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Language simular to C++ that's higher level?
[quote]no... IDE's and compilers have nothing to do with each other... The point of an IDE is to gro...

Getting back into Programming - Tips?
I suggest reading [b]A Tour of C++ [/b] by Bjarne Stroustrup so you can see how C++ has changed. Fr...

Help me with this.
First try using [co[b][/b]de][/co[b][/b]de] tags in your posts and make your code readable.

How many professionals working in the field do *not* have a degree?
[quote]After all, when you get the degree, what you leave with is knowledge, and the piece of paper ...

Now, what?
[quote=iQChange]I want something more complete...I really want to learn another language[/quote]I wo...