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Books On Parsing
Would the Practical guide be [b]Parsing Techniques: A Practical Guide[/b] by Dick Grune, Ceriel J.H....

Very new to C++ playing with CLR
[b]damorsoft[/b], Try: [code]void countUp(void) { int Count; for (Count=0; Count<10;Count ++...

Wxwidgets building trouble.
You could use something like Qt (and let that talk to Cocoa) or... ...write your data and logic la...

Wxwidgets building trouble.
[quote]Is there anything similar to the WinAPI for Mac (i.e. a native C/++ library) and where can I ...

SQL Compiler?
Aideux, If you are using Windows, take a look at [b]SQL Server Express[/b] for the RDBMS and [b]SQL ...

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