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Name:Rayten Rex
Bio:Computer Science student at Purdue University. I am hoping to attain a career in software or game development. C++ was my first language, and it is still my best language. I don't frequent the forums as much anymore, but I still love to work with C++ and help others.
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C++ Comment Convention
It sort of looks like it relates to some sort of text. 5 would be a header, and 6 would be the code...

Game Program
You should learn about functions. Your code is difficult to read because everything is written line...

Game Program
button looks like [output]<>[/output]

Game Program
I'll help you when you can give me an idea what you think is wrong and use code tags.

simple code but still wrong C program
I've spent the last 40 minutes trying to fix this with scanf_s, and I can't figure out any way to do...