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Bio:I don't believe in probabilistic phenomena, there are just a lot of variables.
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template metaprogramming
@EssGeEich Lol, i did it manually, it took me more than the time i spent on writing the paragraph i...

template metaprogramming
@EssGeEich I'm not saying that stuff like constexpr whould replace templates; I'm talking about the...

template metaprogramming
[small][b][i]MiiNiPaa[/i][/b][/small] [sub]wrote:[/sub] [code] You could not use loops, local vari...

template metaprogramming
@LB You mentioned in your blog that you're an expert in template metaprogramming. Now, given that C...

template metaprogramming
Sorry but i couldn't understand this part : [code] Also in C++11 constexpr function had draconic li...