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by Adonai
dirent.h not returning all items
Hi everyone, I am currently developing C++ applications using Visual Studio 9 and some QT tools. My ...
[4 replies] Last: FindFirstFile and FindNextFile are win32 APIs which dir command probab... (by modoran)
by Polaz
Absolute WINAPI Beginner - Just a quick question.
Okay, so I've gone over a couple of the tutorials at and have come across so...
[3 replies] Last: @knn9 Thank you so much for clearing that up - although, I do feel l... (by Polaz)
by senhor
SFML-Cant make it run
Hello everyone, I am trying to install SFML but I cant. I am doing everything in the tutorial fo...
[4 replies] Last: I had this happen to me with SFML and Mingw as well. You need to updat... (by Computergeek01)
Transparent Window with Direct2D
How do you create a window which is transparent and borderless while being able to draw with Direct2...
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How to get ID number of focused window?
I created a variable and 100 text edit windows like such: int focus_id; for(int n = 0; n < ...
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Quick GetAsyncKeyState Question
Hello all! I'm new here and I gave a quick question about the GetAsyncKeyState function. I ripped so...
[10 replies] Last: because isn't -32767 equal to -0x7fff not 0x8001? Just pointing out,... (by S G H)
Question: windows.h
Is windows.h available on macs or is there no easy way to play audio on mac? Only thing I use window...
[2 replies] Last: +1. It is supported on Windows, Linux and Mac. BASS is also available... (by S G H)
cannoct convert from const wchar_t[12] to LPCSTR
I am getting this error and I don't know what's wrong, here's the code sample #include <Windows....
[4 replies] Last: When working with the Windows API, I would normally use MultiByteToWid... (by andywestken)
by knn9
Is it normal for windows to create a bunch of threads for my program?
Just wondering why task manager shows my program starting with 2 threads and then jumping to 16 when...
[3 replies] Last: Yeah.. I notice now that it jumps to 16 threads as soon as I open a fi... (by knn9)
How to give an edit box focus on application startup
I'd like to give an edit box focus when my program starts but I'm having a hard time figuring it out...
[3 replies] Last: Oh, are using MFC? EDIT: I was assuming WinAPI, sorry. EDIT 2: Just n... (by closed account jwkNwA7f)
Help with Windows combobox.
Hey everyone. I am working on learning how to make some different controls with win32 and at the mo...
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MSG msg
I'm a trying to do something with Win32, can anyone tell me what the newxt line of code does? ...
[3 replies] Last: And the = { }; is initializing it to zero. Same as if you'd used M... (by andywestken)
How to take Screen Shot C++
Hi, I am trying to take screen shot, can someone tell me using code please becuase all ones I tri...
[6 replies] Last: The call to CreateCompatibleBitmap on line 30 does looks a bit suspici... (by andywestken)
by knn9
Any ideas how to speed up my program?
I am writing a program that can load sounds, pictures, and video files from zip archives. Basically ...
[2 replies] Last: What's the size of your source images? Pretty big(2MB+ ^^). I don'... (by knn9)
Mic sound capture in windows using c/c++
As part of a project I have to capture sound input through mic, to do some signal processing and wo...
[2 replies] Last: Do you need your signal processing program to do the capture? Or coul... (by andywestken)
by xakzi
From text file to combobox to textbox
Hello! I code in windows form application c++ and need help with following: I have the following co...
[2 replies] Last: Sorry, have edited my topic as I was not clear what I needed help with... (by xakzi)
ADO Programming: Use consecutives getChuck
Hi! I'm programming an ADO (MSAccess) driver for a geospatial application. To read/write the g...
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SDL and map issues
How can I fix this code? #include <iostream> #include <string> #include <cstdlib> #include <wind...
[18 replies] Last: Why not? You'll need winwar to download many files. It's pretty light... (by closed account N36fSL3A)
by aggsyb
Making a selection to match an image?
Ok I am still pretty new to c++ and have not used the Cimg lib but I am guessing it will be the easi...
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remove() is not working :(
I have thoroughly studied the remove() function documentation, and have gone through a lot of webpag...
[13 replies] Last: Ah, that is a very good idea. That actually make a lot of sense, thank... (by NanoBytes)
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