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User name:Drakon
Location:Christchurch, New Zealand.
Bio:Hey, I am 18 years old.

I've been reading about C++ for two years and still find it fascinating to learn anything new about it, so I hope to see one day that I end up helping other people out!

Once I master the basics of C++ I may move onto boost and some other major third party libraries.

Or I could go off and learn another language like Javascript or Python, I would choose Python over most since you can integrate it with C++.

Thanks for reading, want to know more about me? Message me.

Current Project:

I am making the code more effeciant in a later for release. This is a pre-alpha no engine shell release. Keep an eye out for progress. If you wish to compile it yourself, please do so. But make sure you Link PDCurses33.
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