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Segfault (Segmentation fault) for no reason
Funny, I really expected it to be a filename issue. Guess you could try switching to 32bit/64 bit l...

Segfault (Segmentation fault) for no reason
(Please learn to edit your posts instead of making new ones each time) If you want to send me the ...

Segfault (Segmentation fault) for no reason
Make sure your SDL_Surface is valid before you call SDL_DisplayFormatAlpha. [Code] if(!loadedImg) ...

Getting incorrect values from grading program
[Code] midTermWorth = (midTermPoints /1000) * midtermWeight; [/Code] I haven't gone through all of ...

Std::shared_ptr initialization issue
I haven't used Java in ages so I can't give you a similar idea there. In C++ any time you use const...