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DeviceIoControl(..., FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME,...); Issue
Thanks a lot to both of you. You were absolutely right: I forgot to initialize the OVERLAPPED struct...

DeviceIoControl(..., FSCTL_LOCK_VOLUME,...); Issue
Hello together, I want to lock a volume (USB Device) but receive an [tt]ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE[/tt]...

Build Dependencies
Indeed I have. But I found out the reason. The trick is to Clean & Build the solution instead of re...

Build Dependencies
I've encountered a weired problem and don't know how to solve it. I'm using VS2012. My problem is t...

CreateThread Wrapper for object methods
You may call me idiot :D [code]Thread_Wrapper<Server> wrap(this, &Server::wait_for_clients);[/code] ...