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User name:Fredbill30
Location:New York State
Bio:Self taught 12 year old programmer, I still have a lot to learn.
Administrator's note:User banned.
Reported repeatedly for derailing threads.
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Birthdate:Nov 17, 2000
Number of posts:1907
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Did any of you learn programming while in high school?
I just did my homework in study hall and if I had time programmed. Because who actually STUDIES?

opengl help
Yea. I admit though openGL feels weird for C/++ style programming. Once I get into it a lot I'm alm...

tilesets for game. (Non profit for maker) or tiles
It really gives people no info. It'd be cooler if you told us is it going to be arcade styled, what...

What age did you start programming
I don't know to be honest.

What age did you start programming
What? Lower-level languages are like Assembly and stuff. Never said C++ was a low level lang.