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Bio:I am digging in C++ for some time now, but it is like one step forward and... starting from the beginning again. One I have learned is that maths generally helps :) so I study maths while trying to learn C++. I do as much C++ exercises as experimenting and trying to learn in my own way.
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COFF issue with legit code from the book
Thx for that. It is great link BTW. I will search for bug fixes and then I will just try to release ...

COFF issue with legit code from the book
Thanks for that. SP1 did help. Yet I have new issue and it seams it is funny one, but no clue how to...

COFF issue with legit code from the book
I am sorry it will be long one but I have tried a lot and I stuck(COFF) here. //first build erro...

problem with char *array[]declaration
Thank you for (quick btw) reply; [b]string type is working[/b] without warnings so I am happy with t...

problem with char *array[]declaration
//I get the warning from compiler about this declaration(global): //copy/paste both: my declaration...