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I am an enthusiastic programmer, who specializes in development of security applications such as Anti-Virus solutions, Pen-testing tools, Exploit-writing. Furthermore, I program device drivers but not as confidently as I learnt it few months ago. I am still increasing my confidence as we speak by practice and reading.

I also develop 2d and 3d games using OpenGL and SDL using State-Of-The-Art graphics rendering algorithms. I am also confident in using physics engines such as Tokamak ( and using Box2d, however I prefer developing my own which is just as brilliant or even better than those suggested above.

I also read Physics books & papers, every now-and-then just to keep my self updated with the current science. I have read and digested Classical Mechanics, Special & General Relativity, as well as reading and learning about Quantum Mechanics, which I have moderate knowledge pertaining about. I am however an newbie in String Theory, but hope to sharpen my knowledge in that subject area.
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