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Name:Lucian Adamson
Location:Pittsboro, IN
Bio:Self taught computer .... Jack-of-all-Trades? I guess that would be the best way to describe it.

Born in 1984, 29 years of age right now. I guess my fascination with computer technology spawned when my grandmother purchased an Brother "electronic typewriter", yes, typewriter. That is all it did. Yellow and black output. At the time, I thought she could type like a mean mother. So, of course, I wanted to do the same. I practiced... and practiced. It took some time because of my hand size vs. the keyboard layout, but I was able to achieve 85 WPM by the time I was 6.

A short time later, Walmart had all those demo PCs that were locked down with Full Armour (lol). So when I wasn't doing whatever else I did at that time period, I read Windows OS books and became fluent in the OS just by text. After a few visits, I was completely disabling all security measures on those computers.

By the time I was 10/11ish, I had started learning Visual Basic when we purchased our first computer. I installed the security software that Wally world had on their demos (my parents worked there, so I found myself wondering for long periods of time) and eventually wrote some software utilizing Win API's to quickly defeat, uninstall and re-secure the demo's so only I could use them (yes, I was malicious at that age). After that, I turned my attentions elsewhere because they started not powering on their demo's at all.

Around 13-14 I dived into web and graphic design. While web technologies suffered a lot back then, I was able to make quite a bit of cash designing pages for local businesses and personal pages (xoom, geocities, etc) through word-of-mouth, and still do to this day.

From 18 yrs to about a year ago, I switched to Linux distro's almost exclusively as I craved the power, customization, security, and control that only NIX systems can provide.

As for C/C++, I've messed around with a few compilers off and on since my VB days but my head was wrapped around the simplicity of VB and couldn't turn my attention to the language as I should.

Opinion of .NET : The framework is a great idea and I wish it was around for vb6.0 and lower as bundling a bunch of megabyte sized files for distribution was far from optimal when broadband had barely scraped the surface for consumers. As for the new style of coding, its a learning curve I don't care to learn and hence, why I am beginning to learn and love C++.
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