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Get Parsing Char Array from PWSTR
Hey there, I'm using Common Item Dialog to get a Folder Parsing. I've extracted the Parsing Name...
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by imoo
Problem with Group Boxes Win32 GUI
I have multiple group boxes in my GUI. In order to access the controls there, I use WM_PARENTNOTIFY....
[1 reply] : why accessing buttons through group box? if gui elements are static us... (by tath)
by teslaa
User32.BlockInput status?
I am calling blockinput from the user32 library however I want to poll the status of this as ctrl+al...
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by teslaa
WinXp Login from Service
I have created a service which I am running in windows XP and I want it to log me in with the hard c...
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Need help with Wininet - Overwrites my file [FTP]
Hi. I'm using the wininet api. Im trying to write stuff to a file wich is located on my server v...
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Having trouble understanding Code::Blocks errors
When I try to build a .cpp file, just a simple hello world program, an error shows up in red in the ...
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I want to put a live chat room on my site, any ideas how to do this?
Hi, I have a website and quite a few members have suggested that adding a chat room would be a gr...
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Having a little trouble
So I've been trying to check if a Window is available but I have had no success yet. This is all I g...
[1 reply] : That isn't quite right. You'll need to use one of these methods. Enum... (by kbw)
Get Key Pressed if Program is minimized
Heyho Guys! I am a very new C++ programmer, so I'll problably going to ask a lot of questions the...
[12 replies] Last: Ideally this application is not a console one (console works just for ... (by modoran)
How to create multiple images in a single window using win32api and c++ (1,2)
I have splitted my Application window into two using createWindowEx().Now i have two windows...In my...
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Help with locating fonts
Im using SFML 2.1 on Codeblocks and i want to use arial text on my window but i cant find a way of a...
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by Garion
Which Book to Buy?
I'm thinking about buying a book on windows programing but I'd like some advice on if there are any ...
[1 reply] : Follow Petzold with Windows via C/C++ Jeffrey Richter, Christophe Nas... (by Grey Wolf)
search for files and Libraries in dll file
Good morning everyone, First of all, many thanks for your assistance on here one way or the very ...
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How to- Assign Default Folder: IFileDialog
Hey there, I need your help. I'm trying to set the default folder of a IFileDialog instance and ...
[1 reply] : This is an example of how to use MultiByteToWideChar. Replace CP_UTF8 ... (by modoran)
How to create a magnifier tool in c++ and win32 api
That is In my image window i need to magnify the portion of image as i move the mouse pointer. Som...
[3 replies] Last: If all you want is to magnify only your application window then you ca... (by modoran)
How to assign an event function to multiple objects?
Hi, I am new to event driven programming. I have some checkboxes set to button-style and Three...
[1 reply] : Got it somewhere else. Use safe_cast and assign the event function to... (by veryoldgd)
RegQueryValueEx Problem
I'm trying to retrieve a value from the registry. InstallDate is a REG_DWORD value and GetInstallDat...
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by mrm63
SolidWorks -> openGL
Hi everyone, Just a quick question. If I wanted to design an object in SolidWorks, and then outpu...
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CDialog::DoModal returns -1
Overview: I have 2 utilities and both have same common interface i.e. open a dialog box to "reques...
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by tec23
LoadIcon question
//resource.rc WindowIcon ICON "MainIcon.ico" TabIcon ICON "AltTab.ico" //These are declared glo...
[1 reply] : Use LoadImage with LR_SHARED flag and forget about destroying the icon... (by modoran)
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