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Name:Andrew Griffiths
Bio:God knows what you're supposed to say in these things....

Basically I'm a total novice, got introduced to programming from a work mate and thought I'd have a crack at it.
Ever since I've enjoyed every bit of it even though it totally boggles the brain (mine at least).
Not knowing anything about programming I started learning with Python, but shortly realised that most employers look for skills with languages such as C++, C# and Java, so now I'm learning from Herbert Schildt C++ Beginner Guide.

My end goal would be to be able to quit my boring, thankless and extremely underpaid job of counting solicitors money so they know how rich they are and follow a career within the programming industry. I'd love to get a job in the games development field, but I'd settle for anything else.
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That's great, thanks for that, I think I get it now.

Hi guys As a total amateur with programming I’ve started learning from ‘Herbert Schildt C++ A...