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Run C++Console on Winform.
Hello every body. I use VC++2012. This code run ok with Console. But i want to run on winform VC+...
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by zdzero
Translating Virtual addresses into Physical addresses
I'm trying to understand how virtual addresses are translated to physical addresses. I started with...
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How does winProc Get called?
I know you set a pointer to the function but when does that lpfnWndProc get called???
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I am trying to get the x and y pos of the mouse.. It keeps giving me the x position not the y.. Wh...
[1 reply] : I read an interesting piece about WM_MOUSEMOVE if you have multiple mo... (by plexus)
adding USB in my dll
Hi, I'm trying to install in my dll USB capabilities. Actually I've a working MFC program and I wo...
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Windows Programming industry
hello all, im learning C++ for Windows programming, so far is just a hobby of mine (self studying), ...
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by Joren
out_of_range error
hi everyone, I'm a beginner in SFML, but have some experience with c++. when i was writing a sim...
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Multiple source files+ header w/ Eclipse
Hi guys, I was wondering how do you compile multiple sources files with a header file also into an e...
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Device Contexts, Bitmaps and WM_SIZE
Hey there, If I have a compatible bitmap and device context associated with my window and I want the...
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WM_MOUSEMOVE; mouse moves one axis at a time?
Hey there, I was making a simple click+hold and drag navigation system for my app and I noticed some...
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Help depolying application written in VS
Hi guys, I recently wrote an application using VS 2012 and Windows Forms, it's working perfectly on ...
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How do Windows Print Processes Work?
Hi all, Im still quite new to programming and the windows architecture and Im currently trying to...
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Visual C++ with .NET
Is this worth putting time into? I would elaborate but I don't know anything as to what I am doi...
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Proper Windows Programming Design
I want to know how to properly design a windows application. Like in console programming creati...
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by tec23
Win32 WM_CUT and WM_COPY
Something strange is happening. When I handle both WM_CUT and WM_COPY in my subclass edit procedure,...
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by yaaz32
How does one calculate all values in a listview using a for loop?
[1 reply] : int sum = 0; for each (auto item in listVotes->Items) { ... (by yaaz32)
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