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need solution for this
Gamer3015, that is a class C, local ip. bali971, read up on try...catch, and then tell us what the ...

Good c++ books for a non-programmer? [on hold]
I disagree...but the OP should check it out for themselves to see if they can get on with it. Edit:...

Good c++ books for a non-programmer? [on hold]
[b]Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ Paperback [/b] by Bjarne Stroustrup [quote]...Fo...

need solution for this
+1 Gamer2015 and also [quote=bali971]Hey!! I have some exception in my c# project can anyone please...

Process not Outputted?
Looks like you need more error checking to tell you what is going on and it looks like you have a bi...