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Bio:I am self-taught, having started around November 2012.

My goal is to master C++, and to use it in conjunction with my degree in mechanical engineering. There are a number of applications I would like to develop in the future, most of which will be aimed at teaching engineering concepts. I also aim to learn the basics of a wide range of other languages once I am fluent in C++.

I am currently reading 'Computer Fundamentals with C++' by Rick Mercer, 2nd Edition, 1999 - but I have yet to have much practice.

The compiler I use is Microsoft Visual Basic 2012.

I hope to learn a lot from this forum and will also endeavor to answer any questions I believe I can solve.

I like to think I'm good at explaining even complex topics in a clear and easy to understand way, but by all means tell me if you need me to be any clearer or if you require further explanation.

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trying to limit the string input
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k qeustion
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