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how to use sendinput function
I have no idea about what parameters are inputted even though I saw the sendinput function from msdn...
[1 reply] : To understand what each parameter means u'll have to search each one s... (by soranz)
by riv
Attempting to set focus to popup
I create a popup window (WS_POPUP & WS_EX_TOPMOST) that can receive focus when clicked. However, whe...
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Using Wininet for HttpRequest POST
Hi everyone, I am learning to make nttp requests, POST with wininet to a php file. the php file wil...
[4 replies] Last: I did some removals, here is what the code looks like now. #include... (by m0mathur)
Can someone explain some stuff for me?
So, I am learning to program windows, and have made some basic stuff. But, in order to really, well,...
[14 replies] Last: Wow. That is a lot of code. I happen to sort of like the message resou... (by AceDawg45)
.exe Application in my Win32 Application (C++)?
Hello there, I'm here to ask if any of you know if I can get an application in my Win32 Applicati...
[2 replies] Last: C# != C++. I'd recommend looking at Microsoft's WinAPI tutorials. (by Fredbill)
Update and Things Break
I just installed a new version of Code Blocks (13.12) and the most recent version of the TDM GCC com...
[8 replies] Last: Rebuilding it fixed my problem. Thanks. (by DeadEli)
_tcscpy_s Problem??
Hey, another problem regarding Windows Via C/C++. I know why none of it's code is working for me: th...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you, but I managed to figure it out. I had to include <tchar.h> ... (by AceDawg45)
How to use string functions with winapi?
So, I am making a program (in win32) that picks an episode of a TV show randomly. I want to make a f...
[3 replies] Last: You can keep confusion at bay by always remembering that the WinApi fu... (by freddie1)
GTKmm undefined reference to `Gtk::Main::Main(int&, char**&, bool)' gtkmm-2.4
Hello there, I am trying to get a C++ program working with Win7, Eclipse, MinGW and gtkmm-2.4. It s...
[1 reply] : its linker error which mean you clearly didny include something, or re... (by tath)
Creating another right click menu in Windows Explorer
Hello! This is my first of hopefully many posts on C++ forums, I hope to take part in the forums in ...
[2 replies] Last: I think you are talking about context menu, you may check this kind of... (by Arthurabc)
by vodi
How to switch from Metro to Desktop
Hi, How to check if the Metro interface is running in foreground on Win_8 and how to switch into de...
[4 replies] Last: RPEnabled works only on windows 8 preview. Thanks for Your time. (by vodi)
OpenGL Errors in Visual Studio 2013
I am trying to change to use Visual Studio 2013 instead of Code Blocks for my IDE. I am trying to ru...
[3 replies] Last: Welcome to Visual Studio, where this kind of things shouldn't happen,... (by Disch)
by lmsmi1
What? Stops working? Ha!
I'm coding this program so I can use it in CMD (for the hell of it, it's just one of those "messing ...
[2 replies] Last: Don't use HWND_DESKTOP, too. Use a plain 0. And on line 4, it shou... (by EssGeEich)
SDL Fatal Error LNK1120 (Visual C++)
So I have been following this setup tutorial:
[1 reply] : You are mixing debug and release builds in the same projrct. Most like... (by modoran)
Windows.h and ofstream conflict
Hi everybody! I have a problem in this test code. The compiler gives me " expected primary expressi...
[4 replies] Last: i didn't know it was possible doing it!! yeah, i prefer to use #undef ... (by devsoft91)
by phlox
enabling and disabling monitors
I want to write a program for computers with multiple monitors, where it would let you enable and di...
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Connecting to MSSQL using C++ (Not visual C++)
Hi all, I am using Code::Blocks for writing C++ code. I am trying to find on the internet, with n...
[1 reply] : You just need an appropriate connection string. http://www.unixodbc.o... (by kbw)
Restarting after a break
When I was working I used BCB6 and was quite proficient. I wrote (over a number of years) a complete...
[1 reply] : Hi, C++ is those languages which have power but for simple things, it... (by OrionMaster)
by Moooce
Dialog Post draw help
Hi, can someone help point me in the right direction here? I'm trying to show a dialogbox with a ...
[1 reply] : Anyone? (by Moooce)
Rotate Through Bitmaps on WM_LBUTTONDOWN
Hi, Bit of a newbie here I'm trying to change bitmaps on click of WM_LBUTTONDOWN, I've managed to...
[1 reply] : Define int i as static and possibly make it 0 again if you exceed ma... (by modoran)
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