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is <windows.h>'s system("color 01") cool to use?
well, just to put it out there, there are also the ncurses library ( primarily for *nix, but ports f...

is <windows.h>'s system("color 01") cool to use?
well, there are reasons. I will list a few: 1. system() is not portable i.e it is windows only 2. fo...

Getting WA in GEARS except the first 2 test cases...
well, I would help you, but since I don't know where in GEARS problem is located I can't. There are ...

It won't generate a new random number each time
@liam7064 why not use the C++ random library instead ?

Need Help with Tables
well..since you said any help or hint...I will give you one help and/or hint when using standard C++...

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