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Character in a string and endl char how?
void Program::LoadFile() { string fileName = ""; ifstream inFile; cin.clear(); cin.sync(); cou...
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Changing the position of a Popup window
I am having a problem in repositioning the Popup window which is also the main window of the program...
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[win32] - how use the zorder and tab index?
i understand how can i create windows controls. but i don't understand how works the zorder and tab ...
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Continue After Reboot of System
Hello, I have been looking extensively online but am unable to find any reliable information. I ...
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by vume5
FastRename in XP Explorer
Hello, let me first explain what functionality I want: In the Details view of Explorer, I want to...
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Connect Back
have got a c server code with download function and cmd,but problem with the server is connecting ba...
[2 replies] Last: This part I understand. I do away with INADDR_ANY; and introduced ine... (by kbw)
error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier '_stateSect'
I'm creating a MFC apps, (Genetic Algorithm Timetable). I'm running it in VisualStudio2012. And I ...
[1 reply] : looks like you didnt include afxmt.h (by Jaybob66)
Resampling audio buffers Soxr lib
Hello everyone. I have been trying to use SoXr library to resample audio buffers. I use WASAPI to...
[1 reply] : I have been able to make it work but "odone" is not always exactly the... (by lilou15)
Hooking into rendering
I don't really know much about hooking into programs (only just found out what it is) but I understa...
[1 reply] : VNC applications usually install a driver on the system and pull the d... (by Computergeek01)
inventry manegment
i need o build a inventory management program . it should be able to add items. and delet ittems.ite...
[1 reply] : How are you getting on with this then? Do you have a particular probl... (by ajh32)
Migration of Serialization macro
Hi All, I have to migrate C++ source which is compiled with MinGW-gcc to be compiled with VS2013, a...
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Sublime building!
hi, im really confused , i ran mingw-get-setup and after that there was few installers , when i pres...
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Desktop Event Notifications
Hi all, I'm trying to leverage the CBT WindowHook to monitor the state of all the various wind...
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Backup program
So I've been having some troubles with not keeping an extra backup of files and end up losing them.....
[1 reply] : If you try to open the file with the "CreateFile()" function with the ... (by Computergeek01)
error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier '_sect'
Hello. I'm trying to run an MFC apps. GA Timetable. So I run into this two error. c:\users\zahri...
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by brick2
User creating windows 7 c++
Could anyone explain to how to create a new user with a c++ program in windows 7 or 8, and set privi...
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Audio Loopback
Following this blog post:
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How do I cast from a base class object to a derived class object?
Hi, I have two classes, one derives from the other. Object00.h #pragma once #include <str...
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by vijkrr
Windows Keyboard logging
Hi All, I'm totally new to windows. Currently I'm looking for a small program which tells the Ke...
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Keyboard Languages
I made a keylogger and my computer has both English and Arabic. The program logs the English letters...
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