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Name:Ryan Fleury
Bio:I started out with programming about a year and a half ago. I began with VB. After about a year of doing that and studying the basics of C++, I decided it was time to move onto using a graphical library with my C++ knowledge. I started using the library of Allegro to start making games. I'm learning more every day. I'm still new to programming, but I'm doing great! Anyway, that's about it... If you have any reason to contact me, my email is :)
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Camera Mouse Movement - OpenGL, Allegro 5
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3D Voxel Game Using Allegro/OpenGL; GL_QUADS is slow
Sorry to be a noob, but I really need some help understanding this stuff guys. :/

3D Voxel Game Using Allegro/OpenGL; GL_QUADS is slow
Hate to be that one guy, but bump... :/

3D Voxel Game Using Allegro/OpenGL; GL_QUADS is slow
I'm a bit confused on how these work... Would I need to change my system of blocks? How does OpenG...

moving elemnts in an array and displaying
I didn't really take a close look at your code, but here is what I think you're getting at: [code] ...

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