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Extrat SHELLCODE from my dll ?
Hi all, I have written a 64bit C++ dll in Visual Studio Community 2017 and I am using it successful...

spyxx_amd64.exe missing !!
I haven't installed yet the [b][i]WinSpy++[/i][/b] you have suggested but a quick look at the home p...

ERROR 453 -Can't find Entry Point in C++ dll (x64 bit)
Hi Thomas1965, Sorry to respond so late . The info in the codeproject link turned out to be very u...

spyxx_amd64.exe missing !!
Thanks Thomas1965, Sounds great ... I'll give that a try and let you know.

spyxx_amd64.exe missing !!
Thanks but I already installed that toolset last time I run 'Microsoft Visual Studio Installer'. I...

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