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VerQueryValue - Problem
Hi, i have a problem with one of my functions. In one of the last lines: if (VerQueryValue(lpVI, ...
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by FrankK
CLicks on overlapping child windows
I have an unusual problem for which I can't find a solution via searches. I have a form-type screen ...
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WinSock Server; send HTML
I'm very familiar with C++, but I have little knowledge of HTML, so I apologize if my question seems...
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Problem trying to compile an rc file(Code::Blocks)
Im trying to compile an rc file in code::blocks but im getting some errors. Here's the file: #in...
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Help me!!!
i want to know how to write a program have a function same as "PE Infect or Ramnit-G Virus".
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I need............
who can write a program have function send mail via SMTP using Gmail Account???
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by Aceix
How to create a menu in visual studio 2010
Hi, I'm using visual studio 2010, and I don't know how to create a menu for my little programme, mor...
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execut exe file and giving data
well , i have h.exe file. when i run it, it wait for user input 5 digit number then do something... ...
[1 reply] : If "h.exe" accepts input from the command line, or if you can re-write... (by Computergeek01)
Winsock2 - RECV not receiving in some context
Context of my problem: Using C++ ( on the client side ) I send a login with wrong parameter ( ON pur...
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Hello C++ forums, I am an new to network programming i can create server and client very well but ...
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Windows API/Open GL Tutorials
I have been searching around for some sites for Open GL or Windows API tutorials , and I have only f...
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by homi
Snapshot function..
#include <windows.h> // should be less than and greater than instead of \" int CaptureBMP(LPCT...
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Writing API in C++ for EE Project.
I need to write a program in API (i think) it needs to: 1) choose a window I will have open named "...
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by Ch1156
Win 32 help please (1,2)
Ok so im following this tutorial online and i got stuck, i keep getting this error. C:\Users\Ch...
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Is there a way to write a program in such a way as to allow the user to type in the equation themsel...
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c++ code (console) to gui/windows app
Hi, I am a student, 12th standard. I recently made this program to solve a sudoku (enter numbers co...
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by xray
memory leak
Hi I have an issue with this code, it has memory leak. it is probably due to this FILENAME ...
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Exploring logging scenarios for Windows Store apps
The patterns & practices team ( is exploring the space of appl...
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Displaying IPv4 address.
Hello Cplusplus, first time poster here. I've come with a question that will probably be a simple...
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Switch cases not executing.
Heya there, For some reason the variables don't seem to want to change when I click the menu item...
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