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Save textboxes values for next use after program restart C++ CLI
Hello, it's possible to save user defined values in textboxes, checkboxes etc for next use, like sav...
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How can this be done?
So I want to create a program in which one of the functions is that I send data to a website and it ...
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XOR encrypt decrypt help
Hello, i have function to encrypt & decrypt string with XOR, but i have problem, when i encrypt some...
[2 replies] Last: i think i mus use writer->Write and then make while(text = reader->Rea... (by BAILANDO)
Copy and delete
I was wondering how you could copy files to a directory and then how to delete just them in a direct...
[1 reply] : (by Thomas1965)
how draw correctly a transparent Cursor(*.cur)?
how can i draw correctly a transparent Cursor(*.cur)?
[1 reply] : heres my actual code: void DrawHCURSORtoHDC(HDC hdc, HCURSOR hIcon, i... (by Cambalinho)
Need help with SHA with SALT
Hello, how can i make this in C++ CLI Form, i need to generate Salt from password field. SALT is for...
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