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C/C++ with bash/UNIX Tutorials
@PanGalactic - thanks for the reply well I found a using c in UNIX tut. What I was getting at was ca...

C/C++ with bash/UNIX Tutorials
where can I find some good using C/C++ with UNIX/bash tutorials? Thank You AO!

Link Error using C++ with WinForms
Hello I'm following a tut using VS 2015 and this guy is using VS 2010 so the whole setup is differ...

What are the top 5 (IF THERES EVEN 5) gui TOOLS OR FRAMEWORK FOR c++11 SIMULATION projects
Hello I'm working on a traffic simulation and I want to graphicaly develop it. Right now I'm fooling...

Trouble at start up in Visual Studio 2013 after creating a project
Hello! I recently installed my visual studio IDE inside of a Windows 7 OS which is also inside my or...