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Declaring variables, classes, etc.
While it is not wrong, global variables (sum declared outside of main or add) are not something that...

expected initializer before "std"
[code]int n,a,b,c,s[/code] has no semi-colon. PLEASE learn to use code tags, it makes it easier to ...

|= and ? operations
gpio_get_value(IOMUX_TO_GPIO(MX51_PIN_EIM_A24)) is the condition being evaluated. [code]if (gpio_ge...

Tab-space VS 4-spaces
[quote]you need a proper conversion tool and not a simple text editor[/quote] The Visual Studio IDE ...

|= and ? operations
? is the conditional ternary operator. [small]condition ? result1 : result2[/small] AKA the condit...