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Name:Dylan Carty
Bio:I am learning to code c++ to develop games and computer programs for games. I have only recently begun learning c++ and any help or tips would be graciously accepted.
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Basic input output help?
Thanks dude. So let's say I state that the user input has to be a number such as d.o.b or age. How w...

Basic input output help?
I understand everything you say thank you very much. Just one thing why use int main(void) Why a ...

Basic input output help?
For example I want the output from the console to ask you to input the user name and that you can en...

Basic input output help?
I want the input name to be a user name for example benny123 as it includes both numbers and letters...

Basic input output help?
Hey guys so I looked through the basic input/output section of the tutorials and I came across a pro...