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How do you clear a file at the beginning of a program?
Okay, I'm writing a program that converts hex to letters and writes the letters to a file. To wri...

What would be the correct way to code something like this?
Hey, CPPNoob2013 here. I'm trying to code a program, but I'm having trouble coding it correctly. ...

Should I give up on C++?
I don't know, should I? I think I might. With C++ it seems like I'll have a well planned out program...

How do I use "if" statements with strings?
The string.find thing didn't seem to work. However, this code goes to the proper place when "\n" is...

How do I use "if" statements with strings?
Well mainly "\n" is already in letter3. However even though letter 3=="\n" is true, it won't work. ...

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