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Read short array from File
I am making a device that is like a simple computer, but first I am making an emulator for the devic...
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System Error 1784
I'm starting to hate the 'system'. I added a 'WriteFile' function and it's throwing a System Error ...
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theres one i really dont understand #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int x...
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by Elidor
_vsntprintf deprecated?
Hello cplusplus community. So I've finally decided to get down to business and learn from Petzold's ...
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Waitable Timer Lock Up
My application currently runs 6-8 threads concurrently depending on how it is configured. Each threa...
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CaptureStackBackTrace codeblocks?
I am going to have a crash handler function for my game server. This is important because I need to ...
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Edit Control: Cue Banner - Not Showing
(Running VS2012 Professional) Hey there, I've got a modeless dialog window with an edit control ...
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Undeclared Functions in Dev-C++
How come this code returns errors in "case WM_CREATE" as seen below, and how would I fix those error...
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opening and closing CD drive on damand
#include <tchar.h> #include <iostream> #include <windows.h> #include <mmsystem.h> using namespace...
[1 reply] : if (GetAsyncKeyState('E') & 0x8000) //... if (GetAsyncKeyState('R'... (by Disch)
System Error 998
The Code: #include <windows.h> #include <strsafe.h> //----------------- #include <fstream> #in...
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scrolling popup menu via Page Up/Down
In the case where a popup menu is too long to fit on the screen, I would like it to scroll in respon...
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WINSOCK problem
I wrote a winsock server a while back. I have not touched the code at all in months and today I ran ...
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by q139
textbox text to std::string
Hello , i have automated calculator code made that takes values from syntax std::string How could ...
[6 replies] Last: Thanks alot for decent example , finnaly got first app to work. You a... (by q139)
Creating desktop application in c++?
Hi, I'm newbie in c++ I need to create desktop application to control mobile remotely. But i've n...
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