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Trouble with simple equation
Alright I figured out whats going wrong with my code, but I don't know how to fix it. Alright with ...

Trouble with simple equation
[code] double gp; gp = sls - cog; double gm; gm = gp / sls; double gm2; gm2 = gm * 100; [...

Trouble with simple equation
[code] double a; double b; double c; a = 300; b = 290; c = a - b; double d; double e; d = c...

How to get the value of a variable from an equation
I'm a newbie in c++ programming, and like the title explains. I need to figure out how to take tw...

Help creating a program that prints input from user
Hi, as you can tell from the title I'd like to try to create a program that will bring up a applic...

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