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Is c++ broken or is my script?
It's not giving an error message. It just tells me the program breaks as soon as syntax is called. B...

My program runs out of memory each time i run a for loop?
That is better. I am so very braindead. Thankyou cire, you've been very helpful. I took a couple of ...

game design, framerate architecture..
Imagine each frame as a set of characters in an x,y array. [code]cout << "________________ |...

Help with a simple loop that decides if a word needs to be formatted by adding ('s) to it or not
Unrelated to the code, not meaning to be a grammar nazi, but no apostrophe is needed for plurals. Ch...

I need help with these problems
I hope you know is not a place where people do code for you. If you need help with syn...

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