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User name:Kabooss
Name:Alistair Richards
Bio:Currently in final year of Sixthform(13)
doing A2 Computing Science, A2 Media studies and A2 Biology.
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Hi, so basically I'm trying to make a BattleShips GUI for my computing science project (I've done al...

Unable to start program
Thank you for your help, I have just been informed i was using the wrong Project type.

Unable to start program
I see... however I hadn't changed anything in my project properties or configuration... I was receiv...

Unable to start program
I have just made a Windows form program, and it will not start. This is the error i'm receiving: "U...

Battleships Computer science project Loop problem
Ok, so i have reached a point where by the GetShipCoord function is working fine an dandy, however i...