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Bio:Hi. I just got into c++ and I will try to help in everything that I can. (which is not much.) :)
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OpenGl or SDL
HI! thanks for that. Would you know how I can install SFML into xcode? Do you know if like SFML will...

OpenGl or SDL
Athar, So I think the clear choice for me is SFML, right? SDL I tried but it is hard to install ont...

OpenGl or SDL
But the problem i have with sfml and sdl is that i am scared that they will be like unsupported and ...

OpenGl or SDL
Ok so would i be able to make a game that is just opengl and nothing else? Since you say opengl come...

OpenGl or SDL
But lile on xcode, GLUT doesnt need to be downloaded. Do a lot of people use OpenGL and Glut for gam...