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Bio:Im an Aspiring game developer, im not too social so im kind of a solo dev, so im learning everything at once and hoping i can make it in the indie industry. but im mainly a programmer, im a beginner but i am enjoying very much. i can design levels pretty well, i use the UE3 and cant wait for the UE4 to come out, very pleased too see that it runs with C++ as opposed to unreal script. im not that artistic but i give it a shot and its not turning out as bad as i though. as far as sound engineering im lost, not sure where to start and how to do it so hopefully ill figure that out when needed. thanks for reading :)
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Sending application with static libraries.
oh wow, that was very informative, thanks a bunch man!

Sending application with static libraries.
ill give that a shot today, makes sense, thanks for the help sir!

Sending application with static libraries.
i am using MSVS 2010 Express, Visual C++. and i have the allegro libraries linked statically, i was ...

OpenGL / GLUT Questions
ok thank you, i have found some tutorials, havent followed any yet, i thought id come here first and...

OpenGL / GLUT Questions
windows 7 64-bit MinGW 4.6.2 Code::Blocks 10.05 according to 'GPU cap viewer' my OpenGL version...