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Name:Muhammad Ahmad Mujtaba
Location:Lahore, Pakistan
Bio:I'm doing BS(CS) "2012-2016" i.e. a beginner...Here to acknowledge about every thing about c++
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General C++ Problem!
oh i got it. thanks to all i needed an object to acess the input data member. thanks to all once aga...

General C++ Problem!
What i thought it should be: Lines 18,19 uses a complex_number object named 'print_complex_number' ...

Pig Latin
[code] //you want this in loop: //may be nested loop help. for(int i=0;i<len; ++i) { if (word[i]...

Pig Latin
elaborate what you are trying to say and what do you actually want?

General C++ Problem!
[code] struct complex_number_packet { double real_part; double complex_part; }; clas...