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Name:Jordan LaPrise
Bio:I am a sixteen year old programmer and developer, I got into programming around six, and have been expanding my knowledge ever since. I am currently working on getting a business license for my small company CalcuProcessing, it deals with everything from making computers, to programming them. Currently my main focus is to expand my knowledge, but other than that, I hope to make it easier for beginners to create complex well developed programs fairly easily, by creating a line of easy to use developer resources.
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Non-VS Glut/freeGlut OpenGL Tutorial

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also I noticed that he didn't have any brackets after "int main()"

Non-VS Glut/freeGlut OpenGL Tutorial
I've looked all around for a glut tutorial but I keep finding ones that require Visual Studio, I wou...

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Yup, I figured that out, do you have any idea how to statically link zlib without having to add the ...

zlib error
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