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infinite loop
Member variables 'r' and 'c' are not initialized for matrix "m3" in "add", "sub" and "tps" funtions...

Using islower
[i]A=islower('name[c]'); What exactly are you trying to do here? A is a boolean. Also name[c] return...

Same function called twice, with different strings returned?
Pass the thing information to 'say' funtion, i.e like below code [code]string Fox::say(int i_thing...

Using islower
Hi, Try with this code, [code]void ChangeToUpper(char io_String[]) { for(int c=0;c<strlen(io...

Reading txt and printing wanted value
Hi, Try with the following code, [code] int main() { setlocale (LC_ALL , "finnish"); FILE *...

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