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Name:Dylan Carty
Bio:I am learning to code c++ to develop games and computer programs for games. I have only recently begun learning c++ and any help or tips would be graciously accepted.
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Unexplained result.
okay thanks mikey and the rest of you. great help thanks guys. im only new and decided to learn c++ ...

Unexplained result.
okay i seee thanks guys :) that helped me understand it a bit better. so if i want to give c,d and e...

Unexplained result.
but those wacky numbers had to come from somewhere right ?? i mean the compiler didnt just decide th...

Unexplained result.
why is this and how does it make such a weird number ?

Unexplained result.
Hey guys so i was practicing some basic c++ and i think i came across a compiler error but im not 10...