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User name:Nahiyan
Name:Zulker Nayeen Nahiyan
Location:Comilla, Bangladesh
Bio:I'm a Hardware enthusiast.
I like Programming.
I'm probably going to die soon.
I hate internet slang combined with illiteracy and typos which are not corrected.

I have only 6 songs.
I like the movie called Inception.

I like to be on my computer all the time as long as I am awake and not sleepy and have access to one which is operational.
That has been the case for over 5 years.

Started coding years ago in VB but quit because I probably had no knowledge in the language.
Started coding in a game mod language about a year and a half ago, which is when I learned binary.

More information about my life coming soon.
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Birthdate:Jan 15, 1999
Number of posts:39
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