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Bio:I am interested in kernel mode driver programming, microprocessor design and controller development. I am still far from attempting such tasks, though I am taking things one step at a time.
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Anybody notice on Google Maps that every face is blurred out?
Route destinations on London Buses are blurred out and mistaken for registration plates too.

Organic Life, Simply too weak
AI does not necessarily have to be robots. While I disagree with the idea of artificial life 'taking...

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So what was 'unnecessary violence' meant to *abstractly indicate/resemble? To me, while I agree his ...

Game Challenge
[quote]It's a metaphor[/quote] - A metaphor? The context you have used it in makes no sense. That is...

Need help debugger says im missing }.
You need to post something more substantial than simply: 'Need Help with Menu'. Not enough informati...

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