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Finding left over
Never mind found the way but not sure if it's logical to use this code for looking leftovers. [cod...

Finding left over
How do I find leftover for anything ? In my example I have 26 trashes. Each container can fill up to...

Need an help with an arrays
Why would I enter values on 16th line to k - 1 ? I would just lose my 5th element. EDIT : [s]Okay I...

Need an help with an arrays
It's not initialization problem because it reads file fine. My answers are "678501 226170 75392 25...

Need an help with an arrays
Hello, so I got a file : 3 5 4 7 3 5 8 8 9 7 8 6 5 4 6 7 6 n = 3 (how many rows there are) ...

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