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Bio:I am a high schooler and have started to delve deep into the C++ language and professional software engineering. If you are a beginner and you need any help, I will gladly be able to help you: Just PM me!
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c++ char array
Well to start off, tell us your problem specifically so that we can help you. Secondly, your code is...

Day of Week Program
To calculate a leap year: If the year is evenly divisible by 4, go to step 2. ... If the year is eve...

use of undeclared identifier 'pow'
you need to include the math header from c. In C++ it is in <cmath> (all c headers are preceded wit...

HELP IN UPDATING TO C++14 Standard!!!
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HELP IN UPDATING TO C++14 Standard!!!
So I create a copy compiler and add the new compiler's path from the toolchain executives?