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How do I get VS Code to recognize 'constexpr'?
Likely your installed compiler recognized by VS Code is outdated.

What's something that C++ beginners should do that'll help later?
1. Don't use [tt]using namespace std;[/tt]. 2. Learn to use the C++ random objects ([tt]<random>[/...

Simon game function error
Look at line 44 in your "cleaner" code. Where are you defining the variable [tt]j[/tt] in your [tt]...

Implementing FLTK in VS Stroustrup
[quote=tpb]Are you sure Point.h is part of fltk?[/quote] There are several source files created duri...

Rants about Powershell
It's Microsoft, ugly is part and parcel of the programming/scripting philosophy. It does what it is...