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Convert string of hex to char
Hi I have this code working: [code]char tmp_wku[3]; tmp_wku[0]=0x01; tmp_wku[1]=0x9D; tmp_wku[2...

About readin data from USB
I have another question. I have this light sensor and its software that displays the values. I used ...

About readin data from USB
I changed: [code]char rd_tmp[100];[/code] and [code]b=usb_interrupt_read(handlTAOS, 0x81, rd_tmp, 64...

About readin data from USB
[code]//#include <windows.h> //#include <atlbase.h> //#include <comdef.h> #include <string> //#i...

Best type for text in Win32 API
I don't know why but it works when I do it all in 'LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc(HWND hWnd, UINT message,...

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