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Name:Kan M
Bio:Future Programmer, Fashion Designer, and a drawing artist.
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C++ Simple Game..
Thanks Uk Marine, this actually helped but how'd i do the stick man? Any hints? Thanks.

C++ Simple Game..
Hi, i just want to ask how should i start or where do i start creating hangman game? What the starti...

What codes should i use here? Thanks.
The first question goes like this: user should input time and then i'll update it by 1 seconds. For...

What codes should i use here? Thanks.
Hi, how will i update the time inputted by the user for 1 seconds? Second, the user will be input...

Matching numbers are repeating, how do i get rid of that?
Thank you very much. But, what i exactly mean is that, the matching numbers is the one that is repea...