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File Types
Hey there, I'm working on a Windows App and I need to know about saving data to public and private ...
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MinGW compiler problems
I'm usually a linux programmer and I use the terminal to switch to folders and run g++ file blah bla...
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replacing the console window
Alright so I am in the process of amking a game and up to this point i have been using it as a conso...
[4 replies] Last: Is there a reason that you can't copy & paste your code into a new pro... (by Computergeek01)
Display window will not show up
I am trying to load a ppm file using the code below. The program compiles but the display window doe...
[3 replies] Last: Yes, there is. To make work from inside CodeBlocks use SetCurrentDirec... (by modoran)
by sambos
Hi, Another silly question (but I'm newish to C++ Windows forms). I have written a program tha...
[7 replies] Last: Winforms has been dropped from the visual C++ CLR templates list in V... (by plexus)
EnumSystemCodePages undeclared identifier
I wrote a little program: #include <iostream> #include <Windows.h> #include <TCHAR.H> using namesp...
[1 reply] : #include <iostream> #include <Windows.h> #include <TCHAR.H> using nam... (by Grey Wolf)
Calculating mean/std dev from an array filled from a file
Hello all, I am working on a program for a class and so far I've had little issues, but I am unable ...
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by teslaa
Check if User32 BlockInput is true
I have an application that uses BlockInput to enable and disable keyboard input. I know there are wa...
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bmp image not loading - OpenGL
I am trying to load a bmp image in openGL using SOIL. The code below compiles but it does not displa...
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Winsock Non-blocking Problem
Hi all, Im not sure exactly how non blocking programming works ( how it exactly works and runs ). ...
[3 replies] Last: Wow thanks! Much reading to do :) And also thanks for clearing up the... (by SuperStinger)
by teslaa
getwindowthreadprocessid different user
I am using the following code to grab a handle to a window which works fine if my application is run...
[6 replies] Last: s there something I can do so that GetWindow etc can be grabbing wind... (by modoran)
comparing large arrays
So.. I have 2 codes, The intent is to descramble 10 words that are entered through cout / cin prompt...
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by teslaa
createprocessasuser and bring it to front
I have an application that calls createprocessasuser (e.g. notepad.exe) which works fine. The pr...
[2 replies] Last: Worked perfectly thanks. (by teslaa)
Hello, Does anyone see anything glarring as to why this writefile command gives me this error whe...
[4 replies] Last: Yeah I didn't include my createfile script in the origional post becau... (by limburger)
windows socket programming
Dear All I have two applications(visual 2012 c++ win 32). One runs on a device connected to my PC...
[1 reply] : I'll do you one better, use the function "getaddrinfo()" from the WinA... (by Computergeek01)
Where to begin in the world of programming
Hi everyone. I will apologize in advance if this is in the wrong area or wrong for any other reason...
[2 replies] Last: Theres many degrees, I would recommend Bachelor of Computer Science wh... (by Jakee)
Windows form program help
C++][Windows Form Programming] question about windows form apps , only way to get some datas on t...
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Win 32 Keyboard and Mouse Messages
Hi, How can I get the key presses when my window is not active or it is Minimized? The same i...
[3 replies] Last: This gets the keyboard and mouse key state: (by MaxterTheTurtle)
Character in a string and endl char how?
void Program::LoadFile() { string fileName = ""; ifstream inFile; cin.clear(); cin.sync(); cou...
[4 replies] Last: It works !! Yeah. Here is the code for what I was doing.. void Progr... (by ThePlague1988)
Changing the position of a Popup window
I am having a problem in repositioning the Popup window which is also the main window of the program...
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