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Bio:As of summer 2015
- Learning C++ on and off since summer of 2013.
- Also know a good bit of Python and Java (eww, Java).
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error: Id returned 1 exit status
Thanks for the gotcha info, mbozzi.

error: Id returned 1 exit status
According to your edited post, it doesn't know what GCH files are. GCH seem to be GCC pre-compiled h...

error: Id returned 1 exit status
[s]Why don't you say what compiler you are using? All modern compilers that I know of will say the l...

Do I need to use delete [] in this program?
kemort is correct, but just to answer your question [quote]I'm pretty sure I don't have to do anythi...

Dark sides of the games industry
A comprehensive topic you could talk about are what responsibility the developers and companies have...