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Name:Austin Tanner
Location:British Columbia
Bio:I Am 14 yrs old and i love to use c++. i am very serious about learning the language, and have no time for viruses and RATs etc. I have been using c++ since a few months after new years 2012. next year i will be taking a course in c++ in grade 10. i have experience with windows macintosh and linux, but i mainly run windows. i have experience with servers, hosting game servers, web servers, pointing domains at ip's etc.
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getline problem
its hard to understand what your asking here, could you please post the source code?

Multiple Windows Procedure
But if you dont mind could you explain the <tchar.h> header to me? Thanks.

Multiple Windows Procedure
Thank you Freddie, that was exactly what i was looking for

Multiple Windows Procedure
could someone just give me an example on how to make multiple window procedures? i just cant seem to...

My Generation
yea, i agree with you for most of the kids now.