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SendMessageCallback() - what is execution context of callback function
I have a technique that I use in WinAPI programs, to avoid stalling the message queue. I start a...

WinAPI/C++/Dialog - ChooseColor() ignoring mouse
I have a Windows dialog-based application here. I have a button that calls ChooseColor() to let the ...

problem with virtual functions and -Weffc++
hmmm... okay, thanks for these notes. I'll have to think about this a bit before I completely under...

problem with virtual functions and -Weffc++
Ahhh... you're right, that works, though it's a bit moot in this case, since I'm disabling the opera...

problem with virtual functions and -Weffc++
I'm writing my first class that uses virtual functions. Here's my parent function declaration: //...

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