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ShellExecute with x86asm
İ am working on big module.So i want to use this in module's some parts for faster than now positio...

ShellExecute with x86asm
Hi.I tried to use ShellExecute with inline x86asm in VC++. My code is here: [code] // x86asm dosya ...

dllimport in C
Hi. I want to import a dll file in C.I tried this.But this is not true: [code] #include <stdio....

I need help copying an array char by char
This is in C-C++ std method: [code] #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> char* copyWord(char* w1,...

Where is my error?
I given an example.I want to be my array's element item 3,4,5,50,638... @SwapnilGhode And i tried be...

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