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by Dylanp
Help with making a bot/(exe)program file for a game?
Okay so there is a game, called endless online. It's a 2D game and many people bot (automated traini...
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[win32] - how use the WM_KEYDOWN and alt keys?
i can test when 2 or more keys are pressed: bool KeyPressed(int a) { if(GetAsyncKeyState(a))...
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Active editor window
I am seeing code learned in the c++ tutorial and noticed that outputs from your code appears in a wi...
[1 reply] : If you mean this? int main() { std::cout<<"Hello World!"<<std::e... (by wildblue)
Make a window fullscreen
You've probably heard of programs that make windows that normaly don't support it fullscreen (I'm ta...
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[win32] - how can i get the program HWND?
the window\form is created. now imagine that we don't know the HWND. we want create a button on tha...
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StretchBlt problem, New APIs for windows 8, etc.
I am creating a desktop utility application in VC++ 6 using MFC. Following are few questions: 1) I ...
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WaitForSingleObject Fails
Hello, I have the following code : SHELLEXECUTEINFO ExecuteInfo; memset(&ExecuteInfo, 0, sizeof...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you!! I have done some testings, and figured the line ShExec... (by AmitM9S6)
Where doI reference iomanip on a form
I know how to use Iomanip but where do I put #include<iomanip> to reference it. I tried putting it o...
[1 reply] : Why you need <iomanip> header if you are using C++/CLI Microsoft langu... (by modoran)
by Son
PlaySound function
So... I want to use thw PlaySound(); but msdn didn't help a lot... Can anyone help me?
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Keyboard Hook
I wrote a simple hook program that should print out "Key pressed" whenever a key is pressed but when...
[2 replies] Last: I replaced cin.get() with while(GetMessage(NULL, NULL, 0, 0)); Is ... (by Winneris1)
by brick2
dll dependency problem C++
Ok so after a while I finally managed to finish a project of mine. It is a C++ program which can run...
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by lcsgz
C++ Help Please
Help.. The problem is commented there in lines .. If you don't understand, warn me and I'll try to...
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how add images to button with text?
i don't want lose the button style. but how can i add an image and don't lose the text? (i can do i...
[2 replies] Last: i found 1 way: if(b->itemState & ODS_FOCUS) DrawFocusRect(b->hDC,&b->... (by Cambalinho)
I do not know what is this error
Running build steps for project 29_darren_assignment3... Starting: "c:/nokiaqtsdk/simulator/qt/msvc...
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by jagoly
Help Linking static libs on Windows
Hi. I'm fairly new to c++, and very new to building software on windows. I've finally gotten my proj...
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Looking for The Automated Desktop skeleton.
Hi C++ BigWigs.I am completely newbie so bare with me. I would like to know how to compile a simple...
[1 reply] : I don't understand what you mean by "written in Cobol" ? C++ is not a... (by Waras)
by Waras
how to make transparent static control clickable
Imagine there is image on the main window with objects painted on the background but they are not cl...
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Getting a string from an edit box
I've seen numerous posts about this, but I just can't seem to wrap my brain around why this isn't wo...
[1 reply] : You shouldn't send a message in the WM_CREATE handler. The problem i... (by kbw)
Button Press C++ Function
Hello - I'm trying to write a program that executes a function on a button press. My code compiles a...
[5 replies] Last: I just started learning the Win32 API, I like to try to start low leve... (by horrificmonster)
Problem with priority queue using heap
Hello. I am trying to build a program that will print the convex hull of n points, but in order to d...
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